Melbourne to Tokyo from $474 Return, Osaka from $480 Return on Xiamen Airlines (Cherry Blossom Season) @ Beat That Flight


Xiamen Airlines, arguably the best airline in Mainland China, has a very well priced sale on flights to Tokyo and Osaka.

Quite a few dates in late Feb, March and early April. This is interesting as Osaka tends to start having their cherry blossom bloom late March, and Tokyo first week of April (although obviously you can't guarantee exact dates).

Examples to Tokyo

$474 Return - 02 Mar to 19 Mar -
$474 Return - 02 Mar to 24 Mar -
$474 Return - 04 Mar to 26 Mar -
$474 Return - 04 Mar to 10 Mar -
$474 Return - 08 Mar to 31 Mar -
$474 Return - 08 Mar to 02 Apr -
$498 Return - 06 Mar to 31 Mar -

and plenty more

Examples to Osaka

$480 Return - 21 Feb to 06 Mar -
$480 Return - 23 Feb to 06 Mar -
$480 Return - 24 Feb to 06 Mar -
$480 Return - 24 Feb to 07 Mar -
$480 Return - 27 Feb to 10 Mar -
$480 Return - 01 Mar to 13 Mar -
$480 Return - 15 Mar to 20 Mar -
$480 Return - 15 Mar to 17 Mar -
$480 Return - 15 Mar to 21 Mar -

and plenty more

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  • +16 votes

    I'll get in first; something, something, coronavirus.

  • +4 votes

    Chinese airlines + Japan rn = coronnavirud

  • +1 vote

    You pretty much have to have a stop over in China if you want this prices. Also adds about 12-18 hours to the journey.

    Direct flights to Tokyo on this site start at about $880.


    Yeesh, lengthy layovers galore!

  • +4 votes

    Others have mentioned the long stopover, so I feel I should point out some things.
    Last time i was going to japan i considered flights from Xiamen and saw that on long stopovers you got a free short term visa to go visit the city (china usually requires paying for a visa). Also heard there were some fairly cool things worth a day there.
    Also from memory if the stopover was really long (might have to be night time too but i dont remember) you could get a free nights hotel accommodation.

    100% look into this yourselves as 1. that was 1-2 years ago i saw this so it could have changed and 2. im just going from memory so details are likely slightly wrong at least.
    But i feel like they are big enough things to remove the long layover as an issue for some people.

    I personally love these flight deals that go real cheap due to excessive stopover length because I like to have a mini 1-2 day holiday in places around the world i would never specifically travel to.
    Spent 2 days each in Ho-Chi-Minh and Manila (1 day each way) on my last two trips to japan. Lots of cool stuff in each, enough to really fill 2 days (and more), but not quite places i'd ever visit themselves.


    OMG. I paid $1256 for my flight via HK starting late march. Where were you a couple of weeks ago? :(

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