Weight Watchers or other Weight Loss Program

Hi everyone…I really need some guidance and help to start losing weight. I've done Weight Watches a few times and slowly the weight has crept back. But now it's really important I try due to needing a knee replacement. So I'm wondering about the WW programs. At first I was thinking of the private counselling as opposed to the workshop and would love any input as to whether you have any comments on either. Also if there are other recomendations of programs you have had success with I'd love to know. I love cooking so I'm not interested in any where meals are provided. Thank you in anticipation.


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    Minimise eating processed foods(the less the better), eat less carbs and sugar, and try intermittent fasting.

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    I've done Weight Watches a few times and slowly the weight has crept back.

    You’re consuming more food then you need. Eat less and exercise more.


    the starting point is understanding calories.

    what's your level of knowledge about food, calories, what your average daily burn is?

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    It’s never a one size fits all thing. What works for some won’t work for everyone.

    The only thing that ever helped me has thought of food as a new lifestyle. I can’t cut out something completely. If I can never have it again, the “diet” won’t work for me. I reduce certain foods, but if I’m craving chocolate, I’ll have a small piece to satisfy the craving, rather than spending all day craving it and overeating on “healthy” foods.

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    Your weight is the result of your habits.

    Get in the habit of overeating, not moving and eating takeaway a lot - you will gain weight.

    Get in the habit of eating 80% healthy, eating the right amount (not under-eating as this can trigger binge cycles) and moving - you will eventually drop to your natural weight.

    It takes some conscious effort for a few months but then it's a habit and you won't have to try anymore.

    My mum does weight watchers. She follows their guidelines and goes to the weekly meetings. She lost most of the weight and kept it off but she still has a terrible habit of bingeing on chocolate all weekend. She eats at least one 200g block a week and then she makes cakes and stuff. She's always worrying about gaining weight and stressing about it. These programs can help but at the end of the day, they won't solve the problem for you.

    The only way to maintain your heath long term, is to have healthy habits.

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    I've recently dropped about 15kgs in the past 4 months by just eating better, no gym.

    I count calories, I use the Ap; MyfitnessPal. its easy, you can create you own meals, or scan barcodes.
    I would usually weigh what I'm eating, and do a lot of meal prep (doing 4on4off helps this).
    For my size and weight i would try and consume ~8000kJ's a day, with eat main meal being 2000kg, and snacks being =/< 1000kjs.

    Not everyday is perfect, I snack on rubbish, but I guess mainly getting off sugary energy drinks, cola and things like that has helped heaps.

    If I wanted quicker results I should be gyming but its hard to find time, I've got a young family.

    Good luck in your journey.


      Daaaammmmnnn. 2000kg of food?! ;-)


        Hahaha that’s be nuts, I better edit that, maybe I’ll leave for a laugh 🤣

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    I also recently dropped 25% or 25kgs. Had let myself go somewhat.

    Healthy habbits. I cut booze, take away and went vego - still smashed the carbs.

    I found over filling on 'healthier'food removed the urge to snack.

    Also found an excuse to exercise 4-5 times a week before it became a normal habbit. First month is the hardest.

    Nothing in life is easy.

    Keep us updated.

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    Keto diet, body needs no carbs,you will burn fat and lose weight . Fast for a few days, first day is agony, but gets easier as your grehlin levels drop.

    You never feel hungry, and thus eat less.

    I find it odd people that have diabetes still eat carbs

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      body needs no carbs

      We don't know that. I'm not aware of any controlled study where humans were starved of carbohydrates. Even keto diet consists of some minimal intake of carbs.

      As far as keto diet goes - it's the dumbest diet out there. You are restricting yourself from all kinds of food. It's socially awkward when you are the only one not eating birthday cake. In the end, you are not losing weight because of keto, you are losing weight because your calories intake is lower than your energy needs. With keto diet, it's difficult to eat too much but some people still manage to do it. Then they combine keto with some eating schedule like intermittent fasting to further restrict calories intake.

      Yes - it will work. You will lose weight but it's completely unsustainable. So what's the point?

      Better make small changes to your lifestyle. One small step at the time. Something you can do for lifetime.

