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OzB Exclusive: Amazon $3 Bonus Cashback with Minimum $7 Spend @ Cashrewards (Activation Required)


A Happy Lunar New Year to you all, and here's a small gift to celebrate. Ensure you carefully read the terms and that you first activate the offer prior to shopping as you normally would via Cashrewards. All standard cashback conditions apply. Thanks for your support as always. Enjoy :)

IMPORTANT: Empty your Amazon cart before clicking out from Cashrewards.

Please read the Amazon cashback terms here which should answer most questions.

$3 bonus offer terms:

  • To be eligible for the AUD $3 bonus, you must first activate the promotion via the link in this post, then shop as normal on Amazon Australia via Cashrewards.
  • Transaction must be made between 9:00AM AEDT 25/01/20 and 11:59PM AEDT 25/01/20.
  • $3 bonus is eligible when making a purchase of AUD $7 or more (inclusive of GST, after any discounts, and before shipping).
  • $3 bonus will not be added to your Cashrewards account at time of purchase. It will be credited separately as approved by 04/04/2020.
  • $3 bonus is over and above the store cashback rates which still apply to the transaction.
  • Transaction is valid if made online via desktop browser, Cashrewards mobile app, Cashrewards Notifier, or mobile browser.
  • Amazon sales report to Cashrewards ex GST so the amount shown in your account may be less than $7. You will still be eligible for the bonus.
  • Orders with multiple items will report as individual transactions into your Cashrewards account. These are still eligible.
  • $3 bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account, and fulfilled by Cashrewards (not Amazon Australia).
  • $3 bonus is ineligible if an order is cancelled, changed, returned, rejected, or if you purchase an ineligible product (standard store cashback terms and exclusions apply).
  • Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $5 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser.

Check out our Help Centre and Contact Form here for any questions or issues.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4032)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2020

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  • +8

    Another day, another $3. Thank you TA and cashrewards!! Happy Luna New Year!

    One of the many reasons I only use CR for my cashbacks :)

    Question for you:

    $3 bonus is ineligible if an order is cancelled, changed, returned, rejected, or if you purchase an ineligible product (standard store cashback terms and exclusions apply)

    I made a mistake and cancelled an order, but then re-ordered correctly
    i assume both orders will track and one wont be paid on (as is usually the case)
    Will i still be eligible for the $3 :)

    • +2

      Provided you activated prior, all good. Enjoy the day :)

      • I activated prior, did a $9 purchase through the CR link. Click was tracked by CR, but purchase has not shown up in "My Rewards" yet. I seem to remember Amazon AU being instantly tracked. Will I still get the $3 if I have to send a claim?

        • +2

          Hi. Amazon does not track instantly - far from it. It can take up to 4 days. Please see 3rd from bottom here as per the OP.

          • +1

            @tightarse: Ok, thanks TA!

  • Your move SB.


    Happy New Year to TA & CR. Good to see you guys every now and then.

  • Hey TA, I've got some Amazon store credit from a previous promotion (IIRC, it was the buy $50 gift card, get $10 amazon credit).

    Will paying with that Amazon credit invalidate cashback?


    -edit - read your FAQ link. Seems the credit doesnt count for cashback. If the order was fully paid by cashback, would that also invalidate this $3 incentive?

    • +3

      Yes, as far as I'm aware it will. You can use the $50 from the gift card though.

      Best time to use the $10 amazon credit is on a subscribe and save item where all cashback is ineligible.

      • +2

        "Best time to use the $10 amazon credit is on a subscribe and save item where all cashback is ineligible."

        Thank you for the tip! Appreciate that one as I hadn't thought of using sub & save before.

        • Also if you have promotional credit you can use it for subscribe and save.

  • so after I have activated the deal I don't activate the plugin in Chrome?
    If I do activate the Chrome extension will that cancel the deal and revert back to standard cashback?

  • Can this also be used with subscribe and save items?

    • +1
      • +3

        The answer is no if you couldn't be arsed reading all the t&c's.

        • +1

          damn, worst of both worlds; read the terms and then read your comment lol :(

  • Thanks TA

  • -1

    This offer is better than $2 CR for $5 purchase. Thanks TA

    • +1

      Hard to compare because this is Amazon only. Yesterdays deal was all stores.

