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40GB Prepaid | 30 Days | $4.90 @ Kogan Mobile (New Customers)


Kogan mobile $4.95 for a 30 day plan with 40 gb data, unlimited calls & text. New customers only. First month only. Comes with free SIM card. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/10/2019. Normal price $49.90

Remember to disable auto-recharge if you don't want to pay normal price ongoing after the first month.

Previous post here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/394895

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  • Good deal. But just be aware that this price is for the first month only, not for subsequent recharges

  • And it's back again ;)

    Not 99 cents but still better than landline Internet at 60 plus bucks per month!!

    • It's been active for 9 months straight actually: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/394895

      • It comes and goes, i got two sims about 6 weeks ago, went to look again last week and it was back to 49.90.. Now back to 4.90

        • Looks like it was updated to new expiry date at the latest on the 20th April, and last commenter purchased one on the 1st April so must have only been gone few weeks at most.

          Reading the comment below it sounds like that older deal never ended till today after new updated deal/expiry date/post lol.

          • @ozhunter68: I began keeping track because I noticed there were periods - sometimes of a few weeks - when it wasn't available. But lately, in most cases, SIMs from the previous time have not yet expired before the next round appears. The gaps have been getting smaller with more crossover than last year though.

            Note the line 4 round of SIMs below, began a week after the line 3 round expired - and line 4 expired two weeks before the line 5 round began.

            POSTED - EXPIRY - PRICE - DATA
            05/9/18 - 11/10/18 - $0.98 - 32GB
            04/10/18 - 21/11/18 - $14.90 - 17GBx3
            10/10/18 - 08/11/18 - $0.49 - 32GB
            15/11/18 - 14/01/19 - $0.99 - 40GB
            28/1/19 - 28/02/19 - $2.90 - 40GB
            1st 2 wks Feb - 30/04/19 - $4.90 - 40GB
            22/3/19 - 31/07/19 - $4.90 - 40GB

            Sorry I couldn't get a table to work. Anyone interested, put it in a text document and replace the "space line space" with TABs.

            • @GregMonarch: Good stuff, I appreciate these types of comments

              • @Cheapharry: Appreciated. Most people would miss the point, unless they have a reason to track it. I need to because I'm thinking about living in a mobile home. Which means I'd need a permanent source of mobile broadband. I'm paying $70/m for 100GB of Optus. They have 200GB for about $60 now, I think. But I could get 120GB with 3x $4.90 SIMs… Thus $14.70 instead of $70.

                So I'm trying to track them, to TRY and guess what exactly Kogan's 'pattern' is.

                Before I began tracking they had gaps every few months when it wasn't available. There was no way to know if it was even coming back, or when, the price, etc. Gaps in the SIMs being available are ok as long as the expiry date of your last SIM doesn't run out before the next SIM release. (You just buy/activate your 'last' SIM on the last possible day, and hope another SIM is released before the first 30 days runs out.)

                But I don't have enough entries yet to even try and guess what is going on in their minds. It's like: "Did anyone remember to buy some Optus SIMs this month? Anyone!? [Sigh…] I'll guess I better do that sometime in the next couple of weeks."

                It makes planning to use them as a main internet service difficult. Which is possibly why they do it.

                • @GregMonarch: It is extremely helpful.

                  One thing to note that may make your life easier is that you can also always buy starter packs from other providers if Kogan stops offering 40GB for $4.95 for a short period of time.

                  While not as good value as Kogan, it is, for example, often possible to get $40 Telstra SIM starter kit (35GB) for $10.

                  So while I would prefer the Kogan deal to always be available, there are options for short gaps in the deal being available.

                  • @vetopower: Yeah, I think it's in this thread… Catch Connect now has the same thing as Kogan. I also signed up for a 6 month Amaysim deal that listed on here recently: something like 1GB per month for a couple of dollars a month. That 1GB of data can be kept unused - only for activating other SIMS like Kogan & Catch Connect. Things are certainly (and finally) getting better.

                • @GregMonarch: Thanks for sharing your findings. Very interesting/useful.

                  Gaps in the SIMs being available are ok as long as the expiry date of your last SIM doesn't run out before the next SIM release.

                  Hang on - the Kogan SIMs do not have expiry dates though…. right..?

  • +15 votes

    yep good price ….this just didnt happen though its been this price constantly for months

  • If only it was a 3 month deal…

  • Does anyone know if this comes preactivated like amaysim? Or activation allowed until July?

    • Or activation allowed until July?

      The SIM cards are not linked to the voucher codes.

