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Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - $0.99 (Was $4.90) @ Kogan Mobile (New Customers Only)


Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - New Customers Only. Comes with free Sim.
Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/07/2020. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date.

Kogan Mobile plans come with a free SIM card sent by post. You can also get one today at participating United & 7-Eleven stores for $2.
^Valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only. Personal use only. Discounts available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid EXTRA LARGE 30 day plan purchased before 11:59pm AEST 30/06/2020 unless sold out prior or extended. Discount does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. Limit 1 per customer.
*Unlimited refers to national standard calls & text within Australia. Personal Use and Fair Use policy apply. All Kogan Mobile Plans are prepaid. The full amount of each Plan must be paid upon activation, recharge or purchase of a voucher. A Kogan Mobile SIM card must be ordered from before a Prepaid Plan can be activated. SIM delivery takes up to 10 working days, after which you can activate your Plan. Standard calls include: calls to standard national fixed lines, standard national mobiles; calls to 13, 1300 and 18 numbers and calls to voicemail. All for use within Australia. For additional premium services like international calls, calls to premium numbers and call forwarding, purchase the Premier Access Bolt-On. Unlimited Plans do not include calls and SMS to international numbers, calls, SMS and data used when roaming, premium & pre-routed SMS, voice call diverts, video calls, use of the VHA network for commercial purposes or re-sale & any voice call, SMS or MMS that is re-routed by a third party and/or re-routed to an international destination or to a premium number or service. The ‘per 30 day’ pricing is provided for reference only.
Data sessions rounded to the nearest KB. Once data inclusion is exhausted, you will need to purchase a data pack or recharge to continue using data. Unused data expires on next recharge, the beginning of the next 30 day block or expiry date of the recharge, whichever is earlier. For 30 Days Plan: data expires after 30 days or upon next recharge, whichever occurs first. For 90 Days Plans: Comes with 9GB (SMALL 90 DAYS Plan), 39GB (MEDIUM 90 DAYS Plan) 60GB (LARGE 90 DAYS Plan) or 120GB (EXTRA LARGE 90 DAYS Plan) Total Data, split into 30 day blocks as per plan table, which is replenished every 30 days. If Data Per 30 Days is exhausted before 30 days has elapsed, access to data will cease until the beginning of the next data 30 day block (if any), or the customer recharges or purchases a data pack. For 365 Days Plan: comes with up to 37,376MB (SMALL 365 DAYS plan) 161,963MB (MEDIUM 365 DAYS Plan) 249,173MB (LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) or 498,347MB (EXTRA LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) Total Data, in each case split into 30 day blocks as per prepaid plan table from days 1 - 360. From days 361 - 365, 512MB (SMALL 365 DAYS Plan), 2219MB (MEDIUM 365 DAYSPlan) 3413MB (LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) or 6827MB (EXTRA LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) will be added to the account. 1GB = 1024MB. If Data Per 30 Days amount is exhausted before 30 days has elapsed, access to data will cease until the beginning of the next 30 day block (if any), or the customer recharges or purchases a data pack.
1Kogan Mobile roaming packs are sold separately and can only be used with an active Kogan Mobile service. New Kogan Mobile Customers must activate a SIM before purchasing an International Roaming Pack. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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  • Does Kogan support IPv6?

  • god dammit, i bought the 14.9 for 3months just this morning

    • +3

      You've got until the end of the year for the 14.90 one to activate. This one needs to activate before end of July. If you put another provider in between the 2 Kogan sims (>40 days) you win!

      • Are you sure the 14.9 one expires at the end of the year? I just checked and it states Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/07/2020.
        Maybe you're thinking of the $4.9 one

        Anyway - I'm also looking for an junk sim to use in the middle because I'm going away for work with no reception which makes things a bit easier haha. Any suggestions most welcome :)

        • Absolutely. The 14.90 sim says "Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/12/2020."

  • +2

    Thanks OP, August sorted.