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        You opinions are fine.

        But some facts

        I’ve done it for 7 years ( Shane Watson for over 10 I believee, Pete Evans, lebron james etc) so its sustainable, I eat < 20 carbs a day, and I belt through bacon, eggs and steak big time and easy consume more Than i I did prior when I was well overweight, have normal blood pressure ( once high) and low bad cholesterol. My migraines and sciatica disseappered, and I need to sleep 6 hours a night as opposed to once being 8, and libido is awesome. Either way if it is not sustainable because you got to skinny, do it for 12 months lose weight then go back to carb diet get fat again and repeat.

        And keto making you not eat too much well that’s a good thing ( I eat a lot), better than getting you gut stapled because you can’t control yourself. Must be great thing if you never feel hungry and lose weight without having to have surgery. .

        Given I have a gluten allergies I don’t find it socially awkward to refuse birthday cake at all,it’s a nonsical comment, why would it be socially awkward? You simply say no thanks, but I’ll have a sausage etc.

        Restricting myself of all types of food is my choice so there is no restriction, same as a vego with meat.

        Given diabetics is the inability to process carbs why do people with it eat it. You don’t give some one who is lactose intolerant milk,

        I’m sure there are plenty of studies, Tim Noakes has done a few.

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          You've done keto diet for 7 years? I never met anyone who was able to do it more than 7 weeks. I suspect there is something more to what you are saying.

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            @lubos: Well I guess you have not met everyone.

            It’s piss easy, just learn to cook with different ingredients, not ready made crap in a supermarket. Zucchini noodles, almond flour pizza etc.


          Either way if it is not sustainable because you got to skinny, do it for 12 months lose weight then go back to carb diet get fat again and repeat.

          Yep. The "it's not sustainable" argument is just rubbish. You don't need to do it continually forever.

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      I've done 3, 5, and 7 day water(including tea) fasts multiple times. 1st day is always harder than the last one.


        What sort of results did you see from these fasts?

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    What you need to realise is our entire society is arranged around getting people to eat as much as possible because business runs the country and they don't give a (profanity) about you or me.

    The Government pushes a "scientific" diet created to make people eat as much as possible. Our cities have a new place to get food every 50 feet. Our supermarkets have one aisle not dedicated to getting people to eat as much as possible (meat, fruit and veg).

    Most Australian's are completely brainwashed by advertising. They believe processed garbage is healthy eg. breakfast cereals, Milo or muesli bars LMAO. And that whole foods are not eg meat and other idiotic beliefs designed to have them eating as much as possible. Unprocessed meat sends a strong satiety signal which makes overeating much more difficult.

    The foundation of the campaign to kill everybody via overeating is grain based food and sugar.

    The reason for this is the body has a delayed satiety signal when eating carbohydrates - you don't feel like stopping eating. On top of this sugar causes a drug like addiction to its users. So most Australians are in a drug like relationship with their food where they do all the drug addict things except about food not drugs: rationalise to themselves (exercise later), hide their behavior and conveniently forget what they did previously so that they can get another hit.

    The food industry and Government have also brainwashed the population into believing that they can eat anything … as long as they exercise (and then it's your fault that you gained weight). Let me explain what happens when you exercise: you eat more. This is like saying anyone can run a marathon without any training. Sure they can. Anything's possible. Is it going to happen? No.

    So what's the takeaway here? I don't know. Maybe doing the opposite of what the Government and advertising are espousing given their aim is making you unhealthy.

    Personally I have had success with intermittent fasting. This is where you create a 16 hour or less gap between meals where you only consume water (no tea/coffee - the idea is to have the liver not process anything). And then eating as much as I want to break the fast. I usually eat red meat and raw green vegetables which have a complete nutrition profile for humans.

    The idea is that humans did not evolve with constant food sources available so we do better in a cycle of boom and bust everyday as far as food consumption.

    In the world of Government and advertising skipping meals is a cardinal sin against their agenda of causing everyone to eat as much as possible and is strongly discouraged. This is the industry that invented snacking because they couldn't sell you enough in main meals.