      They won't come preactivated.

      The voucher code comes within 3 hrs of payment to your inbox, if you happen to have a Kogan Sim on hand, you can immediately activate it :)

    • A voucher arrives in about 10 minutes that you can use on any Kogan SIM (until 31/7). They send you an untouched, unassigned SIM that you can use within a year, possibly more/forever (from my experience).

  • Someone just inactivated the long running deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/394895

    …that I used this morning ;)

    • Maybe that's why I didn't notice it when I was checking for duplicates :)

      • When a new Deal is posted for same offer, old Deal is then expired. So was active until 27 Apr 9:06am.

        • Good spotting and investigating. I love technically correct comments lol.

          • @ozhunter68: Thanks, that's what I attempt to do.

            In another Deal I thought was a Dupe - I noticed old Deal was expired when new Deal was posted. So contacted Mod who pointed out this change to how dupes are handled.

            Means Deals are kept up to date rather than new dupe unpublished. But we miss out on discussion in old deal unless we search for it.

            Some OPs deal with this by including links to previous Deals in Description, or as happened here, comments provide the link back.

        • I thought ozbargain removes duplicate posts. Edited. Cheers.

          • @harley: This way old Deals are kept live, rather than buried months back, requiring searching.

            And easier for Mods - don't need to deal with Reports of Dupes!

            I wouldn't have know this offer was still available without your post. So all good👍

            • @the INFIDEL: While highlighting a deal achieves similar exposure, the advantage of the new process is that the deal is judged on its own merit (via votes) by today's standards.

              However, I feel that this renewal process should be formalised.

  • kiwi here, going to aus for holiday next month. Have friend's address for sim delivery.

    how do they check "New customers only"? Can I buy 2 for me and my partner for our trip?


    • how do they check "New customers only"? Can I buy 2 for me and my partner for our trip?

      New customers as in you can't use this to recharge an existing Kogan Sim.

      Yes you can buy 2 for you and your partner
      You will be only able to use this for 30 days, if you wish to use more, you will need to be a "new customer" again and use more SIMs which result in different numbers :)


    • New email address if you want to be sure. Gmail+X works fine

      • Not necessary. I've used the same details more than 15 times. Same email, payment details, name and address.

        • +1

          Must be over 30 by now for me.
          Payment details though, it's restricted to 5 numbers per card.

          • @cwongtech: Restricted to 5 numbers per card per month/current active numbers 60 days. Not 100% sure which of the two is correct as I have had different answers from Kogan Reps as well as fellow Ozbargainers, and personally I hit that ceiling myself but not 100% sure about details ( I used to call up Kogan and cancel old numbers, but not so good at record keeping lol ).

            • @ozhunter68: I think it's 90 days (for each SIM). Because the Kogan site says the SIMs remain able to be recharged for 90 days.

              • @GregMonarch: Cheers. I was out 1-2 months then. Maybe that explains why I could only activate 4 new sims in one month last year on same credit card ( probably because I still had an unused sim still active ).

                • @ozhunter68: Yeah, it's difficult to pin down the 'rules'. (I'm still trying.) I had a lot of downloads the last couple of months, so I purchased and burned through several Kogan SIMs in the same month. I haven't needed more on top of my Optus data yet. So I'm not sure if my bank account SIM count has been 'reset' yet. (Or if Kogan even does reset it - maybe they don't reset for people who burn through several SIMs in quick succession, but do for people who only use one every month - who knows.)

        • Thank you. Good to know. This will save me some time in the future

    • Sure you can. But, if i remember correctly, you can only add 1 to cart at a time. So just make two separate purchases without problem.

    • Kiwi living in WA here. I have a wad of Kogan sims, whenever my parents come visit I launch two of these $4.95 new customer plans for them and they chuck the sim out the window of the plane as they head home. Can recommend highly as cheap ample tourist plan.

      Do not recommend littering or opening plane windows.

  • This has been an active running deal for months now. I guess it's good to give it a bump, but it's not new.

    • Deal Description has been updated by OP with link to previous Deal (which the system now bumps, rather than worry about Reports of Dupes). We had a little chat.

    • No, it's not always available. As per my post above. Last year (when I began paying attention) there were times of up to a few weeks where it wasn't available. And more recently there has been one gap of 1 week, and a second gap of 2 weeks.

  • Cheers, that's another month for 5 bucks.

  • Hope this continues to be extended indefinitely.

    It’s terrific for cheap 4G internet at home.

  • Who stocks kogan sims for offline purchase - supermarkets etc?

