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Catch Connect 365 Day Plans: 60GB $120 / 120GB $150 (Unlimited Talk & Text)


Catch Connect has just launched four new mobile plans and scrapped all previous ones (30-day data only SIMs remain). The $120 plan especially looks like great value. Powered by Optus. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Use Cashrewards for up to $8 cashback. Ensure last click is from here prior to purchase.

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    Optus has the same 120GB plan for $150 as well until 21-June-2020. Might be able to get better support and other Optus rewards, but no cashback: https://www.optus.com.au/shop/prepaid/sim-card/180-sim?SID=c...

    • This doesn't include Optus Sport does it?

    • think you need to actually activate by 21 June which is annoying.
      although they will probably extend it.

  • +7

    Wow, just bought the 40GB-30 day plan this morning for $4.90. Anyway, will miss the 30 and 90 day deals from now on.

  • +3

    Wow good thing I got my $15-5 90 day with 60gb last week.
    I supposed these are good for people who want to recharge

    • Same here. RIP $5/month Catch/Kogan port dance you will be missed.

      All hail the new Boost (for those who don't mind the Optus network).

  • I'm searching a 10 plan

  • +2

    This explains why they've still had aggressive speed caps lately… they're going broke.

    • +4

      From my personal experience, Catch is slower than Optus prepaid so you might be right. There's something going on behind the scenes.

      • Wesfarmers took it over last year I think

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    The catch is it's with Optus. Network in my area is poor. Much prefer Telstra.

    • +2

      Depends on your location as Optus works fine for me in Sydney.

      • +3

        I concur, Telstra is almost non-existent at Top Ryde Shopping centre (not even 3G), whereas Optus is 4G all the way including basement carpark!

        • They probably have vendor specific equipment installed in the building, including antennas in the basement levels.

          • +1

            @Jonzay: @Jonzay: Sadly the Top Ryde issues has been around since 2015 as someone complained on Telstra Crowdsupport and it remained unresolved. Honestly, Telstra network is so bad that there's nil reception at the food hall and K-mart just to name a few. As for my work Optus phone, I can get circa 80mps no probs.

      • I don't know how Optus is like with travelling but I'm with Telstra and when I'm on the train through inner west to Sydney CBD it's fine. Vodafone has issues being cut off.

    • Yes, some areas Optus is better. Kings Cross/Potts Point for example.

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    do yourself a favour and just get a boost sim, Optus is very hit and miss, seen so many people complaining of late.

    • +6

      Nah I like spending $5 or less per month with 20GB. Been doing it for a few years now.

      • -2

        not seeing how your getting your figures(5 bux per month less) - I'm guessing your talking about monthly plans? - but this post is about 365 day plans?

        Cheapest 365 day plan is 120 bux here or 10 bux a month, if you get boost you get more data (Equivalent of 6.66GB a month - this one is only 5GBper month), @150 and that's when its not on special (- can get it for 130) which equals 12.50 a month. - so 2.50 but you get Telstra AND an extra 1.66 gb a month extra?! (even less difference if you get it on special, more data better network!! - 80 cents extra a month if you get the 130 sim when on special.)

        • +6

          Well I was porting between Kogan & Catch 90 day plans, but will have to look for alternatives now as TA has stated the Catch plan is no longer available.

          • +2

            @Arthur Dunger: Same here, literally just ported out on the last day of my Catch 90day plan onto a Kogan 90 day plan. Been paying less than $50 a year for unltd calls/texts and ~20-30gb data per month.

            Now have just under 3 months to figure out a replacement for Catch. Hopefully, Kogan doesn't follow suit and end their new customer offers…

            • +5

              @Shekster: I have a dual sim phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T) so that opens up a lot more options as well.
              Once you go dual sim you never go back.

              • @Arthur Dunger: What sort of options we talking about? Would love for some ideas.

                I've also got a dual-sim at the moment (Note 10+), so open to options re: 1 for calls and 1 for data.

                • +3

                  @Shekster: What I do is keep my main number with amaysim $10 for the unlimited calls and text and then usually go with Kogan, catch or any other deal that can give me 40+ gigs of data for $5/ month for my 2nd Sim.

        • +2

          Plus with Boost calls are voLTE (High Quality), Optus doesnt supply Catch with their voLTE service

  • +1

    Only if they supported esim and unlimited international calls!

  • +10

    Is this the end of sim swapping?

    • +1

      I don't think so! Market competition doesn't let it end :D

  • +1

    Those looking for international calls, can sign up for Boost via this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544904
    Telstra Network so better coverage for most people. Price match with OW to reduce by another 5%.

    • A lot of people who want intl calling are already on Boost so they will need to move to some other network (even if temporarily) before they can move back to Boost.

  • If they add unlimited international calls, there will be heaps of people moving from Boost to Catch Connect in the next few months, like they did from Kogan to Boost a year back.

  • +2

    The Cashrewards website says 30 Day Plan ID 626, this should be 90 days right?

    • Yup. Should be right now. Thanks.

  • +4

    OMG, couldn't believe this has ended.
    $4.9 with $3.5 cashback ends… have been using this as Data and prepaid sim for ages since then.

  • Thank Ozbargain! I just bought the 365 $150 120gb plan. and my current catch 365day plan 42Gb that i got for $99 last year is about to expire in a month- which i won't renew. What a great deal.

