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Peters Drumstick Vegan Flavours 4pk $5 (Was $10) @ Woolworths


Greetings everyone, Woolworths has today dropped the price on the new Vegan Flavours of the Drumstick. This is the first time it's been reduced since being implemented in November from what I can see :)

Peters Drumstick Vegan Vanilla Bean Choc Almond Cones 4 pack

Peters Drumstick Vegan Raspberry & Coconut Cones 4 pack

Peters Drumstick Vegan Affogato Cones 4 pack

Thanks to Price Hipster for the price drop notification.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1 vote

    Wonder what vegan flavour tastes like?

  • +15 votes

    I found the vanilla bean ice cream disappointing compared to the ice cream in Magnum Dairy Free (which are actually vegan). The magnums are as good as real dairy

  • -2 votes

    Any wagyu varieties?

  • +2 votes

    no milk ice cream.


    I'd prefer the full flavour (non vegan) version.

    • +2 votes

      They still have those in the store, I think. Only a matter of time, so, better stock up.

  • +1 vote

    I bought one box, ate two and throw away the rest. I won't buy it again.


    So what's the dairy substitute? Soy and palm oil?

  • -1 vote

    Anyone else notice how heavily Peters are advertising this on the Aus open?

  • +6 votes

    As someone who is very lactose intolerant, I welcome these new vegan choices.
    However, many of them taste horrible, this one included.
    It tastes like watered down icy coconut milk. Not creamy at all.
    The cone is quite good though, but definitely not worth the purchase. Not even at half price.

    Best vegan ice cream I've had so far are Magnums, and Coles brand ones. They're very creamy and the closest tasting to dairy ice creams.

    • +23 votes

      I could be wrong but I don't think anyone would eat any kind of ice cream for health reasons.

    • +20 votes

      I think most people going vegan are doing it for ethical reasons.

    • +3 votes

      sugar is not off limits to vegans

      And people do it for ethical reasons, not health reasons.

      • -1 vote

        Absolutely suagr is not off limits to vegans. Many people eat vegan for health reasons however. You only notice the ethical vegans so much because they are more likely to be in your face about it.

        • +1 vote

          .. in your face about it.

          That’s because lives are at stake - animal lives.


          a lot of vegan friendly products are far from healthy. And you can have a meat based diet that isn't unhealthy if you use some common sense. Some meats are less healthy than others. There are lean meats you can stick to, and many contain protein and iron that is good for you, and some are actually recommended for general wellbeing such as fish.

          I'm a vegan btw.

    • +3 votes

      I don't think eating vegan and eating healthy are related

      • +2 votes

        Really? Google "why eating vegan is healthier" and the first things says: Health: Compared to meat-eaters, vegans weigh less, have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and rates of type 2 diabetes. They have a 30 per cent lower risk of heart disease and lower cancer rates. … The same diet that is good for preventing cancer is also good for preventing heart disease, obesity, diabetes and so on.

        I have seen this to be true for many people. Rather than symptom management with drugs, a vegan - prefereably whole food lifestyle - stops or dramatically reduces the illness and reduces or eliminates the need for drugs all togther. Vegan ice cream, vegan meats, vegan bugers are not optimal in these cases, but are still a better occasional treat than going the conventional route. Our tastebuds and brains are addicted to foods way more than we realise. Just try a month, bread free, meat free, dairy free, coffee free and alcohol free to see how much your brain can scream. Coffee has always been a hard one for me to control - I always want more!

        • +1 vote

          Its all well and good to list the benefits, but you probably should note its in isolation of potential costs. For example, its been shown that the most significant contributor to human brain development though the eons of time has been the result of consuming cooked meat. Not raw, cooked. That is, we advanced our development when early man realised he could eat cooked meat. Its not hard to rationalise from that that maybe some parts of us require enzymes for example present in cooked meat and that may or may not effect you in life. But even if our own brain may not be effected by a lack of cooked meat as I doubt a caveman ate meat and all of a sudden had Pythagoras' theorem, we didnt mutate like Spiderman, but the act likely altered the quality of the genetics they passed on to their offspring.

