Budget Direct Comprehensive Insurance - Write off - Can I Buy The Car Back?

Apologies if this should be Automotive rather than Financial.

Budget Direct full comprehensive policy. NSW

If the car is written off due to hail damage can I negotiate a direct buy-back from BD or does it go to the insurance auction free-for-all?

If it is written off, is that the type of write off that prevents it being re-registered?

Background: One of our cars got hammered in last weeks storm. It's mechanically very good. If I can't claim/buy back then I assume I would have to cancel the comprehensive and get Third Party Property insurance due to "existing damage".

No, I haven't asked BD yet. I wanted to have a clearer idea of options before calling.


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    edit: I stand corrected, see below.

    You'd still be able to registrar a storm damaged car assuming it hasn't suffered any mechanical damage, and the glass isn't broken (or you replace it)


    Perth hailstorm in 2010 hammered our car.

    Written off due to extensive panel damage, so got paid out.

    Bought car back for the new minimal market value of $1.5k.

    Insurance companies don’t want cars to try and sell or offload.

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    Pretty sure the laws in NSW changed a couple of years ago, so that you can no longer register a write off - with limited exceptions. Source here

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      Further down the page:

      Roads and Maritime will only consider applications to repair and re-register written-off light vehicles if they fit one of the exempt vehicle categories:

      Hail damaged, where you were the registered operator for more than 28 days before the vehicle was hail damaged (contact your insurer)

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    They will give you the "salvage value" of the car, or let you buy it back at that same price.

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