[NSW] Best Electricity Provider for Feb 2020

I'm looking for an electricity and gas supplier for a six month rental in Sydney.

Searching online and using the government comparison websites has yielded little in terms of clear answers concerning which providers are cheapest. I've also heard that most providers often have sign up bonuses however cant find any details on this, not even on ozbargain by search.

Can anyone suggest a well priced provider?


  • I have found Origin very good

  • When I did a 6 month rental in 2017 I found the choices limited. Given the short period of time involved there wasn't a huge difference between cheapest and most expensive.


  • We recently changed plans from the same retailer - our actual consumption is lowish, so we changed from a plan that had a high service/connection fee to one that had a lower daily (fixed fee) and higher usage fee. Should work out cheaper

  • There is no one cheapest. It depends on your usage and who your distributor is. Some have cheaper supply charges and higher usage charges so would work out cheaper for those with low usage. Others may be the reverse. Use the energymadeeasy.gov.au website and enter your usage.

  • Plenty of online comparison sites that do this for you.
    In the end - over 6 months the difference from one to another might be $20 so dont fret about it.

    But to answer your question AGL is advertising a $75 online rebate in Sydney on first bill each for gas and lecltricity and thier rates are very good so start there

  • Stay away from Simply Energy - big time scammers and no customer service

  • It depends on who offers the biggest discount on usage for pay on time (and what your usage will be).

    Energy Australia 32% is the best I can do.

    Play companies back and forth to see which will offer you the best discount, use a spreadsheet to work out which will be cheapest based on your estimated usage and their usage and supply charges.

  • I'm with AGL and for some odd reason, my gas and elect has basically halved.
    $40 gas…. $90 elect
    I'm waiting for winter though…. that's when they would double.

    What I am saying is, just watch how you use it

  • google the retailers web pages and all should be advertising their sign up bonuses and costs,then ring them and ask "what is the best you can or will offer me(you)"
    make sure you get an email confirming what they offer if you decide to use them,
    an old saying-
    If you do not ask you will not receive,but,remember,if you do ask it does not mean you will receive—
    for instance— in the last 2 yrs my discount rates—15%—18%—20% October 2019 25% until October 2020,
    they want customers that pays their bills on time and not have to chase them for payment,


    but then I am as tight as a fish's you know what on both my utilities,
    if on Centrelink payments get them to pay an amount to your retailers each fortnight,

  • I forgot to mention that I live in Canberra and the ACT Government WILL ONLY ALLOW 3 UTILITIES RETAILERS IN THE ACT!!!!!!

  • ReAmped Energy was the cheapest for electricity in NSW when I compared a while back, which is probably still the case: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/475414

    EnergyMadeEasy.com.au is the neutral comparison website.