          What cost are vegans and vegetarians passing on by not eating cooked meat? There might be more to it than most think.

          I read his comment to suggest, balance and moderation seem to be the most beneficial understanding to diet we possess. And given how much information changes with new discoveries, its foolish to put all your vegan eggs in one basket.


            @Tuba: Every person I know that has been raised vegan wholefoods from birth are in the top of their classes academically and also athletically. A vegan who lives on chips, vegan ice cream and vegans meats will be fat and sick just like a meat eater who lives on ice cream and chips.

            Isnt it interesting how we 'know' what caveman ate without a writing system back then. National Geographic says caveman only got 30% of it's annual calories from meat. So 70% of calories came from plants. Seeing that plants are less calorie dense, way the heck most of what caveman ate was plant based. Maybe hunter / gatherers should really be called gatherer / hunters seeing that they more gathering and farming than hunting.

            • +1 vote

              @ShipShapeRC: First, I doubt you know enough people to fill a single cab utes cabin, let alone a bus that have spent their entire life devoid of animal based products all the way to matriculation. Yes I know, theres no matriculation anymore, everyone gets a participation ribbon. OP score, whatever.

              But, not you obviously because you missed the subtlety of English and you dont get to the top of class like that. It is not how long an individual has been vegan. Its what they pass to their kids, and so on. It might be three generations from now that we find an increase in old age mental deficiencies for example.

              Evolution does not work as you reveal to be your grasp. Youre focused on a mutant version of evolution. That is the Spiderman reference I made, he was bitten and he could spin webs and climb walls, when in reality, OK sci fi reality, evolution would suggest one of his children of grandkids might have the abilities, but not him. You focused on people you claim to know, and claim to know how they were raised. To be relevant, their parents would need to have been raised as you claim, wholefoods vegan, all their life and from the time they were a twinkle in the people you claim to know grandfathers eye, youre two generations too early to claim it. That is, to be relevant, youd have to know their grandfather and grandmother were raised their whole life, vegan wholefoods exclusively. As well as both of their parents. And then compare their kids, that is your friends kids, at the end of their life should they reach old age, to be sure there is no detrimental effects passed on. And even then, thats not long enough for evolutionary effects.

              We know a lot without having to be able to read it. We dont need written proof to know what the records and finds reveal. Smarter minds have been studying it a long long time. The absence of a cavewall menu is no reason to think we know nothing about it. There are several sciences devoted to the topic.


              @ShipShapeRC: Every vegan I have known eventually gave up veganism due to low B12 levels and the potential for brain damage.

              Smart people, but they didn't manage the diet perfectly, and it is difficult to do so, hence the return to a more naturally omnivorous way of eating.

              • +1 vote

                @ozbjunkie: My B12 levels are better than before I was vegan. It's very easy to take supplements instead of getting cows to take them for you.

                • -1 vote

                  @Miss B: Cows in general don't take B12 supplements. Their gut bacteria produce it. Mass monoculture-based agricutlure (soy, corn, canola etc.) as well as factory farming results in depleted soils and excessive use of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides) and fertilisers. This may result in lack of nutrients that animals themselves need, such as cobalt required by gut bacteria to produce B12, which is occasionally supplemented. This was not always so. Cobalt supplementation or not, plants are not a source of B12 and getting sufficient omega-3 and complete protein from plants is problematic at best. Thank you.


                  @Miss B: Not as tasty though, in my opinion.

                  And before we delve into the ethics of my omnivorous diet causing suffering and death. Let's be under no illusions that a vegan diet is any different. Habitat destruction. Massive monocrops. There's only one way you can be sure to cause no impact whatsoever on the earth, and you're not going to like it, or live through it.

            • +1 vote

              @ShipShapeRC: There is no way you know anyone who has been raised vegan all their life, because that fad was very rare back then for anyone of school age today let alone 5, 10 or 15 years ago, to have consumed food with such strict vegan adherence.

              If you still think vegan diet is good for human development from childhood this should sober you up: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-22/sydney-parents-escape...

