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40GB Prepaid | 30 Days | $4.90 @ Kogan Mobile (New Customers)


Stumbled across a link for another $4.90 deal.

The advantage of this deal is the extended period (Voucher expires 28/02/2019 31/07/2019) you have in which to activate; so you can save it for a rainy day :)

Available for purchase until 31 January 2019 30 June 2019.

The only comparable voucher being advertised on the Kogan website directly is $49.90.

Also available @ Dick Smith via this link.

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code XL – New Customers Only

• Free SIM card included
• 40GB of data
• Unlimited standard national calls
• Unlimited standard texts and MMS
• All for use within Australia
• 30 day expiry
• No hidden fees
• Voucher expires July 31 2019 11:59pm AEST

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    Good spot OP, thank you.

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          Same orange as ozbargain

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          Same orange as Trump's hair.

          • @Scab: Trumps hair just turned yellow.

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        So, please now enlighten us

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          There's a 26% difference across the average shade of Ozbargain, Kogan Amaysim, ING, Trump's head and Foodworks.
          There are 2 identical shades - ING and the top of the Foodworks banner.
          Trumps head is closely resembles Kogan with only 3% difference.

        • @Zandz: love the last part

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    Will they ever make a deal for existing Kogan Mobile customers?!

    • +9

      They upgraded my data on one of their 365 prepaid offers, which I got half price, so yeah. They have I reckon…

  • Would it come with a SIM? How do they check if you're a new customer? Just by email address?

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      They post the sim card out.

      "How do they check if you're a new customer? Just by email address?"

      I'm not sure, anyone know the answer?

      • It's for customers who are porting their number from another provider or creating a new number.

      • if the mobile number has been on their network in the last 40 days it's not eligible to activate using the new customer voucher.

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      Would it come with a SIM?

      Free SIM card included

      How do they check if you're a new customer? Just by email address?

      These can't be used on exisiting Kogan Mobile account. You would have to activate a new SIM card to be eligible as a 'new customer'.
      (I've activated a few of 'new customer' plans with the same email address to put into a Pocket Wi-Fi Modem)

      • +1

        New numbers or port in, that's what I did in the past.

      • Just a point to note, they'll probably send you around 3 SIMs for the one service. Clever marketing, but I just have all these inactive SIMs in their packets now.

      • How do they check if you're a new customer? Just by email address?

        i wonder this aswell..i thought exist kogan customers need to be ported out of kogan for 30 also days.

        new customers define by Phone Number?

    • "New customer" usually means new service, not new identity. So you're new provided you aren't currently using a Kogan service.

      • +1

        I've heard people say it has to be ~30 days or more to be considered a new customer. I've always used the same account (email address and password) with them, and have ported in and out of Kogan maybe 4 times using specials like these, and it works fine. So "new customer" probably means "you weren't with during the last X days", where X is some value like 30 or 28 or similar.

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          Porting out and in within a short period trick is not working anymore. It seems their online activation page can recognise the phone number you try to port in. If that phone number has been with Kogan within last 30days. It's showing "Invalid Voucher".

          First hand experience, wait for 31days and you have no issue activating it online.

        • @ja912son: I'm not sure if mine was within 30 days (pretty sure it was over 30) but the activation website failed with a generic error. After calling up they told me it was because my number had been used with them before but they let me go through with it anyway

        • @ja912son: same. It happened to me too. Next time I’ll wait a bit longer

        • I second that. It happened to me. Need to wait for 30 days

        • @ja912son:

          31 days is not enough,
          call centre told me 40 days.

      • +2

        I've used about 1/2 dozen of these Kogan SIMs purely for the data (same user details each time ie. name, email address & drivers license), even had 3 'active' SIMs with 0 data left - when signing up, just select to choose a new number (ie. don't port your existing number across). Call their call centre when data used up & cancel the SIM, then just activate a new SIM card.

        • +3

          Call their call centre when data used up & cancel the SIM, then just activate a new SIM card.

          I just turn off auto renew.

        • +1

          @superforever: They have this checkbox when signing up where it says something like "do you have more than 3 active SIMs" or whatever - so I just keep cancelling the used ones.

        • +6


          I always said NO XD

    • As always with Kogan, 'new customer' = 'new account'… by anyone - including existing customers.

      You may have problems once you activate more than 4 SIMs in recent succession though. And mobile numbers ported in the last 40 days are ineligible.

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    Still using the 99c with my pocket WiFi

  • I currently have 3 numbers with kogan under the 1 account, anyone know how many numbers I can have to an account?

    • +1

      I think it's 5. There's usually a question like "do you have more than 5 active services"

    • +2

      I seriously have over 20 and it's fine. This is my source of internet. I am a "new customer" every month, sometimes twice a month.

      • nice to know thanks.. i'm going to keep a track of the numbers and cancel then if I need to…

        wonder why they ask if you have more than 5 services to your account when activating….?

        • Hi I would say the reason for that question is due to the fact that terrorists can rig their explosives to a mobile phone so they can call the number of the connected phone thus using it as a detonator,you may laugh and a few commenters on this site try to make a mockery of it,if in doubt contact the federal police and ask them if that is for real.

          • +2

            @eggles01: why the magic number 5 then, mr know it all?

      • really? never have any problem? anyone else?

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    shoot, just topped up my amaysim for a month 50GB

    • +13

      Step out the vehicle and hand over the Ozbargain badge.

    • Just FYI you can save $10/month by going with OVO instead of amaysim. Amaysim has 50GB for $60, whereas OVO has 50GB for $49.95. They use 30 day billing cycles which means you save a bit of money there too.

