Kogan 90 Day Prepaid SIM 60GB (3x 20GB Monthly) $14.90 New Customers Port Over Offer @ Kogan Mobile


Live large on a 90 Day LARGE Plan with a huge 60GB of total data! That’s 20GB of data to use every 30 days on the lightning fast Kogan Mobile 4G network.

New customers only
Free SIM card included
HUGE 60GB of data – 20GB per 30 days
UNLIMITED standard national calls for 90 days
UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS for 90 days
All for use within Australia
Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!
What happens after I purchase my voucher code?

After purchasing this product, you will be sent a unique Kogan Mobile vouchers by email within 24 hours and a Kogan Mobile SIM Starter Pack by post. To activate your new Kogan Mobile service, visit the activation centre to redeem a voucher. Each voucher can be redeemed for a LARGE 90 Day Plan without any additional charge.

The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2020. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers.

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Plan Information & Terms

†4G is available in selected areas in Australia with an active prepaid recharge and a 4G device. See koganmobile.com.au/about/coverage

  • Offer is only valid for customers who port their existing Australian mobile phone number to Kogan Mobile. Personal use only. Discount available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid Large 90 day plan, purchased before 11:59pm AEST 30/06/2020 31/12/2020 unless sold out prior or extended. Discount does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. Not valid for current Kogan Mobile customers. Limit 1 per customer.

Mod note 19 June 2020: This offer was originally for all new customers, but was changed in June for port-in customers only.

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Referee will receive $5 credit to spend (min. $200 spend). Referrer will get $5 credit after the referee has made a purchase (minimum $200 spend, within 14 days).

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  • Lol, I've been bouncing between this and this https://www.catch.com.au/product/catch-connect-90-day-mobile... for the last year and a half now. Long may they continue!

    • When will your catch connect expire? I got 10 days overlap between catch and kogan.

    • Might have to do that from now on.

      Those Amaysim vouchers from Groupon were so good, about $30 a year for me!

      • More details please

        • It’s no longer active, hence the comment.

          Groupon used to sell vouchers for Amaysim, intended for new customers only - which resulted in many of us constantly porting out of Amaysim to another carrier, then back in again.

          Each voucher varied in value whenever it was sold - for example, 6-months for $9.95 or 4-months for $7.49.

          For more info, look up “Amaysim Groupon” in OzBargain search.

    • is it easy to port in and out between those two?
      i am currently on the kogan side, will expired in 3 days, i am happy to make the jumping game. but do not want to have too much porting trouble. kogan data does not have my home address, i have to call to activate.

      • I've heard people say Kogan requires you to reply to an SMS to verify you want to port in or out, rather than type the number into a form on a website like Catch Connect, so if you try to port out after your credit has expired, you will have to contact customer support and have a human initiate the process manually. Supposedly Vodafone require all resellers to do this.

        I'm not sure whether this problem still exists. Someone who has recently been a Kogan Mobile customer will have to confirm.

        Prepaid plans generally require fewer verification steps compared with postpaid. Prepaid telcos usually ask for your name and date of birth, but not much beyond that. Postpaid telcos can ask for your driver's licence/Medicare number and even conduct a credit check.

        Otherwise, if you're talking about porting times, it's excellent, since it is between different providers. From my experience porting Optus to Telstra resellers and vice versa, they usually happen in under an hour if you start the port between 8am - 8pm on weekdays and 10am - 6pm on Saturdays. These are industry standard hours that apply to all mobile providers.



        Optus to Optus porting is a different story. They usually take between 1-3 days. This can be annoying if your phone only has 1 SIM slot and requires a SIM tray tool, since you have to decide between having your old SIM stop working in the middle of the day, or carry around a SIM tray tool/other similar needle like object and the new SIM.

    • Me too … works out to be less than 60$ per year with 20GB data per month …
      Porting takes usually less than 15min.

    • Five bucks a month has been all I've been paying for about two years now between catch, kogan and some $30 telstra sims I picked up for 5 bucks.

