20% off Hostel Accommodation for Students (ID Card Required) @ YHA


YHA Terms and Conditions
20% discount applied to largest Multishare Room. Offers non-refundable and subject to availability. Not available to existing bookings and to groups of 10 or more. Maximum 5 night stay. Must show student card at the time of check-in. Block out dates apply for Thredbo YHA in July and August. Some hostels have additional restrictions.tions.

Everyone can book through YHA website using this code, but the staff might ask for your student ID when you checking in as this deal is for students but really depends on the hostel and the staff. I booked twice and one asked for student ID one didn't.

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YHA Australia
YHA Australia



    Is this Australia only?


    Was UNIS19 last year, etc.

    Used code in a previous student offer - never asked for student card. I don't look like a typical student to their staff, they didn't worry. I had a paid online booking - that's all that mattered.

    Check with hostel as often have better deals for multi night stays, may include breakfast & in smaller dorm room. Can also buy multi night pass, to use in different hostels.


    Must show student card at the time of check-in

    Kind of important info. Not available to everyone


      All have been too busy / laid back to bother, in my experience using it as non-student.
      There are often better deals anyway, as I suggested.