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Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - $0.99 (Was $4.90) @ Kogan Mobile (New Customers Only)


Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - New Customers Only. Comes with free Sim.
Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/07/2020. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date.

Kogan Mobile plans come with a free SIM card sent by post. You can also get one today at participating United & 7-Eleven stores for $2.
^Valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only. Personal use only. Discounts available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid EXTRA LARGE 30 day plan purchased before 11:59pm AEST 30/06/2020 unless sold out prior or extended. Discount does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. Limit 1 per customer.
*Unlimited refers to national standard calls & text within Australia. Personal Use and Fair Use policy apply. All Kogan Mobile Plans are prepaid. The full amount of each Plan must be paid upon activation, recharge or purchase of a voucher. A Kogan Mobile SIM card must be ordered from kogan.com before a Prepaid Plan can be activated. SIM delivery takes up to 10 working days, after which you can activate your Plan. Standard calls include: calls to standard national fixed lines, standard national mobiles; calls to 13, 1300 and 18 numbers and calls to voicemail. All for use within Australia. For additional premium services like international calls, calls to premium numbers and call forwarding, purchase the Premier Access Bolt-On. Unlimited Plans do not include calls and SMS to international numbers, calls, SMS and data used when roaming, premium & pre-routed SMS, voice call diverts, video calls, use of the VHA network for commercial purposes or re-sale & any voice call, SMS or MMS that is re-routed by a third party and/or re-routed to an international destination or to a premium number or service. The ‘per 30 day’ pricing is provided for reference only.
Data sessions rounded to the nearest KB. Once data inclusion is exhausted, you will need to purchase a data pack or recharge to continue using data. Unused data expires on next recharge, the beginning of the next 30 day block or expiry date of the recharge, whichever is earlier. For 30 Days Plan: data expires after 30 days or upon next recharge, whichever occurs first. For 90 Days Plans: Comes with 9GB (SMALL 90 DAYS Plan), 39GB (MEDIUM 90 DAYS Plan) 60GB (LARGE 90 DAYS Plan) or 120GB (EXTRA LARGE 90 DAYS Plan) Total Data, split into 30 day blocks as per plan table, which is replenished every 30 days. If Data Per 30 Days is exhausted before 30 days has elapsed, access to data will cease until the beginning of the next data 30 day block (if any), or the customer recharges or purchases a data pack. For 365 Days Plan: comes with up to 37,376MB (SMALL 365 DAYS plan) 161,963MB (MEDIUM 365 DAYS Plan) 249,173MB (LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) or 498,347MB (EXTRA LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) Total Data, in each case split into 30 day blocks as per prepaid plan table from days 1 - 360. From days 361 - 365, 512MB (SMALL 365 DAYS Plan), 2219MB (MEDIUM 365 DAYSPlan) 3413MB (LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) or 6827MB (EXTRA LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) will be added to the account. 1GB = 1024MB. If Data Per 30 Days amount is exhausted before 30 days has elapsed, access to data will cease until the beginning of the next 30 day block (if any), or the customer recharges or purchases a data pack.
1Kogan Mobile roaming packs are sold separately and can only be used with an active Kogan Mobile service. New Kogan Mobile Customers must activate a SIM before purchasing an International Roaming Pack. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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closed Comments

  • Nutty good value, as always. Just don't let them scam you with their $99 recharge cost (or whatever the crazy price is).

  • Don't forget to cancel auto recharge from your account panel.

  • International calls?

  • Dual sim delight, buy a few of these to use

    • Once you go dual sim you never go back, however the voucher code expires 31/07/2020 so I wouldn't buy more than one.

      • Question about dual sim, do people use it for the extra data? Or is there some other use that I don't know about?

        (Finally have my first dual sim phone so not entirely sure how to make the most of it).

        • I use sim 1 for calls/sms and sim 2 for data.

          Others might use both sims for calls/sms if they have separate work & private numbers.

        • I use it for foreign sims as well - perfect for buying a local sim while travelling.

          Plus I move between Australia and NZ, so it's handy having one of each in my phone for bank security codes etc.

        • people use it for the second girlfriend/boyfriend.

      • Would be nice to have e-sim as an option for our Apple-brethren.

      • You can actually get 2. Based on that expiry date, you activate 1 before 30/6/20 and then activate the 2nd prior to the 31/7/20.

  • What's their definition of a new customer? No kogan account? Or just a new number?

  • Can you buy more than one?

  • back to the sweet, sweet days of 99c 40GB sims

    • Might not last long. TPG merging with Vodafone. Mr Teoh is famous for not indulging in any of these marketing scams. I recall when TPG bought out iiNet the first thing axed (on hold for a long time at least) was the FetchTV bundle.

      Definitely buying a few while it lasts!

      • Is TPG buying Kogan-Mobile as well? Can a carrier dictate how a reseller sells the service?

        • No TPG is not buying Kogan Mobile. What I meant is the price TPG/Vodafone sells to other MVNO might go up. Unless Kogan is happy to subsidise it as its marketing and customer email addressing acquiring channel.

      • TPG is still offering the monthly $1 mobile plan with 50MB data.

        It's a business and it's for profit. FetchTV is not going to fly with all the Netflix and etc available.

  • Spare a thought for those who think $120 for 80gbs is good value. Lol.

  • (profanity) yeah. Thanks!

  • Woah.

    I got the Kogan 365 Flex plan (Medium I think), and I have to say, they are the budget king when it comes to mobile data plans

  • It's very good value, but I wish it would expire 31/12/20. When it was at $4.99 it did expire 31/12/20.

    • Thanks for that comment. I just moved house and bought a couple $20 Optus 4G Alcatel modems from OW and a few of the recharges at $4.90 to get us by until we get NBN next week. Got them unlocked for $9 each from https://routerunlock.com. Works perfectly! So I will keep the $4.90 ones and use the 99 cent ones first. Cheers!

