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Dell 24" Monitor S2419HM $229.56 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Dell has put up a second listing for this monitor at a reduced price. Appears to be limited in quantity

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    monitor is no good

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        -Only 60hz - you can buy at least 75hz for same price.
        -No VESA mount
        -Only tilt
        -Slow response

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          While I won't defend Dell pricing, their build quality and support leaves most for dead.

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          Feel free to link to an alternative that meets these criteria at the same or lower price.

          • @Wilburre: These are business monitors. The lack of vesa is kind of bad though.

            • @tonyjzx: Vesa is unfortunate, but I've also never bothered swapping a monitor from it's original stand. These can't be directly compared to gaming focussed models either - you don't usually get this level of colour reproduction and brightness on gaming monitors at this price point. The monitor that does both gaming and productivity well will cost as much or more than buying 1 for each.

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              @tonyjzx: May I ask what is the benefit of a vesa mount for a monitor?

        • Don't forget 600 nits brightness, colour accuracy and ultra thin design.

          • @fireforce: Let me tell you this… I've worked for companies that have 1,000+ seats. None use the stand.

            eg. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSvjwb2...

            • @tonyjzx: From Dell's website,

              S model (Home & Small Office)

              So seems like this isn't really a business monitor targeted towards large companies after all.

              Not trying to defend Dell, but the omission of the VESA mount could be to maintain the slim profile of the monitor.

            • @tonyjzx: Yup. My office has all their monitors mounted to a table arms - the stands are all piled up in a closet somewhere taking up space. Almost makes sense to me why Apple have their stand as an additional cost option.

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    Doesn’t appear to have VESA mount?

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      Like with anything it's about your use case. This one is much slower and more expensive, but the brightness and consistency of brightness and colour reproduction is better. For gaming agreed don't buy this one, but it's not a same same comparison like you make out.

      • This, can't compare two different products.

        Monitors are more than size, refresh rate and resolution.

  • Am I missing something?

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