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overrated af
19/02/2020 - 21:23
which is superior this or mi 9t?
06/02/2020 - 18:56
what happens if you breathe this in
06/02/2020 - 18:53
But could you do better?
02/02/2020 - 16:34
why don't you just eat less? i used to be obese and that's what i did to lose weight, just use online resources, lots of good stuff even if...
25/01/2020 - 15:45
fantastic as long as you don't need them for phone calls as the mic quality is awful but other than that there really aren't many reasons...
16/01/2020 - 11:08
Will this make my teenage boys violent? That's what I saw on the news.
16/01/2020 - 11:05
How in the hell did you hike 800km with such a small pack, most people use bags twice that size for walks nowhere close to that distance.
07/01/2020 - 14:48
I just had one and you must have bad taste buds if you think that, they are flavourless in comparison to the originals and you can tell...
07/01/2020 - 14:07
Anyone know how long this will last?
05/12/2019 - 11:21
Should I buy one now or hope it gets cheaper? Under $30 a terabyte, already really well priced.
29/11/2019 - 00:44
actually, now that i think of it, why the heck did that basement have a well to begin with? what good is a well going to be in a basement?...
26/11/2019 - 15:15
that and unlike most "leather" it isn't some cheap fake shit that starts showing signs of wear within a year or two (since the chair lasts...
20/11/2019 - 18:42
now we just need houses for sale on ozbargain :)
31/10/2019 - 21:45
child labour or something mb
19/09/2019 - 03:19
nice to see this sort of stuff here, would love some more hiking/outdoor gear as i am looking to set up a hiking kit and take up hiking
09/09/2019 - 02:56
wow, only $1500 for a phone! what a bargain
24/08/2019 - 18:32
Isnt that ikea charger $20? Only $15 for IKEA family members? (Ok apparently family member thingy is free)
08/02/2019 - 10:57
is this what you call an argument? just a discussion between fellow movie lovers/hoarders
07/02/2019 - 15:15
why do i need to re-compress anything? im acquiring them via torrents not buying blurays
07/02/2019 - 15:14
the difference between a well encoded ~20gb and ~60gb 4k bluray may be a few % at best while the difference in size is hundreds of %, most...
07/02/2019 - 13:23
ah, are you guys doing things legally? if you are torrenting you can get the same quality for a much smaller size
07/02/2019 - 12:37
Well I have plenty of 4k blu rays and none are above 20gb, you're wasting space my man sad to be the one who has to let you know
07/02/2019 - 12:35
Damn, gone are the days where I would foolishly buy teeny little 4TB internal HDDs, from now on I will buy this sort of drive and shuck it....
07/02/2019 - 06:30
55GB is way too high for a single bluray and definitely not the average, where are you getting these from? You're doing something wrong if...
07/02/2019 - 06:26