              Eat whatever makes you happy but please stop spreading pseudo-scientific, ignorant and, frankly, dangerously irresponsible non-sense.


                @findingbargains: There are plenty of healthy vegan children who thankfully don't have idiots for parents.

                Also, the same thing happens if you don't give your children the nutrients they need even if they consume animal products

                • +1 vote

                  @Miss B: False equivalence. In your example babies were not fed healthy nutritious food including meat. They were fed highly processed junk food. That is not what being non-vegan means. On the other hand, vegan parents in my example fed bona-fide vegan food to their child i.e. they did not feed the girl vegan junk food. Yet severe malnourishment was the end result, which goes on to show that vegan diet is not a complete diet and in effect is equivalent to junk food diet from article you presented. So you have not proven anything. The mere fact that supplementation is recommended and often required on vegan diets, speaks for itself. People who eat eggs, meat, butter, cheese, cream, olive/coconut/animal and other healthy fats and some green, leafy and/or cruciferous vegetables, require no supplementation.


                    @findingbargains: The only supplement needed is B12, if they'd fed their child properly and ensured they had B12 (which meat eaters get from the supplements the animals are given) then it would have been fine. Anyone who does not seek medical advice when their child is that severely malnourished is not a fit parent, full stop. You're basing all of your assumptions about a vegan diet on a set of incompetent parents who did not ensure their child was fed a proper diet and when they were severely ill did not seek medical advice. Which is why it is the same as the other example of people who were not fit to be parents, they also fed their children an inadequate diet and did not seek medical advice when their children were severely ill.

                    • -1 vote

                      @Miss B:

                      The only supplement needed is B12, if they'd fed their child properly and ensured they had B12

                      Yes, "if only". Nice try, but that just proves my point: you don't need to do that on a balanced omnivore diet.

                      which meat eaters get from the supplements the animals are given

                      Some animals get supplemented with cobalt due to poor soils or factory farming methods, as this is what bacteria in ruminants' guts need to produce B12. But this does not mean that animals are as inferior as plants in that respect because animals are a source of B12, whereas plants are not (circumstantial supplementation notwithstanding). Animal meat is how humans got their B12 and most other essential nutrients, including the complete protein, since we roamed African savannah and there was no other way to obtain it in required quantities. There was no supplementation back then. The fact that factory farming in this day and age is not ideal way to produce meat for human consumption and may in some circumstances require some supplementation (just like plant monoculture fields require copious amounts of harmful chemicals and fertilisers), does not invalidate the omnivore diet model.

                      You're basing all of your assumptions

                      I assure you I am not assuming anything. I just follow science (and no, Campbell's China Study, or more precisely the way he chose to interpret the results selectivelly, is not science!). That poor child wasn't just short of B12, but most likely was lacking essential amino acids i.e. a source of complete protein and omega-3 oils, as well. These parents were not any more or less incompetent than others who chose to feed their children vegan diet. That article was a way of efficiently illustrating everything that is wrong with vegan religion. Watch this video to find out who is really pushing the vegan agenda and why, whose interests the vegan adherents are actually serving and who is pulling the strings. (You knew all this already before chiming in?) As always, follow the money.


                        @findingbargains: Sorry, and a YouTube video from a couple trying to promote a different diet. Harvard, WHO and Australian Dietary Guidelines along with countless other reputable organisations support a vegan diet and encourage people to eat less meat, particularly red and processed meats which cause cancer. Anyway, I'll leave you to your YouTube videos from people with a blatant agenda.

          • +1 vote

            @Tuba: This is false, just like when everyone says the common fact that 'Perth is the most isolated major city in the world. Also false.

            It was a supposition that humans brain function dramatically improved with the consumption of meat, cooked or otherwise. Most commonly this theory is used in fiction novels.


              @dubo1981: And Perth being the most isolated major city is only incorrect if you redefine the reason it was claimed as such, which you have. For example, Ive never heard it said as it is the most, only one of the most, which is entirely different. What some bloke round the vegan BBQ over beers remembers it as is unimportant.