  • Does this mean your number will change when you get the new sim? Or can you transfer it on your existing sim?

    • New customers only means either porting number from another network or new Kogan number

  • My last activation code took an hour to arrive and 10 minutes for the activation.

    It's very handy having a spare simpack to use straight away

  • Been using this for years now, buy it each time of the month when I finish my data usuage.

    • Same

      Awesome deal for 40GB per month. This on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A T385, which can make actual calls.

    • As a fellow Sydney-sider, have you noticed longer web page loading time than in the past? The download speeds are still very fast (e.g. torrenting), but the latency seems significantly higher when compared to my Belong SIM.

      Apparently Vodafone still does well for latency in Sydney (https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/opensignal-awards-v...) so maybe it's just my phone or the Eastern Suburbs.

      • Catch Connect has a similar deal with similar data quota and price - a reasonable alternative if Optus network is better at your location

        • Thanks.

          I actually had issues with Catch in my area after switching from Amaysim, so I'm not too sure about Optus either: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/441119

          I never ascertained whether it was due to maintenance at the time or congestion due to uni going back (UNSW). It did work fine outside my area.

          Interestingly, this latency discrepancy is independent of reception strength and max download speed (which makes sense for small websites where a few Mb/s will suffice).

        • Hm… With 200 international minutes.

          Does Catch Connect work the same as Kogan, in that you can open several plans as a 'new' customer at the same time?

          • @GregMonarch: Yes, activated 4 Catch SIMs last month - each with slightly different email. 2 free 90d & 2 30d with a profit on cashback.

            • @the INFIDEL: Great, a second option to Kogan - thank you. :-)

              Now I just have to discover if that Catch Connect 40GB $5 SIM is a permanent offering, or only temporary. Anyone know?

              • @GregMonarch: With this stupid ACCC decision on blocking TPG-Vodafone merger I think this won't last. The industry is starved from a capital injection to fund 5G network build and TPG/Vodafone don't have the financial capacity to do this on their own. So the 4G network will be hypercompetitive leading to small MVNOs slowly exiting (or consolidate) as we transition into a 5G duopoly with a higher sustainable margins for Telstra/Optus.

                Having removed a potential viable competitor means Telstra/Optus now has lower risk of price war and would gradually turn the screws on the MVNOs.

                These smaller players don't have a sustainable business model on their own, just look at Amaysim. https://www.fool.com.au/tickers/asx-ays/ Catch Connect and Kogan are likely heavily subsidised by their parent online platform as an alternative marketing channel at the moment. So the big question is how long could this act as an effective marketing channel compared to other channels.

    • Haha, "that time of the month" has a whole new meaning! Gotta love ozbargain LOL

  • are there anyone buy this every months

  • I have been using this for family visiting us from overseas since start of the year, even had 2 numbers during Jan to March.

    Used same ID same card for activation no problem. Just need to redo this every 30days, but for the price I won't complain :)

  • I originally searched for a mobile deal for a new business number, but can't do much business with a 1 month deal. However, this post has given me a number of other cool uses (after realising 'New customer' is tied to new sim card):

    1. Home internet or car internet (with an old phone/mobile hotspot).
    2. Tablet (phone functions).
    3. Family visiting from overseas.
    4. Free burritos.

    Thanks everyone!

  • I've been a loyal "new customer" at least 10 times now :)

    • Same

      My NBN just got disconnected will have to wait for NBN guy to come on Tuesday.

      Setup pocket WiFi with this SIM and Windows 10 ICS at the moment.

    • Brag much? Intentionally bringing this up to their attention?

      • After watching, learning, and experiencing… I don't think Kogan cares. I do think Vodafone probably requires Kogan to have some minimal 'new customer' checks in place, and that is probably the only reason - and why it's so weak/easy to circumvent.

    • I couldn't get it fully. Do you mean you change your number each time?!

      • Yep. Just activate new sim with one of the provided numbers allocated, no porting needed for using just as data sim.

        Up to five active sims per month in same name with same credit card seems to be the consensus here.

        • But, how do you use your data sim? You use a second mobile phone?

          • @mah65: Yes, can use these in any Vodafone locked prepaid 3G/4G smartphones, Vodafone 3G/4G prepaid portable modems, or most unlocked 3G/4G phones or portable modems preferably with B8 for 3G and B5 for 4G.

            You can buy these usually on sale for half price for $20-$50 or less secondhand.

            Good part of a modem is you can leave it plugged in and on for hours, just check balance on web portal when needed.

  • Cheers OP :)

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