      • How many times of cashback can we have per account. As the Catch has $5 cashback sometime $10. Make it cheaper than $5/month.

      • Agreed! I would swap up to $10 a month if it was the same amount hassle free but even $15 a month is a stretch >.>

    • It’s annoying that there is nowhere to add DOB on catch connect so when you port out to Kogan you need to call catch connect and then email your photo ID to add it before porting out.

    • So everytime you ported out and port back in say 3 months later, you become a new customer again?

    • @geekboy Do you need a new email address everytime as a new customer?

      • Nope, I always use the same one. I think the Kogan one is even the same account with the same password. As long as it's a port in it's classed as a new user.

        • Can you use the old kogan/catch sim whenever you switch back or do you need to get a new one every time?

          • @ItsBarney01: They send you a new sim regardless, I just use that. I don't think you can though but I've never tried, I think you may need the phone number to activate and the sim probably isn't allocated a new one after you port your number out.

        • also does it consistently reappear every 180 days?

          • @ItsBarney01: Has done so far ish… I have switched a few weeks early on occasion as an offer was about to expire, the Kogan sims usually have a longer useby date, the Catch sims often have to be used within 30 days of purchase.

            • @geekboy: Thanks mate, I've ordered a Kogan sim so I'm going to give it a try!

            • @geekboy: @geekboy you mentioned you’ve used the same email, account and password for Kogan. What about for catch, can you do the same and still be considered a new user? Thanks

              • @Annie123: Yeah, there's no problem with doing that. I just can't remember if it automatically retrieves your last account details or not, either way you can still use the same email that you previously registered with for either Kogan or Catch. As long as you either use the new phone number provided with the sim or port in an existing phone number from a different provider, you are classed as a new user.

    • You guys have jinx'd it - gone now

    • Mate calm down. This one doesn't require port-in. Whereas the deal you mentioned requires port in mandatory. Hope I made it clear. Cheers

      • To be honest, I wouldn't bother with this deal if you're not porting in (which I do to save hassle every month on my primary SIM, since Belong started suspending accounts). The $4.90 deal for 40 GB, assuming it's renewed indefinitely, is better in every way for disposable data. If you only wanted 60 GB (instead of 120) it might be worth saving some hassle (unlike porting there's less risk, dead calling time and dead data), but I would price it at maybe $12 to justify it.

        • I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about here - aren't the two deals identical in terms of price/product? $14.90 for 90 days, 20gb per 30 days.

          Apparently the difference is that the other deal requires you to port in, which doesn't matter for me, as I think I have to anyway?

          I have no idea what you're talking about with a $4.90 deal for $40gb, or where you're getting a 120gb number from.

          • @runean: Yes, the 90 day deals are identical except for the porting requirement. By "this deal" I'm referring to either of these 90 day deals.

            For several years on a continuous basis we've had a 40 GB for $4.90 deal, which lasts a month: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493085. If you buy 3 of these $4.90 vouchers, as you need them, you will spend $14.70 and receive 3 X 40 = 120 GB of data up to a 90 day period. Most people wouldn't want to port in and out every month (to Catch's $4.90 variant, and there's at least a one month waiting period apparently before returning to Kogan with the same number) so the 40 GB SIM is normally used in a dual SIM phone or a wifi hotspot of some sort. When the month or data is up you chuck it out and activate another Kogan SIM when you need it. People that have been doing this a while (like myself) have exploited free Kogan SIM deals so have backup SIMs in waiting. We buy a discount code a few hours or a day before we need it, which can take a few hours to arrive, and use the posted, slow to arrive SIM in a future deal. Since we're not porting we can do this at 3 am on a Sunday for instant data. If your real SIM has data remaining because you've been spending too much time at uni with free wi-fi, then you can use most of it up before activating another $4.90 SIM only when you need it.

