Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - $4.90 (Was $49.90) @ Kogan Mobile (New Customers Only)


1st post so not sure if it's already here.

Was looking for something economical as a prepaid user and stumbled on this one. I am quite new here in OZ so was wondering if I could buy a lot of these and then buy a lot of 2$ sim from coles, then port back and forth.

Anyway more info:

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) – New Customers Only

Supersize your data on a 30 Day EXTRA LARGE Plan for complete freedom to surf, stream and socialise to your heart’s content.

Free SIM card included
40GB of data
UNLIMITED standard national calls
UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS
All for use within Australia
Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees

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    Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/01/2020


      Is that a trick or a treat?


      Yup. Was hoping to see if I could use it for 3 months.


        Watch the epiry, the SIM you activate on 31/01 will give you another 2 days in Feb, as mentioned elsewhere, you can get Telstra SIMs for free.

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        this deal has been going on since last year, they just keep extending this date


          So despite having an expiry of 31/01/2020, you still could use it? Or they just launch it on a new date next year?

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            @Nutribun: I'm guessing that date will extend when the date approaches.

            This one was going to expire October.

            It started as $1 last year. It was the best deal back then.

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            @Nutribun: The expiry date is when the ACTIVATION CODE you buy, and they email to you, expires. The blank SIM CARD they mail to you doesn't expire. And this deal keeps getting extended every few months.

            That is:

            • Activation codes purchased today have an expiry date of 31st Jan.
            • When you buy this, Kogan mails a blank SIM card to you (takes about 7-10 days to arrive.
            • Kogan also emails you an "activation code". You use that code to activate/charge the SIM card via their website.
            • If you don't activate by the 31st Jan, that activation code expires. But the SIM card can still be used by purchasing a second activation code.


            • Closer to the 31st Jan, Kogan will probably extend the expiry date anyway. They have several times now.
            • BUT… Activation codes purchased NOW still expire on the 31st Jan.
            • Activation codes purchased AFTER Kogan extends the expiry date will expire at that new expiry date.

            i.e. Activation codes purchased today still expire on the 31st Jan because that's the period you bought them in.

            • The activation code arrives in your inbox in about 7-10 minutes if ordering in working hours, and anything up to about 4.5 hours if ordering on the weekend/late at night. This means…
            • You can pick up a blank SIM card from a 7-11 petrol station/garage for $2 - and activate it as soon as the activation code arrives in your inbox.
            • Or you can wait for the mailed SIM card to arrive.

            i.e. The activation codes are not 'tied' to a particular SIM card.

            Also note: If you're a vistor, and if you don't need to keep the same phone number, and you don't want to pay the higher charge for month 2, 3, etc. - then…

            a) After registering the first SIM card with the first activation code, login to your Kogan account, turn off automatic billing, and remove your credit card/payment details.
            b) Purchase a second activation code before the first SIM runs out of data, or expires. You'll receive a second activation code in your inbox.
            c) Use that second code to activate the second blank SIM card Kogan mailed to you, by selecting 'new number' (instead of 'existing number'). Then throw the first SIM away. You now get month 2 for $4.90 as well, but with a new phone number.
            d) Remember to follow the steps again, to get each SIM/code for $4.90

            i.e. You can order using the same name, address, and even set it up using the same bank account up to 5 times in a 30 or 60 day period. (I forget which.) So if you needed to use several SIMs, just open a couple/few different bank accounts - and set up billing using a different one each time. (You won't be billed anyway because you'll be cancelling automatic billing right after activating and logging in. But they still use your bank account info to verify your ID. And if you do that too many times using the same bank account, Kogan asks for a different verification method - a different bank account, in other words - because you've opened 'too many' in quick succession.)

            • If you can wait 7-10 days, you can add a spare SIM card to your Kogan order for $2 when ordering. (So 7-11 immediately, or Kogan if you can wait for the mail.) Both methods mean you already have a spare SIM ready, to activate as soon as your next activation code arrives in your inbox.

    These come with a free sim so why would you go buy another one from coles for $2?

    These are for "New Customers Only" so if you continue with it you will pay more next month. You need to provide ID and credit card details to sign up.

    Sign up for new sim/phone number after one expires there is no extra charge. Just turn off auto-recharge when you sign up each time or it will automatically renew after expires using your credit card.

    There "might" be a maximum number you can activate under your ID. unsure. I've used over 10 in the last year no problems.


      Yup. Was looking for to port out from kogan to coles then back to kogan, to avail of the "New Customers Only"


        I'm pretty sure "New Customers Only" here means "Activate New Kogan Sim".

        I don't think you are eligible as a "New Customer" porting in.

        "Valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only." - if you are porting in you maybe "new" but you are not a "kogan mobile customer".


          "New customer" = "New phone number".

          i.e. You can't port the same phone number out and back in again, until day 31. Solution?

          a) Dirt cheap deals like Amaysim for a number you want to keep.
          b) Then buy these for the data.
          c) Or for step a), just do b), and text your new Kogan number to everyone in your phone every 30 days, at every new Kogan SIM. If they don't update your number they weren't worth talking to anyway. ;-p And business and government will send you a letter when they can't reach you.


    Aaaaand, back to Kogan for 3 months.

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    Comes with free email spam too!


      Not sure what you mean… emails for the Kogan site? Just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails and it stops.

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        Yes for each one every new sim. I didn't agree to be spammed at any stage of the sign up. Pain in the arse.

        No Kogan span, Bitcoin spam, keto diet spam etc.


    i just brought 5 for my family oversea come to australia on family visit next month….


    Does anyone have a spare SIM card they don’t want? I’m in Melbourne and mine won’t arrive until mid-late next week :(

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    New 30/06/2020 Expiry date.

    Hooray, cheap mobile data lives on!

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      Yea, it is a cheap option. Don't forget similar SIM @ Catch Connect is even cheaper due to ongoing $3 cashback.

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        If I had my number with Catch connect, then ported out to Kogan, if I wait 30 days and ported back into catch connect, would it be considered a new service


    How long needs to elapse from leaving Kogan before you can port back in as a "New Customer"? (I'm new to carrier hopping)


      You need to wait more than 30/31 days, but only 28 if porting in Feb ( just joking about the 28 days in Feb ) lol


      You are considered a new customer everytime you activate a New Number!

      If you want to, you can activate a new number everyday (making sure not to breach legal requirements) and be considered new customer for each activation.


    If I've been with Kogan before and have the old sim card, can i used it for this deal or do i have to wait for the new sim to arrive?


      No, no carrier let's you activate an old sim that you have ported out of or has elapsed/been cancelled.

      You can use any blank un-activated Kogan Sim, but maybe not one that is older than 1 1/2 - 2 years as I always activate my oldest Kogan sim first after reading on here they might expire after 1 year ( not sure if that is counted from manufacture ( no dates on them, just numbers ) or from order.

      This week my over 1 year old ( since receiving sim in mail ) was rejected, but not sure if too old or what.

      Grabbed a newer one and Presto, all good. YMMV.

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