  • Just bought for $4.9 the other day… Guess I need to buy a new one. :)

    • +1

      I just ordered a second one. Worked fine. (Of course, hasn’t shipped yet).

  • Was auto opening in app and stating not available. When I forced it to open in browser it worked. Thanks

  • Any good deals on their 365 Flex plans or normal yearly plans?

    • 300gb 365day flex plan for $275 is the best currently

  • +4

    Have a couple to give away, first in PM me.

    • +3

      What happened, you accidentally ordered 10 instead of 1?

    • pm sent

    • Have received PMs now people, all taken and will send them out shortly.

  • -1

    Can I just buy 100 of these and store these away? How long do they last

    • +1

      Can you use 100 of these before the Voucher Code expires? Expires 31/07/2020 and you will need at least 10 different credit cards too lol.

      • I dont think you'll need more than 1 credit cards. You just have to purchase 100 separate orders… lol

        • +2

          No. You can only activate 5 SIMs in the same month using the same CC/bank details. So for example if you have 5x CC's you can activate 25 SIMs.

          • @Faulty P xel: Thanks you. Yes, that was my experience too, was told by two Kogan Mobile Live Chat Staff

            as well as read many comments on here with same experience.

            • @ozhunter68: Sorry was replying to the comment above that said you can use the same CC for all 100 SIMs. But yeah to make it clear for everyone…. 5x SIMs can be activated using the same credit card/bank details. If you try to activate SIM 6 the Kogan site asks for a different payment method. So you activate SIM 6 to 10 (in the same month) using a second CC/bank account and so on. So you're only limited by the number of CCs you have.

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    Good ol' days. I just commented about this deal in the Catch Connect thread which talks about most plans going away. And now this! Wow! Ok, so coming to the big questions - do we need credit on existing sim which I would want to port to Kogan? Do I need to 'reply' to the porting SMS that comes from Kogan on my existing number?

    Edit: Read on Kogan's website. A reply to the SMS is needed. Damn. Now what? I have an existing Catch Connect sim which is out of credit. The Catch Connect SIM never expires. I can still receiving incoming calls and SMS, but no credit to reply to the SMS. Any options, guys?

    When you choose to port your number (i.e. bring an existing number to our network) you will be sent an SMS to your old mobile number with a security code. When you reply to the SMS with the code successfully, we will transfer your existing number to Kogan Mobile usually within 3 business hours unless it is a Sunday or public holiday.
    Thanks for your help, guys.

    • +4

      It's probably the most convenient method to SMS back the code. But I imagine lots of people port in after running out of credit with their previous telco. So you should be able to call them or get onto their livechat and explain you don't have credit to SMS the code back to them. They'll probably then check your ID/DOB then ask for the code to complete porting.

    • When did Catch connect discontinued their $4.90 Sim?

  • +1

    End of financial year revenue boosting :)

  • Don't forget to get express shipping for $5.99!

  • Anyone have any issues with it? I activated 2 and both show

    GPRS is unavailable: Authentication rejected

    Has never happened to any of my previous ones…

    • Literally I just ported out from Vodafone and porting took only a few minutes once I replied to the sms.

      • i created a new number(from the pack)

      • So Kogan mobile requres the original number to reply message for transfer right?
        Ok nw saw comments above Yes.

      • Did either of you guys get a definite answer from Kogan what the problem was?

    • +1
      1. Tried restarting the phone with the SIM inserted?

      2. Remove then reenter the APN entry/settings:

      3. Reset network settings by enabling then disabling Flight Mode.

    • Tried a second activation today, and i also get the "GPRS is unavailable: Authentication rejected" on both sims. It will connect to the kogan website and reject other traffic.

      A mate who purchased one also has the exact same issue.

