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Coles: Kettle Chips $2.25, Bhuja $1.92, Lavazza Pods $3, McCain Pizza $3.75, Lipton IceT $1.9, Digestives $1.97, 15% Spotify GCs


An early look at Coles new catalogue starting Jan 29. Happy Australia Day everyone. Enjoy :)

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    Great stuff thanks TA!
    Just a reminder this is a VIC metro catalogue, drinks in NSW (and other participating states) will be more expensive

    • Great reminder! Thanks, and enjoy the day :)

      • All good, you too!
        Gee, I hope the fresh specials are the same

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    1+ for the upload

    slow cooked beef brisket 11/kg
    product sold uncooked

    how does that work exactly?

    • Cook in slow cooker

  • Good man.

  • Thanks TA

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    Buy Australian products and support the farmers and the country this Australia Day.

    • +4

      Yes, lets support our country

      • +2

        Yes, no more Chinese imports

        • +5

          Hopefully they keep buying our exports though.

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    didnt coles request catalogue not to be posted before 5pm monday

    • why ? We need tougher competition

      • +1

        dunno kinda remember a post getting taken down cause they wanted it to be released at the same time as the website

    • The specials are freely available in the physical catalogue
      Why care about it being posted on online?

    • -1

      Yes, this will probably be taken down

    • didnt coles request catalogue not to be posted before 5pm monday

      That's Woolworths, not Coles.

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    Curtis Seasoned Mince?

  • Need Twinings tea bags on sale

  • +1

    15% off Spotify GC? Is this applicable to NSW?

    • Is 15% off the best you can hope for Spotify gift cards? I’ve done a quick search and 10 or 15% off seems fairly common. Hopefully I can purchase this with a discounted Coles Gift Card for more savings.

  • Any sales on Ice Cubes to go with my Ice-T?

  • I wonder when quick oats will make a half price return?

  • How infrequently does Sirena go on sale (1/2 price)?

  • i wish the delivery boy around here wasn't so slack! i sometimes don't get any catalogues until Thursday, yeah a day after the specials have started

    • +1

      sometimes don't get any catalogues until Thursday

      You are better off than me

      Most weeks I get no catalogues
      Instead those pesky flyers advertising how catalogue deliveries could make you big bucks :)

      I suppose the chappie who delivers catalogues on the odd week, then goes off to spend said big bucks

    • They're online on Mondays…

      • +1

        For sure
        I'm old school prefer book over ebook :)

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