  • After the first 30 days, recharges will be at retail price?

    • +5

      True ozbargainers port out to amaysim service they got for a profit on cashrewards before porting back in on another voucher

      • which amaysim deal? Thought kogan need NOT customer for 30days before become NEW customer?

  • +3

    Thanks OP, appreciate this.

  • didn't get my SIM card the last time it happened :(

    • I wonder if their system knows that you have a sim card/s from previous issues?
      They used to send out a few, don't know if they still do that. Was a good marketing idea, give to friends.

  • Wonder if I could buy multiple of these using different account, and just activate one after another?

    • Yes but better wait for 99c deal

      • that'd be once in a blue moon no? Think I saw this offer more often from Kogan

        • This voucher last almost a year, I think it should have some comes up.

          BTW you don't need to use different account.

        • @superforever: really? So how would they classify as new user?just keep using new number with same rego details?

          • @Lancerx: I am pretty sure that the starter kits the voucher they email you is locked to the sim card they send you as I had 3 sim cards and 1 voucher and I tried to start the service and I was getting the invalid message until I used the right sim card with the voucher,

            • +2


              I am pretty sure that the starter kits the voucher they email you is locked to the sim card they send you as I had 3 sim cards and 1 voucher and I tried to start the service and I was getting the invalid message until I used the right sim card with the voucher,

              1. How do you know exactly which of the 3x SIMs you were sent was tied to the voucher code?
              2. Not true anyway. Source: I've activated using SIMs that my friends had been sent by Kogan but using a voucher code that I purchased myself, numerous times.
              • @illumination: I keep a couple Kogan fee sim cards on hand, so when needed, I can buy and get sent the voucher in a few minutes via email and not have to wait for the sim card to arrive, sometimes over a week before getting here, before using it.

        • @Droid11:

          I only use it for data so I always activate it with a new number with the same email address.

          Will use the new phone number to login to portal not email address.

        • @Droid11: Basically, new user = new account (with a different phone number). So if you want to port the same number in, you can only do so once every 40 days. If you only want a $4.90/23GB SIM and don't care about having a new phone number, it's not a problem. Although in the past SOME people have had problems activating more than 4 SIMs in quick succession. In the past I've personally activated 6 in the same month. Most of the people that had that problem found the way around it was to activate using a different bank account. Most of the few remaining ones phoned Kogan to activate. And I think I remember one guy couldn't activate after trying all these - or maybe he gave up too early - I forget now.

        • @superforever: using data with a 4G + wifi to share between devices? On what router/pocketwifi

        • @a1234my:

          Yes using it on the Optus Pocket WiFi E5573.

  • +2

    Hmmm waiting out for the 99cent offer…

  • Don't allow multiple orders.

    Looks like need to setup multiple accounts, limited to 1 per account.

    • +1

      Okay, it's limited to 1 per transaction. But you can buy more in separate transactions using the same account.

  • Does the sim have cut outs depending if you have full size/micro/ nano sims

    • +1


  • ID checks for prepaid mobiles, mf.

    Gory details.

    Note in particular the possible use of the Document Verification Service.

    Big Brother is onto you.

    • So… Reason number 45,978 to hate their guts.

  • Anyone know how long it usually takes them to mail it out ?

    • +1

      Last time I received mine within a week.

    • +3

      Sometimes they send an extra SIM card. If they do, you keep it for next time. i.e. When you order a SIM, the activation code is emailed to you shortly after paying. So if you already have a spare SIM, you can activate it immediately using the emailed activation code. When the SIM card they mail out arrives, keep it for next time so you always have a spare SIM ready. Since they only send extra SIMs every so often, you can do the same by requesting an extra SIM yourself once - so you already have one on hand. But I think they charge $2.

  • +3

    Just a warning they changed it so autorecharge can't be deactivated during sign-up. You have to sign in with your account and switch it off

    • Sneaky. Divi pay is meant to be launching again soon

    • I noticed this last time too. Appalling, but clearly one of the reasons Kogan is pushing these cheap prepaid plans. Of course the other reason is the copious volumes of marketing you'll receive from them if you enter any real contact information when signing up with them.

  • Is it $4.90 for 30 days for every ongoing top-up, or does it revert to $49.90 after the first 30 days?
    I've searched for this info but can't find it.

    And is the Vodafone network trustworthy these days?

    • +2

      Ok, found it. Disregard my original post… "Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges".

    • +2

      It's $4.90.

      who cares if it was dodo quality, really!!

  • Did anyone get the sim card for this deal?

    • I did from this one but from a previous I didn't. Raised a ticket and they said "sorry, realised we didn't send it out. We'll send it now"… lol

  • Becareful when signing up, the option to untick autorecharge is no longer available at sign up screen. You will have to login to your account and click on recharge and remove your card and the auto recharge schedule in order to remove the auto recharge. Guess Kogan is tightening up their sign up policy.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Ordered one

    • +2

      Damn…, should've waited 3 hours!!

      • Damn! Can I get this one too and use it another month as a new customer?

        • +1

          Yep why not?

          Although if you're planning to use the same number (port in and port out), then you need to leave either 30 or 40 days between the time your number is with Kogan.

        • Ok. Thanks

  • I did last time ordered for a new number.

    Used as wifi hotspot from my phone.

    Any cheap pocket wifi so i can use a dedicated rather than swapping sim from phone?

    • Define cheap and would you recommend one that works well (across all carriers or are they locked to carriers sims)?

  • +4

    Have updated it for the new 32gb plan :)

  • Can I use this to join Kogan and then recharge after the initial month with existing customer 30% off ?

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