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Catch Connect $4.90/40GB/30days Cashback Increased to $3.50 for Both Cashrewards (ID 831) and ShopBack


Just noticed a small increased in the cashback for the 30Days/40Gb plan. After cashback it comes to $1.40 for 40Gb data for 1 month. Cashrewards is valid for "purchase of new service", but Shopback states "Must be a new Catch Connect customer to receive cashback".

*Edit: I have just received multiple cashbacks from Shopback using email accounts that I have previously used to buy Catch Connect plans (ie. Not a new Catch Connect customer, but activated new numbers, so "purchase a new service")


Happy New Year! :-)!

UPDATE: Ported out from Kogan to Catch on Monday 9am (25 May 2020) successfully in about 10 mins. Catch will send a code to your number for verification, once verified, fill in your birthdate and address (Catch DID NOT ask your name for porting in!)

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  • ah sweet, time to swap to catch now <3

  • I tried one month on a new sim from Catch and got 3 scam (fake NAB/Comm Bank/etc) SMS texts almost instantly, never got them on my old numbers.

    • +5

      Been with them on & off for years, never had this happen.

    • +10

      you prob got someone elses old number that had expired and they signed up to all that shit. it happens XD unless u ported ur number?

    • +3

      New number = old number for someone else. Happens with all providers.

      Got a SMS on new Telstra number saying I had to pay a traffic fine or else. Contacted Govt Dept & was told this regularly happens.

      In SIM hopping monthly to new numbers for years - it only happened once.

    • Can happen with any reissued number from any telco.

  • +3

    200 international minutes have been taken away… :(

    • Good spot! The old plan ID is 432 and ended on 9th Jan. ID was changed to 831 on 10th Jan.

    • Whooops! Didn't notice and bought already

  • My last two CR for Catch Connect are overdue. Looks like SB this time.

    • Mine (SB) from 15th Dec 2019 still pending. Guess it's normal?

  • How long do these sims take to come? Im out of data 😂😅

    • Not long

    • +1

      They are posted from Sydney. Allow 5 working days on the eastern seaboard

  • +2

    I found the network extremely limited. Far worse than kogan/ voda… And that's pretty bad (vastly improved though in the last 6 months). Example, no reception 5km from Adelaide CBD, flat ground (ie, not in a valley or obscure hill).

    • -3

      I disagree.
      Kogan is horrible to use in Sydney and it's suburbs.
      It stays on 4G but the connection is real slow.
      Meanwhile catch is always fast and zippy and can watch YouTube non stop without interruptions.
      I keep jumping between kogan/catch 3 month plans and I dread when kogan's turn comes.

      • Yeah, Kogan used to be horrible for me as well, but this month it was heaps better. So maybe something changed?

      • +1

        Kogan works much better for me than Catch in Sydney.

        • i noticed that 1 year ago but so many optus fanboys disagreed.

  • So if i previously used them, but ported out 12 months ago, can i use Shopback? Or does it have to be Cashrewards?

    • +2

      1st service in an account. The account having a service before is fine.

      2nd service in an account does not get cashback.

      • I’ve had like 3 active at a time and received cash back for all of them.

  • +1

    We use catch connect for few months already without much trouble, speed is alright and very enough for streaming.

  • +1

    Has anyone been able to activate their Sim after the 30 days from purchase?regardless of the T&C "You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier)"

  • going to try this

  • Needed to purchase 3 to port out and port back in 3 different numbers. Would cashback be able to be applied to all 3?

    • +1


      I always try to use new email addresses for each catchconnect number, just in case, but the same CR/SB account.

  • +1

    Now $4.90 Cashback.

  • Although Shopback terms stated "Must be a new Catch Connect customer to receive cashback", I have just received several cashbacks from Shopback using email accounts that have expired Catch Connect plans (so, I was NOT a new Catch Connect customer), however, they were all activated with new numbers(service) as I only use them for data :-).

    • +1

      I just went with Cashrewards as their terms state,

      Cashback is only eligible on the initial purchase of a new service.

      So I did the same as you and used an existing account that still had old (out of credit) numbers showing.

      • +1

        Yeah, I was reasonably sure that I will get cashback from Cashrewards, it was the terms of Shopback that was uncertain. In my case, just like you, existing out of credit accounts was still accepted for cashback from Shopback :-).

        • I got the free one as well, so $1.40 for 2 months unlimited calls/sms 80GB is pretty awesome.

        • I've got a few sims I ordered from around this period of time. They are all showing overdue in the cashrewards portal for the cashback.

          Strange, this is the first time. I wonder if it's got something to do with the recent plan changes too.

  • Will this data rollover to the next month if I recharge the minimum plan?

  • can you buy another New service with old email with existing service?

  • Does anyone know why Catch Connect doesnt require you to provide an ID during activation? All others, viz. Telstra, Boost, Optus, Amaysim, Kogan, Lebara always ask for ID proof.

    A Catch Connect SIM may be activated by just giving your debit card and nothing else. I dont think Debit Card is an identity proof. Or is it?

    • Catch Connect does seem to be more lax with their ID verification process.

      • +1

        Yes, even I observed the same. Some mention that since it's mandatory to provide a Payment Method (Card) in Catch Connect, it is verified, but is that true - as we may add any card, not necessarily my own card.

        • Do you remember whether we have to submit driver's licence verification when we BUY the simcard? In porting out there is no requirement to check ID other than a code send to your phone to prove that you hold the number and your birthdate.

          • @slowFTL: So if I port out of Catch Connect to other operators which require an ID, will it be done without the ID itself? I think in the porting activation procedure too, Amaysim, Telstra, Boost, etc. do ask for the ID.

            • +1

              @djoz: Sorry! My typo above "In porting out there is no requirement to check ID" I meant to say when porting INTO Catch Connect there is no requirement to check ID other than a code send to your phone to prove that you hold the number and your birthdate. Yes, I'm quite sure that Amaysim, Telstra, Boost, Kogan, Optus, Vodafone etc will require matching of both Name and Birthdate. This could be why some have encounter problems porting OUT of Catch Connect.

  • If you want to use this in a wifi modem, can you just buy a new sim card every month? or does kogan only allow one purchase per account and therefore you would have to create a new account every month?

    • +1

      This is for Catch Connect. For each email account, you can have a max of 5 numbers and each number must be activated within 30 days of purchase.

  • no longer available.

  • Miss these deals from Catch Connect!
    Never thought they would be discontinued.

    I've used $4.90 40GB Catch Connect with $7 Cashback from Shopback in Oct'2019.
    And $0.99 40GB Kogan in Dec'2018.

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