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½ Price Glad Wrap 300m Roll $7.97, 15% off iTunes @ Woolworths


½ Price Glad Wrap 300m Roll $7.97, 15% off iTunes @ Woolworths.

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    I will be glad not to pay full price for it


    Damn, I always thought they were $3-4…
    How much can plastic cost.


    2 cents per meter at Aldi and it's normal usual price, sometime there's promotion for 600m even cheaper

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      But the Aldi plastic wrap is much lesser quality, sure it works, but not near as good as Glad Wrap, for me its about value and this deal is good value. The marginal amount less doesn't make up for the better quality, i.e. I'm getting something good for my money with Glad Wrap (no association).
      This 300 meter roll is very large, like 3 times the size of usual rolls of 100 m.
      This size is the size sold by Costco and even on special there it if $9.

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        Isn't this stuff all the same? I've used both just seems the cheaper one is thicker.


          What I find more important on plastic wrap is how it is cut. Glad Wrap often has the safety zip cutter, very easy to use on the 300m rolls. The Goliath (Aldi brand) last time I bought it only had the metal cutter and I don't like it.


          I've used most brands, living in 4 countries. Some do just about zero, unless wrapping 360° back onto itself.

          But one might be the best at sticking. But maybe it suffers in another way.

          Even same brand, different size/seller could change the exact formula.


    Any deals on aluminum foil?
    I'm doing a lot of slow and low brisket yum yum


    1/2 price baking paper too.


    Made in China 😕

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    Fantastic, I can now pay off my tax debt and save 15%. Cheers Woolies.