Any Better Alternatives for a ~$350 Chromebook

Hey guys, I saw this deal posted here on OzBargain

Basically a Lenovo Chromebook C340 for About 340 with so so $100 Amazon credit (so technically $240)

2-in-1 11.6in - N4000 - 64gb ssd - 4gb ram - mediocre screen.

I'm looking at one because it looks cheap and I'd like it to be my 'business' laptop (Basically substitute my old iPad mini 2)

I'm looking for a simple machine that is:

Portable (11.6-13 inch screen)
Is a 2-in-1
Only really needs to run basic stuff:
Square app, browser based applications, Some document processing. (Hence Chromebook should be fine).

But basically if I can get more bang for my buck I would like to know.

Thank you for any help!



    Dose the android play store have the apps you need?


      Yeah it does, I can do most things out of my Pixel phone so far, so I assume a Chromebook can cut it just as well.


        I don't think you will get a better deal for 64gb 4gb ram touch screen 2 in 1.


          Yeah I think it looked pretty solid but just figured I'd check. It helps a lot that it'd be a new machine too, I'll be getting one.
          Thank you for the replies anyways.


            @StiltBin: It's a good deal. I picked up an acer few months back which was a 2in 1 with 32gb and 4gb ram. I would have preferred a 64gb but all in all I'm happy with it and this should be one too.


    Pure bang for buck is hard to beat. The UMart deal is good if you want the better specs but I’m really happy with my C340. At under $250 you’ll be laughing at how much you can get for that price. I’m still impressed. Sure it has some flaws whether it be screen, bezel, mushy keyboard, performance when pushed, but I love that it’s so cheap and effective. I don’t need a case for it and just chuck it around! Can’t do that with my Razer blade.

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