Used up All My Data for Boost 12 Month Pre-Paid Plan. What Next?


I signed up for the Boost 80gb 12 month plan in late September 2019, and just found out that i've used up all 80GB yesterday. So apparently I used 80GB in 4 months.

It's crazy how I managed to do this; considering I was on a 10gb/month plan prior to joining Boost, and I never met the cap. No change of usage post joining either.

Anyway, that's a different matter.

So, I'm curious as to what my best options are considering i still have another 9 months on this plan.

Would my best option be just to recharge for another 6 or 12 months under a similar plan?

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Recharge again, sure. But go for the larger plan. It's apparent that the included data is inadequate for your needs. Consider, since you're using about 20GB per month.

    • That seems to be for new customers only.

      So i'd need to port out, and then port back in?

      If i take up this plan, then i'd essentially be paying $370 ($130 + $240) for 12 months. Hmm.. roughly what I was paying before. So not too bad.

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        Yep. Add $2 for a Vodafone or Optus SIM and you're there.

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    Have you got the Boost App installed to monitor/check your usage?
    Buying extra data from Boost is possible, check here:

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    port out, take out a higher data plan with boost.

    • Yeah, I guess that's the way. Was just seeing if there were any other options I wasnt aware of.

      What's the process of porting out? Would i need to sign up to something else to port out? And if so, what's the best thing to join?


      All good: just read someones comment in another thread.

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    Can you get any sort of breakdown on your usage and what apps on your device was chewing through it? Sometimes your phone will show you. That seems to be a lot of data.

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      Agreed, if you used to live on 10Gb and have doubled that without realising, find/fix the problem, then decide how to proceed.

      eg. Was your previous plan offering Data Free Netflix/Streaming Music perhaps (eg Optus Plans)?
      or have you been mistakenly walking around with WiFi turned off for the past 4 months?

      If you can get back to less than 10Gb per month, then you could simply recharge for another 80Gb $150 (assuming you want/need Boost coverage).
      If you have always used 20Gb but half of it was previously uncounted, then you'll need to find a higher usage plan.

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    Would my best option be just to recharge for another 6 or 12 months under a similar plan?

    Why yes as that worked so well for you the first time round.

    You have used 20gb/month for the last 4 months. Change your habits or get a larger data plan.

    Also use your phones built in data tracking features to work out how/why you used the data? Most likely watching streaming videos.

    • Yeah I did check my phone. Turns out I've been watching too much NBA; which is odd because my streaming habits did not change much from when i was on the 10gb/month plan.

      anyway, i've told myself to control my streaming moving forward.

      just wanted advice on setting up another plan. I guess porting out, and then porting back into the 240gb plan is probably the best option for now.

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    In Android you can set a monthly data limit. 80/12 = 6.67gb/month, you could have set this limit in android settings. I don’t think you can set a data limit in iOS, though you can monitor usage with third party apps.

  • Who was the previous service provider?

    Previously you could have been using one of their "perks" that data doesn't get counted in some streaming services.

    If you watch online streaming a lot, you could look into service providers with those perks.

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    Do you have a dual sim phone? Then you could buy a Catch Connect sim 40GB 30 days for $1.40 after cashback, pop it in the 2nd sim slot and you're back in action.

  • First anniversary coming up for offers Feb. 26, opportunity for T.boost to consider 15GB 10GB pm respectively for $100 $150 recharges? (would be welcome). 1.20ish a GB. Our last year on 4G flavour for just a few of us.

  • I have a similar problem, I got boost September last year and I have used up all of the 80 gigs in about four months. I was amazed how I did it but I watch a lot of YouTube, I was previously sharing unlimited data at home so was unsure of what I actually used. I am looking at how to get vouchers or some sort of new deal, it would be interesting to see if other people feel they used up the data too quickly, but 1hr of YouTube is 240-800mb so it makes sense.

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