      • Not talking about yesterday's deal. Just comparing with all those $2 cashback on $5 purchase regular deals.

  • +5

    If you were truly in the lucky spirit, the cashback should be $8. So what do you say?

    • +5

      Hehe I'd rather have $3 off a $7 purchase than $8 of an $88 purchase.
      (You know, if you were truly in the spirit)

  • +1

    So does this apply to preorders like SB does? I think their's is if it's released within 60 days.

  • +1

    BABY15 code is allowed??

  • I want to buy 2x usb's for $25 each in one transaction
    So will I get the $3 bonus + cashback rate which is 3.5%.

  • The $9.09 cashback on Catch Connect last year is being delayed past the expected date repeatedly….

    • +5

      This issue is with Catch Connect as we speak. They’re aware they haven’t approved the sales and should be sorted next week. Apologies for the delay, but you have nothing to be concerned about. They will be approved :)

      • +1

        Thanks much appreciated

        • +1

          These are all now approved. Feel free to check accounts and report back :)

          • @tightarse: Thanks just went in :)

    • Same. Asked me to wait with no time frame instead of contacting catch connect.

      • As above. Sorted next week :)

        • +1

          Thanks TA for the update.

          • @niniksa: These are all now approved. Feel free to check accounts and report back :)

  • +1

    Since december all my attempts with CR & Amazon have ended in claims
    - in b4 all adblockers removed
    - in b4 no coupons used
    - in b4 click CR pass through, add to cart, checkout

    • +1

      I have never had to chase up re Amazon cashback before. And I have over 100 individual orders in last 12 months between 2 accounts.

      You mention since "December"? I am only getting cashback approved from sales in November now which is normal

  • Hey guys can anyone give link me to the ozbargain randomiser? I cant find it. Thanks

  • Thanks, just used it.

  • I got a $7 item and got a saw tracked mail with purchase amount of $3.5 and another mail with another $3.5

    I did the purchase and have order confirmation that it was a single order

    So I am not eligible for this ?

      • +8

        No need to apologise, not sure why anyone took offense!

      • +4

        Legend @tightarse! No need to apologise. I understood why people downvoted my post. This is where I wanted to raise public awareness.

        The new year that most Asian are celebrating right now is based on Lunar calendar, it is new year in Lunar calendar and different countries have their own name for it and their own traditions for it: Ryukyu (Japan), Seollal (Korea), Tsagaan Sar (Mongolia), Tết nguyên Đán (Vietnamese), Lunar New Year (Hongkong). Hence saying Happy Chinese New Year to a Vietnamese or Korean, etc is not appropriate and excluded.

        This is why I suggested Lunar New Year for inclusiveness! Are we living in a multicultural country? And this is why big brands using Lunar instead of Chinese New Year. Chadstone, Lascote, Super Dry, Costco, etc. at their store, in there newsletter.

        And I appreciate how tightarse responded, it is not about right or wrong, it is how we should embrace and respect multi cultures.

  • The amount of conditions and terms to be met for your cashback to be approved is unbelievable and keeps increasing. I've had so many cashback declined due to purchasing items that are already pre-added in my cart and even though I disabled ad-blocker on the Cashrewards page but sometimes forgot to disable it on other websites. I think I have almost $100 of cashback declined in the last 2 months.

    • +1

      So… User error?

      • Yes due to increasing amount of terms and conditions. It used to be much easier to get Cashrewards' cashback approved.

      • I haven't had many issues. Think it's pretty straight forward, maybe a slight learning curve for the first few

  • Not sure what to buy. Any idea guys?

    • If you have prime, this? - x2 for $9 with S&S which you can cancel straight away I believe

  • If item is out of stock. Will the Cashback still apply if purchased today but they only fulfil later?

  • Does this include purchases made from Amazon US via AU?

    • +2

      Certainly does, provided you click to the Global store via the AU store rather than going directly to the US store (hope that made sense). (edited)

  • I activate and take part in all these bonus offers, still haven't received the $2 bonus from the November 26th offer which said will be credited by 31/01/2020. How do we go query that?

    • Those due on 31/01/20 were all credited yesterday. Pease PM me your CR email address and reference the associated promo. Thank you.