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Remax Charging Data Cable for Micro Type-C Lightning $4.5 (Original Price $8.99, Now 50% off) Delivered @ HTL eBay


“My device my life” - Remax landing in AUS!
We are now launching that are high cost performance product with the lowest price ever, even below the cost.
The purpose is to promote Remax brand in AUS. We hope you will be satisfied shopping with us!
Let us know your shopping experience with us!
Enriching Pty Ltd
HTL—-human technology lifestyle

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  • the discount happens at checkout :p

  • "even below the cost."

    So you are prepared to lie in order to make money? How sad.

    • Yes,dear friend, only the package is $2.2, Bubble packaging$0.3, add GST, Paypal, ebay fee,an so on …..thanks your attation.

    • That's how most stores operate here on OzBargain starting out. At a loss to generate traffic.

  • MFI certified?

    • Sorry, not MFI, In the future, we may successively launch MFI cable, but the price may be a littile expensive, thanks for your attention.

  • plenty of USB C 1m cables with poor specs/description around the $5 mark.. where exactly is the bargain? :(

  • Huge road ahead for brand recognition in a satuated market. Bought one, decent price but needs to live up to expectations to be viable, let alone succeed.

    • I agree with you very much! The establishment of the brand can not be completed overnight. Need product quality, service system, product cost performance, sales channels, brand cultural marketing and so on. Therefore, we will start from the following aspects: 1. Quality assurance: I have personally screened the styles and tested the quality of every product that comes to Australia; 2. Service: the warranty period of some products is extended to 2 years by our company; 3. Cost performance: we try not to be higher than similar products; 4. Sales channels: offline wholesale and online retail; 5. Brand culture: we will release videos, pictures about brands and products in new media, not soft publicity directly for the purpose of sales. We will try to do the best.
      Thanks for your advice and ozbargain. Let me know a friend who has insight like you!

      Enriching Pty Ltd
      HTL—-human technology lifestyle

  • I'd like a Sydney apartment and a Type C cable, please.

  • How long are these cables? I'm after a short one (<0.5m)

  • You need to get that eBay site rewritten by someone whose first language is English. It looks foolish and lacks credibility as it is.

  • Thanks needed a type C!

  • Thanks. Bought 2.

    Go Entrepreneur!

  • Hope it's not 10cm in length. There isn't even a measurement listed

  • not trying to spoil the party, but the last couple of remax charging cables that i bought became obsolete after iOS 13 — one couldn't do file transfer, and the other couldn't even charge. non-MFI cables are literally getting wiped out by Apple's ever evolving OS. i used to be a remax fan many years ago, but now strictly buy MFIs only. if you are using an older iphone or running an older OS, these cables are great.

    • Dear friend,thanks for your message. Remax MFI data cable is packed in iron box,we only have one sample, it's Exquisite product! I like it so much, and I'm sure you'll like it, too. The goods will arrive in batches about in March, but the price is a little expensive, Probably less than $ 15. I hope you will continue to support remax,thanks again!

  • Thanks OP. Ordered the USB C cable.

  • Any USB-C to Lightning Cable?