      • +3

        Yeah turns out I had the same problem with TWO sims at 3am. I tried both again 20 minutes ago and they still weren't working. Tried them in both a phone and two different modems. So I just got off the phone with Kogan. The rep asked for the phone number and security PIN, told me to insert the SIM into the phone and try the internet again. While my phone was turning on he did a LOT of typing and when it came on the internet worked immediately. I know HE did something because I had tried both SIMs, multiple times, turned the phone on/off, turned the modems on/off, as well as the things I mentioned above but nothing worked. So I asked him what he did and he fobbed me off just saying "I did nothing. You just have to turn the phone off and on to reset the settings." He's lying. Because obviously several of us are having the same problem and it only worked after phoning them and lots of typing. He just couldn't be bothered explaining it to a 'dumb' customer. Of course this means we could have the same problem with every Kogan SIM! So everyone make sure you activate SIMs between 8am to 8pm Sydney time Mon-Fri so you can call Kogan on 1300056426 if it doesn't work.

      • +1

        Did either of you guys get a definite answer from Kogan what the problem was?

        • had to call in too. pretty much same scenario. One of the reps claimed that it was inserted before the "automatic activation process" so that could be less probable reason. More likely, they may be tracking multiple sims under same name and disincentivising purchases by making the process more clunky.

          • @peniskun: Thanks. Yeah that's my worry. With no Catchconnect now these are all I have for internet. Otoh if they're not going to actually limit us in some way why bother…. it's only going to cost them more by wasting rep time fixing it for us.

            My first thought was maybe it only happens to people who have a few SIMs active with any company. Because I used all the data of several Catchconnect SIMs in that recent cashback deal. That would make more sense. That maybe government requires some extra verification step be manually bypassed if the same person has a few SIMs active. Because not everyone here is hitting the same hurdle.

            Did you have a few SIMs (with any company) recently which haven't technically expired (could still be recharged, or which you stopped using because the data ran out)?

        • I didn't ask for an answer, but the rep apologized for a technical difficulty on their end and that data was barred on the service

          • @idjces: Thanks. So maybe it's a real fault or just that rep's way of fobbing people off. If I have to phone on the next SIM then I might spend the day using those unlimited calls until I get it out of them heh.

  • Best deal for your overseas visitors, tourist.

    • +4

      True, but only if they can arrive before 01/08/20

      • +1


  • Kinda off topic.

    What would be the best/cheapest option of getting sim/4g data dongle or pocket wifi that's UNLOCKED, so I can use any network data/sim in it.
    Not looking at a plan, just these cheap (40gb) deals from Kogan & Catch.

    Looks like Huawei models can be unlocked, seen some on eBay around $60 that also so come with 4gb to use in 14 days as a bonus.
    Not sure about unlocking software or sites they do this, due to giving them your IMEI code?, any that are trust worthy?

    I had a quick look in the forums, but didnt see anything current.

    • +3

      Pocket wifi modems purchased directly from Optus used to come unlocked out of the box. But I think that has changed in the last couple of years.

      I haven't been keeping up with this stuff but I don't think much has changed since I researched it.

      First you have to decide which carrier you'll use most often. Then check the modem you look at has those frequency bands. Easiest way is to buy one branded for the carrier. Catchconnect is Optus and Kogan is Vodafone. But don't forget Catch just dropped their $4.90 SIMs leaving only Kogan/Vodafone for large data SIMs like this deal.

      When I bought my pocket wifi from Optus their employees were USELESS so don't believe anything they say. I went to a few different Optus stores and all staff from every store except one manager kept claiming their all their modems were locked. The reality was NONE of their pocket/wingle modems were locked back then. They should be selling toys in Kmart not working with technology. Narrow your choice then ask actual owners of that model on here or Whirlpool specific questions.

      Some options are:

      1. Watch ebay for a Vodafone branded pocket wifi whose description states it's unlocked. Keep in mind the higher the 'Cat' number generally means the better/faster it is. eg. A cat 6 modem is capable of faster speeds than a cat 4. It doesn't mean your local tower supports those speeds. A modem sold the last several years probably still outdoes NBN speeds though.

