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[NSW, QLD, SA, VIC] $50 Credit for Referrer & Referees at Reamped Energy


Not sure if this needs to be changed so other can add there codes but deal dosent seem to be listed so I will start.

Reamped Energy Refer a Friend both get $50 Credit. I just joined (no credit as wasn't on ozbargain :( )

They seem to be cheapest from my research (on 4 Sydney addresses) and often the cheapest from comparison websites.

Ohh remember to select the "ReAmped Handshake" plan if available as it cheaper and no real contract (no fees to leave) its a "handshake agreement" LOL

Mod: Referral codes not permitted anywhere on OzBargain other than the referral system below.

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Referral: random (728)

$50 for referrer & referee

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  • Alinta is still cheaper in QLD

  • Energy australia is cheaper 32.758 cents inc GST & 28% discount on top of it. 12.5cents solar credit

    • +1

      They don't have plans with 28% discount any more. Instead they have 14% discount on usage and daily rate.

    • These guys are:
      Anytime INC GST:
      $0.2213 /kWh
      Supply Charge
      $0.8587 /day

      EA at $0.32758 less 28% is $0.2359 so your paying more. likely your daily rate is higher as well and doesn't have a discount.

      • Are these prices still applicable? cant find them on their normal or handshake plan..

  • +1

    Added a code to the refer link so to get the $50 off don't click the main link with the website pic as you wont get the credit. You need to click the "random" clink next to Referral under the post above.

  • Endeavour Energy Network

    Single Rate

    Controlled Load 1
    Supply charge included (?)

  • Any plans with solar fit for qld? Currently on 20c agl

    • Seems they're available in QLD now. Did some quick research and they seem to be the best for me and my usage (~25kWh/day)

      Rates I got were, including GST (Energex Distribution area)

      Usage: $0.2068/kWh
      Supply: $0.9790/day
      Solar FIT: $0.08/kWh (or $0.52/kWh if you get the 44c QLD solar bonus)

  • Reamped still come up cheapest for me using the Energy Made Easy government website. Easy to understand pricing, no silly big discounts off high prices. Fully online, never spoke to anyone & so far have been very happy. Good to see the mods added them to the referral system!

  • -2

    Reamped? Is that a silent 'p'? 😕 Doesn't bode well if it is ….

  • I currently am on the below with EA:

    Plan name - Flexi Saver Discount
    Pay by Due Date (Usage only):3% discount
    Pay by Due Date - Other (Usage only):27% discount

    Electricity rates (incl. GST)*
    Peak usage:58.102 cents per kWh
    Other rates such as Off Peak / Dedicated Circuit usage:18.546 cents per kWh
    Shoulder usage:30.404 cents per kWh
    Supply charge:$1.04 per day

    I am still better off on the above than what ReAmped offered me. Maybe they are only cheaper on flat rate meters.

    What does look good for me is the no frills plan by EA - not as good as the offer above but I think it's the best I can get with a Smart Meter.

    • EA is discontinuing those plans and is moving to 14% flat discount plans - not sure if this change is applicable to the new customers only or to the existing customers like yourself. As a new customer (in NSW), I checked EA's best offer and it was higher than ReAmped. Daily supply charge was slightly cheaper but usage charge was much higher so for me it made sense to go with ReAmped.

  • Thanks OP, sent them an invoice and they sent me the breakdown of what I would have paid with them. Cheaper for me than Alinta in Sydney(2216) even before the referral credit so just switched.

  • Awesome thanks. I just got fed up with Click energy. They gave me a nice introductory offer at the start of the year, but they pretty deceptively increased their charges again over the last three quarters so there's no benefit. Lets see how ReAmped go. They seem pretty straight forward. I put the referral code up as well.

  • They are about 15% cheaper than Powershop based on my last bill. Add $50 referral fee and it is about $150 saving over a year. So definitely worth the switch

  • +1

    By far the cheapest retail in NSW

    • are they good customer service etc tho? I'm considering them as I have assessed all and they are about $175 a year cheaper than my current provider (Click Energy).

      • Not too bad, shift response via email/live chat

  • +2

    Just wanted to highlight my experience with ReAmped.

    I am now in the process of churning to another provider.

    ReAmped advertise a handshake deal which reportedly allows further discount against their rate.

    With my initial request to change I was advised that a 'special meter read' was required in order to change, was offered the option of paying $9.23 or could wait for the next scheduled read.

    I was advised that the scheduled read was 2 weeks later, so I waited.

    2 weeks later I received an account based upon an estimation and enquired once again about it. I was advised the meter read was estimated around that date and could be a few more days.

    I have now been advised that they stuffed up and gave me incorrect information. The meter read is actually in January and they read the information incorrectly. I can either once again pay for a special read or wait.

    It was suggested to them that they arrange a 'special read' at their cost, however this was not an option they wish to entertain.

    Rather than acknowledging their error and taking some steps to even attempt rectifying their mistake the cost is still levied against the customer.

    So if you're wondering about Customer Service? It stinks.

