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[eBay Plus] Engel MT45FCP 40L Combi Fridge (+ $1 Item) $900 @ Tentworld eBay



The MT45FCP gives three versatile configurations;
Option 1. Freezer 16 Litres / Fridge 23 litres (total 39 Litres)
Option 2. Freezer 22 litres / Fridge 17 Litres (total 39 Litres)
Option 3. Refrigerator Only (Divider removed total 40 Litres)

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    Nice price but after my 2 month old Engel had issues and the nightmare of a time I had to get it repaired under warranty, I'd never buy another one… I had to travel 1500+ km and visit 4 Engel service agents before I managed to get it "kinda" fixed…

    One service agent told me Engel are the worst company to deal with when it comes to warranty work, they bend over backwards to avoid warranty claims, and the agents cant actually talk to anyone at Engel on the phone, no one ever answers, and the voice mail is always full…


      Take it back to where you purchased, you dont need to chase Engel up. 1500km away you do need an agent, but still sounds more like they cant be bothered dealing with it. Good thing about Tentworld, theres a few of them.

      Which Engel fridge? Most people who own them rave about them.


        I purchased it in Hobart and I was in the NT when it failed, I had to go across to QLD before I found an agent that would look at it… The first 3 agents were keen until I mentioned it was a warranty job, then they backed out and made excuses..

        They do seem good until something goes wrong, then you're screwed…


          Which model fridge? The compressor is the simplest design, just 1 moving part.


            @Tuba: It's the plastic one, the issue was a fan failing and making a HEAP of noise… They have 2 fans that come on when the temperature is low so they don't ice up… The fans would start up when the temperature in my campervan was below about 22c, which was generally about 2am in the morning, so I had broken sleep for over a month which was a real pain in the arse…

            I know the metal bodied ones are generally a higher quality, but at the end of the day if you're planning a road trip and have issues, don't expect an easy warranty and repair experience..


              @FLICKIT: Thats the measure of a good business IMO, how they deal with issues. But Id be leaning toward the agents in your case unless you tried to deal with Engel direct and found the problem too. Sometimes the warranty repair nets agents nothing but thats the arrangement so the agent is the one avoiding the claim or thinks they can eek out an extra few dollars from you too.

              I prefer 2 40s instead of a single 80 as repair can be difficult when remote, even if available it can take time and chances are youre going to need it sent to your "next" address, or wait. 2 might be slightly less efficient, until one goes pear shaped.


                @Tuba: I dealt with Engel direct to start with, they did everything possible to blow me off…

                I registered my warranty online and uploaded my receipt when I first purchased it… Initially they claimed they had no record of my registration and said they didn't have full access to the database, then I forwarded the confirmation email to them that I received after I registered the warranty, then they claimed they had my registration but due to site issues at the time the copy of the receipt I uploaded wasn't saved on their system so they wouldn't honour the warranty, lol… I was in the NT and the receipt was in Hobart, not that that really mattered because none of the service agents I was visiting were willing to do ANY warranty work for Engel what so ever.. At first they were keen then you mention "warrenty" and they change their tune to: "we 'might' be able to look at it in a month or so", they were VERY fast to blow me off…

                I ended up getting my receipt up there and found a good agent in Mt Isa that seemed to be happy to do the work without Engels approval, that business had a good name in Mt Isa so I think they were happy to just do whatever needed to be done to keep their name good in the town, thankfully…