This was posted 2 years 6 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Half Price Nulon Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner $3.99 @ Autobarn


@autobarn Quiet a good deal for diesel & petrol injector cleaners running on half prices.

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    Yes, but how much is it and where am I buying it?

  • It's only the small 150mL bottle and they frequently get down to that price.

  • Do these actually do anything or would I be wasting my dollars?

    • Car mileage will be up L, for atleast that tank.

      • Long bow. If the vehicle is old or the fuel system has been compromised by deposit build-up you MAY get an improvement after a few treatments. Possibly better to use a PEA-based product in extreme cases but make sure you understand what you're doing. This one probably uses PIB (polyisobutylene), a "maintenance" additive. Many petroleum companies already put additives in their fuels to keep things clean.

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        Has your account been compromised? You managed to post your monosyllabic reply without putting it in bold

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          It's a leap year.

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      Contrary to the eternal sceptic jv, I had a minor rough idle issue in my Subaru and a couple treatments seems to have cleared it up for the most part.

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    Whispering: Why do we have to be quiet about it?

  • You need a cleaner that contains PEA (PEA proven to work)
    This does not contain PEA but Nulon do sell one that does have it but way more expensive (Nulon Pro-Strength Petrol Fuel System Extreme Clean)

    • Is that the one in the metal bottle? That was half price around April May last year.

    • Which other brands contain PEA?

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        Most humans contain PEA.

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        Just add some from the freezer.

      • Chevron Techron

        • Where can I get Chevron Techron in Australia?

          • @skycood: Caltex techron 5000.
            Buy it at select caltex service stations.
            Exact same thing. As chevron did own licensing for caltex name up untill december last year.

            Or make your own injector cleaner.something along lines of toulne and kero. Just google it for exact stuff to make your own.

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        The problem is even when you look at the MSDS of various petrol cleaners they do not tell you specifically whether they have added PEA or not. Repco's own petrol cleaner states it contains PEA though.

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