              And the rest depends on the definition and assumed size we mandate as required to qualify as the closest city to it.
              And then what defines a city, as a major city. Is it capital status, is it 100,000 people, 1,000,000? Is it number of cars, public transport? Maybe it has to have a facility used to launch rockets to space.

              To argue its untrue outright, is opinion disguised as fact.

            • -1 vote

              @dubo1981: Dont worry about Tuba, he wont change. How many life long vegans does he know? Probablly none. How much does serious research has he done into veganism? Probablly none. How many years has he actual been vegan? Almost certainlyNone. Probability of him changing? Totally none. He is right in his own mind so leave him there.

              • +1 vote

                @ShipShapeRC: LOL. You cant read. At no time can you cope with the statements I made. You pretend I said something else to suit your argument. I then provide you with scientific evidence, and still you have your head in the sand and instead argue I dont listen. But its you who failed to read, and listen.

                Im not here to change anyone, just the assertions and falsehoods of diets and fads based on histrionics.


                  @Tuba: Dude the point I was originally making here was simple. Not all vegans do it for ethical / environmental reasons. Some do it for health. To say vegan and healthy are unrelated is not factual. ALL diets can be healthy or unhealthy sure. Heck I'm sure you could make cocaine vegan (I guess so I don't really know how it's made other than from a leaf) but that would be really unhealthy. From personal experience and that of many people I personally have known (in the 100s of people) who have had large health improvements either from partially or fully embracing a vegan lifestyle. The more vegan and whole food they go the bigger the improvement. And this is over a 20 year peroid - long before vegan became trendy. I have book cases full of studies and books written by doctors who have been saying this for long time.

                  It's funny, I did a toastmasters speech on dairy and osteoprosis - more dairy equals more osteoporosis and referenced more than 500 peer reviewed studies. A friend who was there is a doctor said and afterwards said "For every study there is an equal and opposite study." A year later, he excitedy came up to me saying he heard at a medical conference that there was now an actual link between the 2 and I should look it up. The reference was the same Dr. I based my speech on and it referenced the same peer reviewed studies. The difference was one was a vegan saying hey look at all this eveidence based research, the other was a doctor saying hey look at the exact same eveidence based research. So I don't bother to reference stuff back as it's as pointless as continuing this conversation.

                  My point was some vegans choose so for health reasons.


          Really? Google "why eating vegan is healthier" and the first things says: Health: Compared to meat-eaters, vegans weigh less, have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and rates of type 2 diabetes.

          You have to understand that web sites that publish articles like this are more than likely vegan web sites that promote the life style, so they are going to have an agenda. If you're going to visit a vegan web site, of course you're going to find material on "why do it?". And yes, many vegan alternatives may be healthier than meat alternatives, but if you just want to eat healthy, you don't need to put yourself on a strict vegan diet. You can just say I prefer not to eat meat, but the door is open should it make sense to. When you wear the label of vegan proudly, it is a commitment, not a case of I will eat what is healthier for me, which does not imply a commitment.

          Vegans tend to be pretty clear that meat and dairy products are off limits. Someone who simply wants to eat healthy doesn't have to go that strict. There are some meats that are good for you, and dairy products like milk for example. Why would you need to deprive yourself of milk if you're doing it purely for health reasons?

          Vegan does not automatically mean healthy. You can have vegan foods loaded with carbs and saturated fat, sugars and salts due to meat alternatives lacking in taste and needing extra seasoning to give it flavor.

          I'm a vegan and I would suggest that if you just want to eat as healthy as possible, don't adhere strictly to anything. Eat what is healthy even when it isn't vegan. I would recommend oily fish. It is a good source of anti oxidants and known to reduce your risks of getting Alzheimer's (my dad had it, and it is something you definitely want to avoid). If you don't want it and seek alternatives, could it be due to ethical reasons?


          Pretty sure bread, coffee and alcohol are vegan.
          Or again are you confusing eating healthy with eating vegan. A person can eat a healthy 'normal' diet, or they can eat a healthy vegan diet, or they can eat an unhealthy normal or vegan diet. Or a trendy diet (excluding bread…).

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