      2. Watch for a pocket wifi to come on sale here for about $30 like the E5573. Then read old threads to check you can buy an unlock code if you happen to get one that's locked. eg. I think early 5573s were not locked but new ones are. So if you bought one on ebay who knows which one you'd get.

      3. The AC800S secondhand on ebay maybe. But I recall some people had problems with it. Something like it needs to be turned off/on every so often because the internet stops working for some people. Unless they've released a firmware update since then. I just remember it was one reason I decided against buying one.

      Instead I stayed with my Huawei E5786. There are two variants I know of. Optus and Vodafone. Their hardware is different so you can't just flash the other firmware over. Anyway contradicting what I said above about frequencies, I have the Optus version and it still flies on Kogan/Vodafone and I've used it with Telstra too. Apparently Optus and Vodafone swapped some frequencies a few years back so maybe the frequency thing isn't that big a deal now. Regardless, Optus versions of this model are white and Vodafone ones are black. But because I've had no problems on Vodafone with THIS ONE model I'd recommend getting the white one if you get this one, because I have a vague recollection of finding Optus modems had more Vodafone frequencies than vice-versa.

      Oh and avoid buying any modem models on ebay from the UK. I found their variants are often missing frequency bands.

      Even though it's a few years old I still recommend the E5786 because imho nothing has equaled it yet. Newer models have higher Category speeds now but they just got everything right on this model. It has a screen so you don't need to login to browser to see it's working or access every function. It has no weird problems like the AC800S has/had. I think it's a Cat 6. Not available new but you wouldn't want to pay new price anyway. I paid a few hundred from Optus. But last year I paid only $35 on ebay for a secondhand one as a backup. That said, the seller made a typo so probably no-one else saw the listing. I'm guessing it sells for $60-$70 secondhand. New batteries are still available too but they're 'not user replaceable' (screwdriver required).

      Getting one would probably require watching ebay for weeks/months and a bidding war. So if I were you I'd get a E5573, watch ebay for a E5786, then decide if the E5573 is ok. If not sell when an Optus 5786 comes up. The E5573 doesn't have a screen. But WHEN Kogan SIM activation works I guess you don't need one. Just swap the SIMs over and you're done.

      The E5573 was cleared out dirt cheap from the supermarket recently. So maybe a new model is due.

      You'd have to check if these next points matter, but I think all three models I mentioned have external antenna ports and I think the E5573 battery just clips in.

      I don't know much about wingle/usb types except when I looked they were all slower Cat speeds.

      • Thank you for taking your time to post all this info.

        I found this post on here, dont know how I missed it
        But it seems no more stock for the Huawei E5573, cant find link to it on Woolies.
        I'm guessing this is the post that you referred to?

        Found some eBay listings that I'm still looking out.
        I wonder how many people got it for $5 then sell ++ on eBay.

        If anyone knows of a decent price on the Huawei E5573, please let me know.
        I've also added some info in my previous post.


    • A bit more info about my question;

      I'm using Belong on my main phone, that still has some data on it, at this point I'll keep it.
      I've used the data on my laptop via USB tethering, for the last few months.
      But for some reason I could not get the WiFi/portable hot-spot to work on my phone (Sony XZ1 compact & old laptop).
      This shouldn't be a issue with my new PC build soon.

      Then I got the last Kogan 40gb deal, and have been mostly using it for it's data on my 2nd phone via USB tethering.
      So that's why I'm looking for a better option of using data by just swapping out the Kogan sims in a dongle or pocket wifi.
      Instead of via phone tethering (usb or portable) and avoiding swapping out sims on my 2 phones.

      It looks like there is no more stock left of the Huawei E5573 in VIC?, that would have been perfect.
      I also have a Amaysim plan that still has 160 days left and some credit.

      • +1

        Or, simply use a Dual SIM phone. With these kind of deals coming in periodically, a Dual SIM Phone works perfectly to take advantage of your secondary SIM-hopping number.

        • I would like to get a Samsung Note dual sim sometime, but I have a Note Edge that has never been used.
          Plus any spare $$ will go to my PC build.