    I lost weight doing fasting. At first I had this awful feeling for a few minutes that went away. At first I was worried but then I realised it was this thing called "hunger" and I hadn't felt it for … ever? It became much less of an issue but it hits you for a few minutes every day if you intermittent fast.

    The other thing that really helped weight loss was ditching food altogether for my own "Soylent" mix. "Soylent" if you don't know, is just a drink with the RDI amounts of nutrients in it. You can buy it or make it yourself. This was WAY harder than intermittent fasting and I couldn't keep it up long term however I now use it before and after exercise.

    With Soylent only, my health indicators after testing were amazingly good. For some reason it also greatly reduced insomnia as well.

    This turned into a short novel somehow oops.


      Yes the milo and Nutri grain ads are hilarious


      This is where you create a 16 hour or less gap between meals where you only consume water

      I do this all the time…
      its just the gap is much much less than 16 hours ;)


      Eat as few carbs as possible - try and get to zero.
      No fruit, no starchy veggies, no sugar, no processed food, no seed oils. Not sure about nuts, but I avoid them.
      Instead eat meat (pref red), cheese, yoghurt, fish
      Intermittent fasting - eg water/black coffee only between 8pm and noon the next day.
      High intensity exercise - the higher the heart rate the better.
      Don’t let up…

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        Instead eat meat (pref red), cheese, yoghurt, fish

        Who needs fibre in their diet anyway ;)

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      The Government pushes a "scientific" diet

      Careful Diji1, it sounds like you're anti-science 😆

      The foundation of the campaign to kill everybody via overeating is grain based food and sugar.

      Disagree, I'd say it's about making people overweight and unhealthy. Big money to be made from sick people. The food, supplement, medical, and fitness industry all benefit from it.


    For necessary weight loss, preparing for surgery, doctors seem to recommend powder-based diets, using products such as Sustagen.
    This approach ensures weight loss, it's used in preparing for bariatric surgery where the patient must lose weight to make the surgery easier.
    If you cook your own food, the danger is that you underestimate portion sizes and the diet is ineffective because you eat more than you should.
    When the food is supplied to you (e.g. Light and Easy), at least the portions are controlled and you are keeping to the allowed calories.
    But the Sustagen approach (Very Low Calorie Diet) is certain to promote rapid weight loss. If you don't cheat :)
    I suggest you ask your knee surgeon for his recommendations. If you don't have an appointment soon, just call his office, the receptionist probably has a sheet with guidance about weight loss.
    Best Wishes

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    My best advice is to keep it simple.

    • Healthier meals
    • Smaller portions
    • Increased excercise

    Anything else is just noise.

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      …bang on. thats it in 3 simple bullet points
      it works for me everytime i notice my weight/body fat content creeping up

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    why don't you just eat less? i used to be obese and that's what i did to lose weight, just use online resources, lots of good stuff even if you just use youtube and apply it directly to your every day life


    Weight Watchers uses a 'points' system which is simply based on the nutritional value of foods e.g. calories, carbs, protein, fat.

    The easiest thing to do is work out how many calories you should be consuming per day to lose weight based on your height and weight (I have used the Calorie King app in the past to do this).

    Then use food packaging and CalorieKing.com.au to work out how many calories are in the foods you are consuming. You can use a diary or the Calorie King app to keep track of what you are consuming every day.

    Have lost 30kg by doing this and it doesn't cost a thing.

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    Programs like weight watchers are great, but I feel they fall short in that they don't really prepare you for life outside their ecosystem of pre-prepared meals and points, so for most it's always going to be a short term gain.

    From the perspective of someone who's lost a whole bunch of weight (over 50kg) and kept it off, the key to long term weight loss is:

    a) Learn about nutrition, starting with your favourite foods


    b) Be completely honest with yourself as to how many calories you're really eating and swap out crap calories for good calories

    Exercise is very important too, but not as important as getting your diet sorted because there's no point spending an hour at the gym if you go to maccas straight afterwards ;)

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    Get healthy…… Don't worry about weight….. Weight has never been a good measure of anything other than…. ummm, weight.


      Agreed, get healthy to lose weight, not the other way around.