            So my point was that the $14.90 "porting-only 90 day deal", which has been ongoing like the $4.90 30 deal deal, has only ever been useful if you were porting anyway. Traditionally these non porting 90 day deals only last a short period of a few days or weeks and force you to port when you might not have to yet, since they expire by the end of the next month. Since it's "identical" and not any cheaper it normally makes no sense to jump on a deal when something better can come along before you have to port out.

            Now, saying all that, there's nothing to say that the port only 90 day deals and $4.90 30 day deals (and Catch Connect's equivalents) will last forever or even be renewed in 3 days, so waiting can pose a risk during the nail biting period when those recurring deal are about to expire, which happens every few months. If that was a concern (or the nightmare reality we've been waiting for) then this non porting deal would be "uniquely useful" if you only need 60 GB and want to stretch it out to 90 days.

            • @peterpeterpumpkin: Thanks for responding, I didn't know about the old deal.

              So, the gist of what you're saying is endeavour to prepare and stock up a few spare SIMs from Kogan/Catch so that I don't get caught out waiting for the mail, and can just buy a deal at 3am when it pops up and activate it on my SIM from months ago?

              I'm not entirely clear on the whole porting in and out pattern. I'm with Optus currently, and opted to start with Catch first for the cashback - I believe Catch is with Optus, so… I DONT need to port in? But then in 90 (or 85 days, say) I'd want to move to Kogan, who is with Voda. That WOULD require a port, correct? Which I would just begin a few days before I actually need to, so I can do the whole reply-to-text thing.

              Am I close to understanding this?

              • @runean: Yeah, mostly.

                Even though Catch is with the same Optus network you always have to "port" if you change companies. And ironically, because both companies use Optus the process can take the longest, sometimes days (apparently since the changes are made within Optus manually).

                Having SIMs in waiting is more for the $4.90 deal, where people use it as a home internet replacement and it can go to zero fast. If you know you'll go near the whole 90 days then it's easy enough to buy the deal a week or two beforehand.

                When you port to Kogan you'll want to do it on a business day for both Catch and Kogan businesses. Sunday is out and Saturday is in but I don't trust Saturday workers when things go wrong. So you will lose half a day when porting regardless since SIMs expire at midnight.

                Just keep in mind you shouldn't buy this Kogan deal yet since the voucher itself will expire in a month.

            • @peterpeterpumpkin: This is exactly what I do…and have been doing for a long time now.

      • Hey Ozie,

        Are you able to confirm if this voucher code works for activating new phone numbers (on the Kogan SIM starter pack)?

        I don't wish to port-in an existing number.


  • Anyone know if this will work if I already have an existing Kogan account for a family member (its just under my name).
    And i want to transfer my number from Catch to this Kogan deal?

  • Thanks. My 90 day catchconnect expires in two weeks, this will be perfect.

  • Will I be able to port in from Vodafone? Or since its the same network, it is not possible?

  • Silly question but what happens if you stay the full 90 days and don't switch? Will they auto recharge for you?

  • Please add 3 x 20 mins of life lost per year fluffing around per port change (find a paper clip, buy sim, remove sim card, buy voucher, punch in voucher code, re-enter your details and register, check multiple times for new connection to activate, odds are you will forget at least once every year or 2 to disable auto recharge and get stung ~$99). Being poor is a hassle.

    • whatever it takes for the bargain

    • I'd say it's more than worth the small amount of time you need to set aside for this. I pay less in a year than what many pay for similar/less data in a month. Here's an old comment of mine which summarises it well with regards to the supposed issue of having to set aside time every few months:

      I effectively pay ~$2-3 per month for more data than I'll ever need + unltd calls/texts by jumping between a combination of kogan and catch new customer offers and the odd 100% cashback deals which pop up a few times a year.

      Have started to try convincing friends/family that they can save literally hundreds per year (thousands for some) if they're willing to take out the 10minutes needed every few months to manage this sort of scheme.