          • +2

            @OrbDaggerZ: The Optus Huawei USB 4G Modem E3372 occasionally come on special for $19. I posted one in the description of this deal. They don't have any Optus branding on them - just "Huawei". I bought 2 and they were both unlocked.

            Keep an eye out on OW & Aus Post.

  • +1

    Orbdaggerz try cash converters, about 6 months ago I picked up a old 4g Telstra dongle for $14.I than jumped on Telstra live chat and asked for a unlock code which they provided for free as the imei was older than 12months.

    Good luck

    Also thanks OP for deal, I currently use Kogan sims in my laptop and get good speeds.

  • I took the Boost $150 12-month plan exactly keeping in mind that I would get these $0.99 Kogan or Catch Connect with Shopback, during the year which would anyway cover up for the arguably less data (80 GB) that comes with the Boost plan.

    Catch Connect with Shopback looks less likely now, hopefully they come back with similar offers in the new FY. It should be the opposite I know, but I think they have met their Sales Target for this FY with so many deals from July - May this year.

  • Noob question. Does new customer mean only new/port in service number OR do I need to create a new Kogan account with new email?

    • Better to be safe and create a new account
      You may user [email protected] and it will be the same as [email protected] but will be treated as a separate kogan account.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I'm trying to get away with creating another new account since I already have a few of them. Does everyone create a new account for this deal?

    • I've never had another Kogan account and I've had no problems

  • Does anyone have problems porting out from Catch Connect? Asking this, as Catch Connect doesnt require you to provide an ID during activation. Only a Payment Card, which may not necessarily be your own card.

    I've read in other threads that porting out of Catch Connect may cause some issues. Anyone here facing issues with porting out from Catch Connect? Whats the easiest way out?

    • No real issues on Catch port out before for past few years. The ones that I encountered issue were due outages at Telstra and Optus.

  • -1

    I was wanting to use my Citibank $20 off $50 spend voucher for a $49.95 item. Found this to top up! Excellent!

  • Expired already?

  • +1

    One of the best uses is to buy this and register as a new user in Uber Eats or Menulog and get $15 off first order :D

  • Looks like its Sold Out. Anyone else facing problems while Checkout?

    • Just saw this deal and its sold out :(

    • Said sold out straight away when I clicked the link.

  • -1

    Any 'Associated' person here to bring back this deal 'on popular demand'? Was just going to buy it Sunday evening, but it got OOS by afternoon :-(

    If there's someone associated, please inform Kogan :-)

  • How long does it take for the SIM to arrive?

    • Consider a maximum of 10 business days. Would reach earlier too if you are around the CBD.

  • Never thought this would run out of stock so early. Now regretting not buying it on day-1. I hope Kogan comes back with a similar offer soon.
    How does the "Back by Popular Demand" thing work anyway? I hope others are demanding it too, but where?

  • Can anyone recommend a cheap non kogan pre paid card for the sole purposes of holding my phone number (data/calls/sms etc. will not be used) for 3.5 months?

    • +1

      Any plan with Amaysim. Even you choose a 28 days plan, your number will be kept for more than 1 year without any recharge.

    • +2

      ALDImobile for $5 (credit lasts 365 days).

      You can buy in-store or online.

      • +1

        Good option, and even if you use the $5 credit in the 1st week the sim will remain active for 365 days so you can still receive calls & sms.

        Make sure you turn data off so it doesn't burn through the $5.

        • Do you know if a plan must be chosen upon activation?

          • +1

            @abadacus: It's been a while since I've done it but from memory you just activate it and you don't choose a plan.

            They call it = Pay As You Go.

      • +1

        Is it still available? The cheapest I can see now on ALDI Website is $15. How to take the $5 one?

  • Ordered mine on Sunday. Still waiting for the SIM.

  • received the simcard, but i forgotten which email i used to buy and receive the voucher…. lol. couldnt find it via search

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