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Free Shimano Solstace Spin Rod with $50 in Store Fishing Purchase (Reel Only Some Stores) @ Anaconda [Free Membership Required]


Seems like a great deal for a Shimano rod, considering most of these go for over $50 anyway. For some reason they took down mention of the offer on the search page (possibly because its only an instore deal), but you can get an idea of the rods available here. Might be best to call ahead to check for availability before going in.

You could also combine it with this deal for a $30 Shimano Sienna reel, and be ready to go with a good setup.

Update: the $50 purchase is for reels only in some stores, not fishing supplies in general.

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    The catalogue says deal is for both in-store and online. https://www.anacondastores.com/catalogues#view=catalogue2&sa...


      I think when the catalogue was published it was both. Now the front page says in-store only, and search results used to advertise the deal but that's gone. Also, I tried to add a solstace rod to cart with a $50+ purchase, but couldn't see how to get the offer to apply. It might still be valid online considering its in the catalogue but I'm not sure.


    Going off the description these are fibreglass , not composite or graphite. The $100 RRP is a joke. I would value these at around $30-$40 for equivalent fibreglass rods.

    The Catana range from Shimano is a great entry level rod - have a browse on dings.com.au for very competitive pricing and free shipping

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    They changed the deal yesterday to Spend $50 on any reel to get this rod for free.
    confirmed in Moore Park today.


      Wow that's a bit of a backflip. Must've been giving away too many freebies. I'll update the post.

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        I spoke to the sales in Rockdale yesterday, was told the same thing, went to Moore park this morning, sales told me the same.

        Just check their catalog, the last page was saying spend $50 in fishing gear will get the bonus rod.


        Anaconda updated to only available in store only. But sales will say no. Happy to see anyone make the deal. Feel free to post up.

        Moore park has Sedona 2500 sp clearance for $60. And sedona 6000 and 8000 on clearance for $80. And alivio 6000 and 10000fa for $40.


    Anyone else can confirm whether this is the case?

    Is this still a good deal of a reel has to be purchased?


      Based on comments, it seems like its still any fishing purchase at some stores, including my local.
      You could pay $69 for this rod with a sienna reel as a combo, or $30 for the sienna, then $20 on line and leader, and get the rod for free.

      Even if you forked out $50 for a reel, you'd still be saving $19 on the combo and have a better reel to boot.

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    Not the case with me. Shopped twice at 2 different stores in VIC yesterday, 2 free rods, didn't purchase a reel in either transaction.


    Was at Rockdale Anaconda, can confirm that the deal is valid for any fishing gear. Bought some line and a combo.


    Thank you guys, I will try again tomorrow.

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    I went for a sticky beak today (Maribyrnong Vic) and saw 'new' posters up in store.
    (Previously they only had the spend $50 on any fishing get a solstace XT free, the free rods were all grouped in the same rod rack, nothing segregated).

    One read - Spend $50 on any fishing gear, receive a free Solstace XT SPIN Rod

    The other, Spend $50 or more on any Reel, receive a free Solstace XT Rod

    When I got my free rod from their, everything from the baitcaster to the bigger 15-24kg rod was included.

    How I saw it organised at the Maribyrnong store today. If the rod was on the lighter weight rating with 1 footed eyelets, it was classed as the "Spin Rod"

    All other rods (still label spinning?) with the double footed eyelets and heavier weight ratings were the freebies with the reel purchase.

    The group type of rods were separated from each other now, as well as individual sign posters.



      Thanks, a lot of good info here.


      that make sense now, staff was probably pointing to the free Solstace XT Rod. That is why we have to spend $50 on reels to get those rods LOL.


        Hoppers Crossing (Vic) store has all the Solstace XT spinning rods as freebies, I even took a light spin rod and a heavy (10-15kg) one to the register to confirm. One poster for the reel and one for the $50 fishing gear spend but neither specified 'Spin'

        Some of the rods were in a promo stand, the rest were spread amongst all the other rods.

        Epping and Watergardens stores had next to no stock or obvious promo posters at the time of visiting.
        The Preston store had a bin at the register with all the different rods (light & heavy) to choose from.

        Seems like stores are either confused about the promo or doing their own thing. Hope that helps some more for those still looking


    Is the offer restricted to club members and can each member only use the offer once?

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