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Win a Kikuichi Nickel Warikomi Damascus Knife Bundle Worth Over $500 or 1 of 4 Cash Prizes from Just One Cookbook



Closing Date 15/02/2020 7:00am


Description Kikuichi Nickel Warikomi Damascus Knife, ‘Just One Cookbook – Essential Japanese Recipes’ Cookbook & JOC Tote; Cash Prize x 4.
No. of Prizes 5

Entry Requirements

Open To International
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Email Subscription

NOTE: Confirmed random draw.

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    It says to leave a comment but I can't see where? I must be blind and/or stupid 🤔

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      I call it selective blindness, even though sometimes it is right in front of you, for whatever reason, your eyes or brain have selected to not see it.
      I also suffer from selective hearing, but that has more to do with what you don't want to hear. :-)

      Anyway, I did find a comment box right at the bottom of the article, but you have to keep going down past the "You might also like" and the ads.
      Then you see the comment box and it is followed by lots and lots of comments.
      If you still cannot find it, try using another browser (just copy/paste the URL across, sorry if you already know this), I find this usually works (I am using Chrome)

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        Thanks for your insight into my psyche 👍

        I was actually able to find it after trying again. Right under the header it says 'discussion' 👌🏻