      EDIT: Anyone in a similar situation who can't wait for the sims to arrive can get Kogan sims from selected United and 7/11 Petrol stations for $2.

      • I think you can use the new voucher number on one of the Sims you already got.

        • You can indeed.

        • Really? So you mean once the data runs out on this one I paid $4.90 for I can just use the voucher to recharge it with the 99 cent one? That would make life so much easier, but I thought it was 'new customers' only so I assumed I would need to register a new number each time. I have only registered twice so far. Once with my details(license) on one modem and the other modem using my sisters license. Anybody know if I am doing this the hard way? I suppose I can try one of the 99 cent vouchers once the 40GB runs out on one of the modems but if that doesn't work do I need to keep using a different government ID such as a license each time or does the only thing that matter is that it is is a new number? So far, 2 seperate modems, 2 seperate kogan sims reigstered with 2 different licenses and 2 different credit cards - both credit cards are mine, 1 debit and one CC.

          • @snagseb: What previous commenter was referring to was the fact that you can use a new voucher code to activate blank unused sims that you have lying around or buy for $2. The advantage is that if you have a blank sim, you don't have to wait for the new sim to ship to you, you can just use the voucher code instantly. So it pays to be one sim ahead so to speak.

            However, you need to register a new number each time unless you are porting into Kogan from a different provider, so you would chuck out the 4.90 sim once it runs out and replace it with the 0.99 one.

            You can use the same identification and payment details for each sim, you only need to change the email you use.

            You can use the gmail trick for the emails, i.e. [email protected] = [email protected] = [email protected] Move the dots around or put random characters after the plus sign and it will all route to the same email but appear to Kogan as different emails.

        • I'm going to be in the bush for work (no reception) from late Jul until early Nov and I'm wanting to save a little money whilst preserving my existing number.

          My plan.
          mid Jul: cancel existing telstra plan day before refresh date + activate kogan 99c 30 days 40gb sim/port to kogan and cancel auto top up

          Early Nov back to civilisation: activate kogan 14.9 60gb/90 days using the same 99c sim (and keep same phone number?)

          tl;dr can I use the kogan $14.9 60gb/90 days to top up the $0.99 sim after it's credit expires whilst keeping same phone number?

          • @abadacus: All the best for your bush-work! However, the 99c 30 days would last you maximum till 15-Aug (considering you activate by 16-Jul). Kogan usually stays active without any plan for ~4 to 5 months. Officially on the website it states 90 days, so you are good until about ~ 15-Nov.

            You will still be able to retain your number till then.

            Your mobile phone number will be reserved for 90 days past plan expiry. If you do not recharge within 90 days, you will not be able to keep your existing mobile phone number, and your account will be deactivated. Once your mobile number is lost Kogan Mobile is unable to retrieve it for you.


            • @djoz: @djoz

              All the best for your bush-work! However, the 99c 30 days would last you maximum till 15-Aug (considering you activate by 16-Jul). Kogan usually stays active without any plan for ~4 to 5 months. Officially on the website it states 90 days, so you are good until about ~ 15-Nov.

              Cheers! This sounds great - thanks for finding this for us.

              Now to figure out a plan to get reconnected for when I return. Considering finding a non kogan junk sim to port into immediately prior to departure to hold my number while I have no reception, and then port back into kogan again with the $4.9 30 day 40gb promo

          • @abadacus:

            tl;dr can I use the kogan $14.9 60gb/90 days to top up the $0.99 sim after it's credit expires whilst keeping same phone number?

            You can't move from Kogan to Kogan. Also with these "new customer" type deals, your number need to be with another telco for at least 30 days before you can port back again.

            • @netslicer: True, he wouldn't be able to take $14.90 90-day plan if not ported out/in. Also, we can't say even if it'll be available at that time in November, as the current $14.90 offer is valid only till 31/07/2020.

  • Spare a thought for my friend who just bought this exact sim at 3pm only to see it go down to 99c just over an hour later.

  • Who da man? You da man.

  • Guessing these cant be used in NZ?

  • Do you receive the voucher code instantly?knowing that the sim card will arrive later.

    I have a blank sim lying around so potentially I can buy two and use for 2 months.

  • (profanity) got one like a week ago :(
    Sign… I'll just get a few more then :)

  • Thanks bought one, probably I’ll forget to use and it expires.

    • Care to share what happened when you got caught last time?

    • I port into Kogan with the same number and personal details then port out once the plan ends at least 3-4 times a year as part of my simhopping scheme and have never run into any issues.

      With almost all providers, the general consensus tends to be that you need to have been out of their network for at least a month to be safe. I'm assuming you've been trying to port out and port back in within a short timeframe which they would obviously try to crack down on (and would be extremely easy to monitor).

      • Not sure if 9 months is a short timeframe, I prepaid hop with one of my numbers, I have a rule of not going back to the same provider within 3 months, there's enough providers to hop around before looping back. Kogan has failed every time, the code shows up as invalid but I can activate it on a new number.

        • Sounds like you know what your doing and leaving a much longer buffer well over the minimum of a month,

          so I believe you. Not every person account get's the same treatment/result, and I personally am having

          many various prepaid issues this year, with at least five telcos, so far lol.

  • I'm already with them (40GB) from the last $4.90 deal, about 13 days left, I'm guessing I cant create a another/new account with same details or can I?

    Wont they just add this 2nd sim to your existing account/plan?

  • Thanks OP! Bought one :)

  • I'm reading the CRITICAL INFORMATION SUMMARY, what is this about? do I have to pay $49.90 when activating the sim?

    Minimum charge:
    Minimum charge is $49.90. All fees must be paid up front at the time of activation of the service.