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    Go have a chat with a good GP and if needed go see a dietician, professional help = the best help.


      The voice of reason, particularly as the weightloss is in relation to a surgical intervention. WW is ok, but you can get decent dietary guidelines from a qualified dietician, which incorporate your food preferences, and ensure that you are covering all your nutritional bases.


    …cycling. stationary or out on the paths trails & roads….
    clean diet & 5-10 hrs excercise a week and youll watch the weight drop & your fitness improve remarkably
    you have to incorporate exercise or otherwise calories turn into fat / weight gain..its all good to eat cleaner but you have to burn it off somehow


    Try the noom app, it's a lot of psychology and getting you into a healthy relationship with food, realising how different foods react with us etc etc. It is designed for people to not just lose weight, but also keep it off. It's not a "lose weight quickly for summer/winter/your next outing" - it's a complete change of mindset in how you think about food.
    One thing that really stuck with me from it, is you can't exercise your way out of eating too much of the bad stuff, it all starts with the quantity and quality of food we eat.


    I've lost 7 pounds in the last 6 weeks by cutting down on phytic acid and sugar. I've cut down on phytic acid by 90% and sugar by 70%. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient found in wheat, grains, nuts, and seeds. It stops you from absorbing all the nutrients in the meal you're eating; if there is phytic acid in it.

    So that means I've cut out bread and grains by 90%. And sugar. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought, either. I think it's because I've cut both things out together. And I love bread and sugar!

    For breakfast I have an omelette with ham, cheese and baby spinach leaves. Fresh fruit, low sugar yoghurt like Siggis or Jalna double cream, and a spoonful of homemade whipped cream with 1 teaspoon sugar per 500mls of cream. Then a latte made with fresh full cream milk.

    For lunch it's usually ham/salami, tomato, green salad, fresh mango with whipped cream (now my fave dessert, even better than icecream and I love icecream!)

    Afternoon tea is a latte and 85% dark choc, or some cheese, or fresh fruit.

    Dinner is meat and veg, like spag bol without the spaghetti but lots of veggies in it, or beef stew with lots of veg but no potato or pasta. Dessert is 1 serve or less of icecream. I've recently made my own icecream with half the amount of sugar in it so I can have a bit more of that :-)

    Then if I'm hungry around 9pm, I have 2 squares of dark choc, usually 85%. I love Coles brand 70% and 85% dark chocolate. I think it's nicer than Lindt.

    I drink lots of plain water during the day.

    Sometimes I have a milkshake for afternoon tea: fresh full cream milk, 1 level dessertspoon normal icecream, 2 teaspoons Dutch processed cocoa. If you're not used to having minimal sugar it mightn't taste sweet enough, but it has a really good chocolate flavour - much better than sugary chocolate topping (and I used to love that!)

    Macadamias are supposed to be low in phytic acid so sometimes I have a spoonful of macadamia butter.


    P.S. Macadamia coconut Keto Fat Bombs are delicious!

    My new style of eating is to help my teeth - 5 new cavities for the first time in 12 years! - not to lose weight. I couldn't believe it 3 days ago when I weighed myself for the 2nd time in 6 weeks and I'd lost 4 pounds under my set point - this is the lightest I've been for at least 13 years.

    Also, my new food fills me up faster and I'm eating less than when I was eating bread and sugar. I can eat about 25-30g of sugar per day before I start craving more and then eat naughty chocolates (not the good kind) (like last night - oops!)

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    I found Lite-N-Easy a great way to go. Lost 30kg in 6 months. This manages your calories well but you must increase your exercise as well so you burn calories. I mainly walked, but anything that elevates your calorie burn will do the job. No longer on Lite-N-Easy, but still maintaining the weight, with very slow decrease due to the program changing my way of eating. Well worth a go, and no contracts or fees other than buying the food.

    Good luck.


    try buying frozen wegiht loss meals from the super market for a while.
    - bit cheaper if you get them on special and less of a commitment
    - portion control your other meals
    try a keto diet to reach your goal weight. with the diet i would recommend buying a receipe book, an electronic scale and downloading carb manager app.