      A friend of mine was spending $105 pm on a 24m contract for the S10+. Convinced them to pay out the ETC to cancel the contract a year early (negotiated it down to ~$400). They've now gone from $105 per month to now less than $50 per year, which means even after paying out the contract early they still will save almost $1k over the next 12 months…

    • Holy shit you just reminded me to cancel autorecharge! Haha

  • Do you need to make a new Kogan account to benefit from this? Had previously purchased a Kogan Mobile plan under my existing account before porting to another provider, so want to check if this can be used in that same account.

  • Question: what qualify as a new customer, if I used this 6 months ago switched to catch for 3 month, am I qualified for a new customer and can still use this? Thanks

  • Thanks op, just need to grab another one for my iPad.cheers

  • This is my end of second year, I have never paid more than $60 a year for 20gb internet every month. Just jump between kogan and catch 90 days plan. Dont forget to get $5 cash back with catch connect on shop back. Hope this remains the same for the next 5 years.

    • Hope for more lower prices

    • Would you mind going over exactly how you do this? Just got out of a 36 month postpaid plan at $40 per month(+ device repayments)… never again.

      I'd have thought there would be limits or waiting periods before porting back to be eligible as a 'new customer'.

      Is the 90 day period long enough?

      How long do you typically wait before buying the next SIM?

      Anything else to keep in mind?

      Thanks for any replies in advance.

      • Sorry for the late reply. its easy buy this 90 plan from kogan. when you have about a week left to expire, buy catch connnect 90 days plan using shopback to get $5 back. reapet the same process every 3 months. Kogan,catch connect, kogan, catch connect……….nearly 3 years now. $60 a year not a bad deal.

  • Looking for a cheap new mobile plan? Is this winner-Kogan?

  • Does anyone know how to swap sim in Kogan mobile? I’ve registered my voucher with a sim, which I’ve lost now and need to changed to the extra free sim sent by Kogan.

    • Give them a call over the phone once you've received your new sim, mine was swapped within 15 minutes provided I had all the relevant ID.

  • If you don't need the voice feature, the Telstra deal for $5 sim may be a better deal with unlimited sharoed data after 5G which tested to be very useable. I think the deal ends today or tomorrow….

  • How does it work after 3 months, what do i pay each month?

  • how long do you need to be out for before you can port back as a new customer?

  • It's too late to order the Catch Sim. My Kogan 90days ends in 2 days. Any other cheaper option I could use for 1 month and back to catch- Kogan game?

    • Beware you may not be able to port back into Kogan so soon. I'm not sure of the exact duration though. You may want to find out.

  • My voucher code keeps saying 'invalid voucher' when I try to activate.

  • do you think they'll extend the expiry? my catch plan expires on the 7/7!

    • do not worry, they will, this is not new, it's a long run promo.

      • U mean they will offer this deal again soon?
        Or they will extend the expiry?

        My catch connect expires on 26/7

        First time with catchconnect so I’m a newb with this lol

  • So when you hop back & forth between Kogan & Catch, do you need a new Sim card each time? Or just the first time, each? If it does require a new sim, presumably via mail, when would it be ideal to order it before the current credit expires?

    • Based on experience with porting to and from Kogan and Catch, but not from one to the other, I would say that, yes, you would need to use a new SIM.

  • Sorry i have a few questions. If someone could answer. What is a new customer? No active service with kogan mobile? Also could i but multiple vouchers with same account? Also can i port in a existing number? Thanks

  • Is there any online chat support for Kogan Mobile? I can't find it - have submitted multiple tickets via email since yesterday with 0 non-automated response. Can't get through on the phone - after being on hold/listening to bloated menu option lists for over 20 minutes x2 the call has just dropped/been hung up on before I got to anybody.

    • I have been trying to get support as well. No reply to my ticket. I couldn't find a number to call them. What did you find?

      My issue is that the SIM pack I have is expired. When I try to activate on-line, I get an error message that the number and sim card number is invalid. Support sites show that the issue is most likely an expired sim pack.

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