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Very unusual wallet, put the money in and flip it and the money automatically goes behind the straps. 6 colours to choose from. Cheapest price ever by camelcamelcamel (37usd is the cheapest price ever)(51 aud = 34.83 usd)

★REDUCED TO THE ESSENTIALS. Put an end to large and bulky wallets. Our slim wallet has a slender profile that fits nicely into your front or back pocket. Unlike other men's wallets, this stylish wallet isn't too bulky. Suitable for formal or leisure attire - with business suits, jeans or casual trousers, this stylish leather wallet is compact and convenient, making it easy to keep essentials safely close at hand.
★QUALITY: The Flap Boy Slim magic wallet is an elegant fashion statement, handmade in Europe. We use only genuine Italian leather from the finest quality authentic calfskin. Our leathers are vegetable tanned meaning that natural plants are used for the tanning process instead of chemicals like chrome. Handcrafted from premium calf leather, making the wallet so durable that we give 3 years warranty.
★MAGIC TRICK: The Magic Wallet is equipped with the innovative magic flap feature. Simply put bills into the open wallet and close it. When you re-open the wallet, your money is magically tucked in behind the elastic straps. This five-star trick makes the Magic Wallet a stylish accessory that will also impress your friends.
★RFID-BLOCKER: Our wallet is equipped with cutting-edge RFID protection technology. Via RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), personal data on chips on passports, identification and credit cards can be accessed contactless. Criminals equipped with the proper devices can easily steal your most personal data. Our Magic Wallet with RFID shielding technology will 100% securely protect all your cards and data against unauthorised access.
★DETAILS: The men's wallet has 6 credit card slots on the outside and 2 more inside, providing space for 8 up to a maximum of 16 cards. Dimensions (LxWxH): 10,2cm x 8,3cm x 0,8cm. The magic wallet is delivered in an elegant black gift box, making it the perfect present.

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