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Mothers Choice Prime AP Convertible Car Seat 6m-8y, Black $164 (U. P. $329) + Shipping / Pickup @ Baby Bunting


Half price at baby bunts for one of the top rated (safety wise) convertibles on childcarseats.com.au

Safety rating on childcarseats.com.au
3.8 forward facing 12m - 4y
4.7 as a booster 4y - 8y

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    Please change the title to 12m-8y. Also, I don't believe this rear faces at all so that's something to consider. Ideally you should be rear-facing until 18 months (length of child dependent). A good seat for 18m+ though!


    Anyone think this is any different to any of the sub $100 ones if used solely as a booster? I need to shift my 7 he old into something else for the next year or two


    Brilliant timing. Thanks OP. We've got the wee one in the Britax Millenia but can transfer him to this so the expected one can have his. Much cheaper than buying another 0-4 yr one.

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    Only lap sash booster from 4 years. Ideally you want a fully harnessed booster until 8 at least for higher safety. I won't be purchasing this because of this. I'd rather pick a baby love eat switch/ezy grow or britax maxi guard. Yes it costs more but safety isn't something I'd cheap out on


      Also if you have 3 seats in the back a lap sash is almost impossible to use.


      Is it a five point harness until 8 (we have a couple of the infasecure ones that do this)

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        No only lap sash from about 4 years

        Toddler Mode:
        To be used in forward facing position with built-in harness from approx. 12 months - 4 years of age or until the child's shoulders reach the middle shoulder height marker.

        Booster Mode
        To be used with a lap-sash seatbelt from approx. 4 - 8 years of age or until the child's shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker.


    We have one. It is sturdy but not as comfortable as some other ones with padding etc.

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    Website is showing $329?


    I was looking at the Mother's Choice Spark from Target, $199 but $129 when it goes on special, and it seems like it has a similar shell with the Prime having more cushion on the sides?

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    Is there a code or the deal not activated? Full price


    New to the whole baby scene. What do you use for <6mnths?

    Is it something you can hire vs paying $$ for 6 months use.


      A capsule can be used until 6-9 months (size of baby dependent). You can hire them, but if you buy new you can on-sell. The other option is a convertible seat which is usually 0-4 years. Benefit of capsule is it's portable which is handy if baby is sleeping.


      Most capsules can be used from newborn to 6 or 12 months depending on their markers (these show that when a baby's shoulders reach a certain height, you need to change seats but the age is just an approximate as all babies differ). I used a Britax safe n sound unity capsule. It states newborn up to 12 months but has high markers in them (especially compared to maxi cosi) which means I used mine for 15 months. I could of gone longer but had already bought the next seat and it was taking up space in my living room so transitioned to a new seat. Possibly could of lasted 18 months+. Most users report that they have used the Unity for more than 12 months in mothers groups/forums. Capsules aren't cheap though and you can hire them or buy second hand (lots on facebook marketplace, gumtree etc) but being second hand, it comes down to whether you want the risk on a seat that you don't have the history of. However they have benefits if the capsule can be attached to your pram or you have other kids and need to do drop offs as you can pull the capsule out of the car without waking a sleeping baby but holding a capsule with a baby can be pretty heavy and they recommend that the baby doesn't stay in the capsule for more than a couple hours a day (depends what you read/believe).

      An alternative to buying a capsule is to buy a convertible car seat. Most range from newborn to 4 years (once again depends on markers and lots of people have stated higher markers in some manufactured seats allow them use up to 6 years old before changing). Highly recommended brands are Infasecure and Britax. Convertible car seats will generally allow for rear facing (required when baby is first born up until it hits a certain marker) before you are supposed to turn them around. Legally you need to turn the kid around when they turn 4 years old but many people talk about how it is much safer to leave the kid rear faced as long as possible (until they start having tantrums etc). Therefore many people look for "extended rear facing" which allows the kid to be taller/older before being forced to switch to forward facing.

      Bear in mind, all seats sold including those $100 ones are required to meet minimum Australian standards and the testing ratings on seats are flawed as they don't consider the "alternatives" e.g. a booster seat like this rates highly but uses only a lap sash when the testing shows that a harnessed seat is much safer than a lap sash.

      From the mothers forums, the highly recommended capsules are Britax Unity and Joie Gemm and highly recommend convertible seats are Britax Millenia, Graphene or B-First or Infasecure Quattro/Kompressor (I can't recall which model).


      We just bought a 0-4 convertible seat, safe n sound quick fix which is essentially a Britax Brava or Graphene. It has extended rear facing so can keep bubs rear facing for longer.

      Babies aren't supposed to sleep in capsules and I wouldn't have wanted to be lifting a capsule in and out of the car all the time anyway while still healing from giving birth. Useful life span isn't all that long and even hiring is pretty expensive.


    Can’t believe I missed this we were supposed to buy it today

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