  • +1

    RIP the 90 day (60GB, $10 net total) sim swapping party is over

    • +14

      heart broken… 2020 has one more casualty

      • I do not want to go back to monthly swaps (every 28 days)

        • +1

          Monthly swaps don't work properly at least when you account for Kogan as they require you to be outside of the network for 30 days…

    • It may or not be back, who knows? Kogan stops same plans occasionally too.

      "Back in stock" is a good way to ad and get posted.

  • +5

    So what is the new alternative for kogan <-> catch 3 months swapping ?

    • +4


      • $40 voucher from coles for $15? but only 1gb per month if I use 1GB/$10 per month package for 4 months ($3.75 per month net)

        • +5

          You do the $40 voucher with $20 refer a friend then get 80GB over 1 month, then swap to $10 per month = 3 months 80GB for $15/$20.

          • @tlai: thanks mate! I forgot this, currently with Belong with $15 for 6 months from a previous similar deal with total of 85GB

        • +2

          There's a Whirlpool page that details it fully, but Belong has set billing dates - sign up in between those dates and you get the $40 data to use "until the billing date", and you get the $40 data again on the billing date with the original data rolling over. Combine with referral bonus and swap to $10 plan after your initial billing date and use the rollover data.

  • +1

    Can anyone please confirm whether I can recharge my account with this? ($120 365day) Or do I need to do the port out port in dance?

    • +2

      Just logged into my wife's account, there is a "Change Plan" option at the bottom that lists these new plans!

      Looks like it should be easy, but no cashback unfortunately

  • +2

    Please let me know too guys. I currently am providing mobile service for my wife and me and also her parents. I need to find cheapest solution. Worse thing is I'm currently out of job too… :(

  • +2

    Just when I was planning to go on the 90 day one :( RIP

  • +2

    Think they must've realised the amount of people who pay the $99 recharge after the 90 day net $10 plan is pretty low. Will miss it :(

    • +2

      How do you know that plan was low selling?

  • For those with existing sims which aren't activated, can they still be activated?

    • They still have to honor the original t&cs at the time of purchase. I still have one CC SIM which has to be activated by early July.

      • -1

        The T&C at the bottom say:

        Offer may be withdrawn at any time.
        All for use within Australia.

        • Yeah that just means they can stop selling anything they have advertised. Not that they can void a service you already paid for but keep your money. ;-)

        • In other words the offer they can withdraw is the $4.90/40GB SIM.

  • I have my service with Catch ATM. The MMSes would only come to my end after 1.5 to 3 days. It was instant with Boost before Catch. Anyone having similar issues?

  • +7

    I'm heartbroken at the demise of the 90-day plan.

    I had a nice system going, where I would port from Catch to Kogan and then back again to Catch, for $15 for 3 months, each time.

    That system will be lost in time … like tears in rain.


    • +2

      It's only one of you, but in my family I'm looking after 3 people (4 including myself)

      :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-(

    • I'm looking into doing something similar, how many sims do you buy or possess at any given time?

  • Any new sim swapping idea? :(

  • Wow, unidays works and if you manage to get 20% cards you’d be able to get a very cheap 1 year plan. This is via catch app

    • Do gift cards work only on app?cannot be stacked with cashback?

      • I normally use the app,but should work on website. No cashback, but worth trying

    • Care to elaborate on that pls?

      • +1

        Use catch.com.au. Enter a unidays code and 10% comes off. If you also get your hands on gift cards when they offer Coles, Postoffice or Woolies at 20% off use those to pay the balance off.
        No cashback as you are using gift cards and code, but you can try.

  • The catch is to connect to Optus.

  • +1

    Honestly really disappointed.
    90 day plans were great for cheap access.
    Directly comparing themselves with Boost/Telstra now and Optus just isn't in as many places. I guess for those that don't travel outside the city much it's alright.

  • +1

    purchased, thanks

  • Any of you guys swapped to Voda or Optus from Telstra lately? I had a two one month prepaid SIMs from Pennytel (Telstra) for my sister's family when they were here on holidays a few of months back. After they left and I tried to disconnect the SIM(if not they would still have charged my card), I was told that I only could cancel the SIM and NOT port over to other networks. I'm wondering whether it's only Voda and Optus whose would let us port and still keep our number. Anyone got any idea?

    • What on earth? I ported out of Pennytel recently and never contacted support, no issue

      • Well. I didn't need to port out, just to cancel that SIM as my family members went back to overseas. However that's what I got told when I called up and disconnected my SIM..

  • +1

    Which provider is best to switch back to Kogan from? I've been looking at some options but you wouldn't be able to reply to the SMS until credit expires because they require 30 days outside of Kogan.

  • Damn! My last purchase(s) were
    $12 Cashback on a $15 54GB 90 Day Catch Connect SIM via ShopBack

    $7 Cashback on a $4.90 40GB Catch Connect SIM @ ShopBack

    I was hoping to get another one if the 90 Day plan had around $10 Cashback from Shopback. Will miss these deals. Do you guys think COVID19 would have had any effect on them taking this decision to discontinue these plans?

    • I reckon they worked out people were abusing the deal. I would not be surprised if Kogan followed as well.

  • What's Shopback's cashback for this? And Gocashback says upto $30 does anybody know for which?

  • Due to promotion abuse (sim swapping)

  • Bummer,
    So the first time I decide to try this sim it be comes unavailable

    I might use this for 30 days to swap if nothing appears


    • Hello hello. Do you know what's the expiry date on Lyca SIMs?

      • link says
        Offer valid until 30/06/2020.

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