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OPPO PM-3 Planar Magnetic Closed-Back over-Ear Wired Headphones (White) $299 Delivered @


$299 for White colour only, this is the cheapest I've seen them so far, ozbargain or otherwise.

Notes: The OPPO PM-3 headphones are known as the “Portable Planar Magnetic’s” since they can be driven from a phone’s headphone jack.
Feedback says they do still benefit from amping.
Some have experienced brand-new pairs having slight distortion in the sound especially when bass hits, this has been reported to go away after extended use.

Headphone Specifications
Acoustic Principle: Closed back
Ear Coupling: Circumaural
Nominal Impedance: 26 Ohm
Sensitivity: 102 dB in 1 mW
Clamping Pressure: 5N
Cables: 3 m detachable cable (3.5 mm with 6.35 mm adapter)
1.2 m detachable cable (3.5 mm)
Cable Connectors: Output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
Input: 6.35 mm stereo jack, 3.5 mm stereo jack
Weight (without cable): 320 g (Black/White), 310 g (Cherry Red/Steel Blue)
Included Accessories: Carrying Case, User Manual.

Driver Specifications
Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
Driver Size (Round): 55 mm diameter
Magnet System: Symmetric push-pull neodymium
Frequency Response In Free-Field: 10 - 50,000 Hz
Long-Term Max Input Power: 500 mW according to IEC 60268-7
Pulse Max Input Power: 2 W

This is my first bargain post so please forgive and errors and let me know to correct them

Just last week I picked up a red set from minidisc for $369 and I am really liking them, happy to share thoughts.

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    Wow great price!

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      Probably because Oppo dropped out of the hifi business in 2018 so the line was discontinued.

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    I would have a listen before purchase if possible. I find them pretty boring to listen to compared with my other cans. Still, can't bring myself to part with them.

    Little known fact, you can run them balanced. They support a 3.5mm TRRS plug…

    • I find mine (although with only about 30 hours on them so far) very neutral and clean with lots of detail. Definitely less 'fun' than other sets I have heard or owned but I can't call them anything less than excellent for the price paid.

      • No aurgument with them being excellent, hence the fact I can't part with them. They are just the last cans I grab for a listen and get little use sadly.

        • fair assessment, and that would depend what other cans you have, may I ask what the collection includes?

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            @foxpants: Far too many to mention LOL. Focal Elears are my most used, but I have technically better cans e.g. HD800S, T1's.

            The above is not helpful in this price range though. In this bracket, I'd check out Audeze LCD1 or Sine for a bit more, NAD HP50 for less.

            • @mostlygordon: Sorry to go off topic but what are your thoughts on the Elears? I have Sennheiser HD650 and wondering how they might compare. TIA

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                @Togsy: I love my HD650's, run them ballanced if you can. And, they scale really well. I didn't like them when I first got them, but as I got better amps, the 650's just got better and better especially balanced.

                Having said that I have not worn the 650's much since getting the Elears. Something about the Elear sound signature has won me over, plus they are the most dynamic cans I have ever heard. I went into A2A to buy some LCD2's (as the price is increasing soon) and auditioned the Elears at the same time. The choice was easy… Interesting, the Elears are easier to drive than the 650's and sound pretty good on DAPs; not nearly as much difference going to a desktop amp as with the 650's.

                • @mostlygordon: That's a good description, I'm really keen to try them out. Thanks for the feedback.

                  • @Togsy: Check out the Innerfidelity review on YouTube. I am about as excited as Tyle after hearing the Elears.

                    • @mostlygordon: the Elears was a disappointment too, for the original asking price, at $600 its ok but not at $1000, there are better options.

            • @mostlygordon: I've got the Audeze sines, how would you compare the two and which one do you prefer, if you dont mind me asking?

              • @OmNomNomagon: Two very different cans. I also have Sine's, at home I would go for the Elears every time. But the sines are great for a closed back and travel much better. More importantly they sound great with the Cypher cable which means I don't have to take a headphone amp when out and about. The Elears are a lot more comfortable, I wear them for 3 hours plus at a time without ajusting or having a break.

                If you don't have one check out this case for your Sine's, highly recommended.

                When I got the Sine's, I had not yet heard Aeon's. If I had the choice again, it would be a tough call.
                Edit: whoops it's a Minidisc thread, I meant Aeon's. The V2's are supposed to be much better, but I have not auditioned them as yet:(

    • for the price look at Hifiman he-400i much better. This can is boring compare to other headphone in that price range.

    • I am the same. They are quite boring. But then sometimes they surprise you.

  • Shame they're not making these any more, I was always tempted to grab a pair. White is going to look worn much quicker than the black :(

    • You are probably OK there. They are very well made and have a great storage case. Wish I had picked up some PM-1's while they were around…

  • The white (& black) colour is actually the preferred one since the headband is a soft wrap-around piece.
    Good on them for reducing the price on the white colour.

    The other 2 colours (red / blue) have a hard piece on the top (outside), and the soft cushion underneath only. I imagine the two are similar comfort wise, but I have read feedback saying the black / white colour’s headband is better than the red / blue colour for headband longevity.

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    I’ve had these for two years and love them, the pleather does deteriorate and will need to be replaced, I used the brainwaze sheep leather ear pads

    • It's not often I disagree with these guys, but I think the NAD sounds better and I have both. Certainly the NAD sounds more engaging and has better sound stage.

      There are other factors, I would rather be seen with the PM3s in public LOL.

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        Yeh I couldn't wear the NAD out so I went with the PM3. They are just too damn ugly but better sound.

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    @foxpants while I think of it, great first deal. Well done!

    • Thanks! I sweated for a few minutes double and triple checking it hadn't already been posted, and credit to past PM-3 deals as I took the majority of their description content.

      • LOL, one of the past deals was mine…

        • hahah, thanks… me :P

          • @foxpants: Hey Foxpants, can you PM me. You have new messages turned off.

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