    • Mine went very smooth. Got my first bill from them few months ago, estimated. Took a photo of the meter and sent to email, got the adjustment bill within 2 days. Don’t even have a special read or something

    • My experience has been extremely smooth with them so far. Every 3rd bill is correct/ washed one after two estimated bills as expected.

    • Very smooth experience here too, estimate for the first two bills and adjusted on the third. Simple and straightforward rate structure which is good too.

  • Had anyone taken their free smart meter offer? Seems to be really good, and confirmed with their CS online that no string attached at all…

    • I reckon it's good for them as well as government (as eventually all meters would be replaced with smart meters at some time). It may be promoted by the government itself and some other providers may be offering it as well - I've not checked. If you live in a house, it's easier to get the meter changed. In case of apartment, you may have to take permission of strata, etc which may be tricky.

    • stay on the old meter as long as possible. eventually once everyone is on smart meters, we will all be switched to time of use, I was forced to upgrade and tried to stop it, whilst with Click Energy. now i want to change, but cant get the reamped handshake as it isn't offered under time of use/transitional time of use. So I need the other plan which is a bit higher….

      • Interesting.. which is the other plan which you're referring to (that's higher than ReAmped Handshake)? I reckon except AusGrid (or any other grid provider), no one can force you to change your meter. Right?

      • May I know what is the benefit for old meter compare to smart meter? My house still using old meter, not sure want to change to smart meter or not.

        • +1

          With the old meter, ReAmped will estimate your bill for every fortnight and then wash the amount against the actual usage once in a quarter. If you have a new meter, then they won't need to estimate and they can bill you on a fortnightly basis based on the actual usage.

          • @virhlpool: If that is the case, then smart meter sounds better. I guess their estimation will be on high side?

            • @Kuyaozb: It doesn't really matter because bills will be adjusted once in a quarter anyway. Apartments don't usually allow changing of meters if they have old meters in place but in individual houses it shouldn't be an issue.

              Estimates are revised based on the usage once you get one actual bill.

  • What's the best gas and electricity provider in Victoria? Had enough of Lumo.

  • Has anyone had issues receiving their $50 credit when referring people?
    The person who referred me has yet to receive their money. I asked via live chat who told me the referrer has received their $50. When I contacted live chat again I was told that I would need to tell them the name and account number of the referrer. When I received this info via private message the live chat requested the date of birth and email ID of the referrer. Next time I am expecting a request for a stool sample and photo ID.

    Something shonky seems to be going on here.

    • have you successfully transferred to ReAmped?

      • I have. Account is up and running, has been for a few weeks. No bills yet as the read date is next month.

        • +1

          didn't have to do any of the verification in my case. ReAmped sent two emails, one to indicate someone signed up with referral code, another to show they successfully transferred so I will get my credit on the next bill.

          • @sayako: Weird. I couldn't get very far at all. Dunno what's going wrong. I've sent my details to the referrer and they are going to chase it up. I swear I was talking to a live chat bot that just wanted more info.

            • +1

              @Loopholio: try wait till the next bill too. did your referee receive the two notifications?

              • @sayako: I don't know if my referrer received two notifications. I assume so. Looks like my first bill will be either within a few days or at next reading (end of July) so it could be a while before anything happens.

      • Mystery solved. The link ReAmped received was different to the referee link I used. Dunno how it happened or why the live chat couldn't just state this instead of asking for more details from both of us each time they were contacted.

    • +1

      Please people, for the love of a higher power, use the random referral link in the original post above - because that's what it's there for!

  • anyone get their $50 referral credit?

  • Just joined.. They have much better rates then the current Origin new plans. Thanks for the referral code guys..

  • Could anyone please PM me with their name and account/customer number? I forgot to sign-up with a referral and support need this information so they can apply referral, cheers!

    • I am currently joining them today. Will my referral be valid?

  • Currently chatting with one of their reps. Looks like one rep is talking to 5-6 ppl at a time. They take like 2-3 minutes after each message.

  • I just used the random referral and signed up..the referral code ends with vp6b.
    It will be great if you can identify yourself incase we need to connect and work with Reampd to get our $50 credit…
    I've got the welcome email -
    Since you were invited to join ReAmped by a friend, when your transfer is complete, you will get a $50 credit to your account!

    • I just joined reamped last Friday and 2-3 days later someone used my referral code ending with 2Ka, so if he/she wants to identify then it would be better. In case you would need name and reamped account number.

  • If I get lucky and someone gets my code ending in 0AGva contact me via message if you need more details.

  • if anyone signs up with referral code ending EBb please contact via PM if any queries/further details.

    Will be worth it to ensure we both get the referral $ as they may ask for further details after signup.

  • Signed up for one property. Want to sign up for a 2nd property. Will I get the $50 credit if I use my ID again?

  • Signed up. Thanks.

  • Can someone please PM me their email or customer number? I forgot to sign up through a referral link and live chat is asking for this info to apply referral. Thanks

    • Received, thanks

    • Received now, thanks!

  • anyone using refferal code ending 6yAe please pm me if you have any problem. cheers.

  • Someone wanna private message me and can give me their code? Can't msg as I have a new acc.

    • All sorted now. Thanks team.

  • how to activate private messages

    • My Account -> Settings -> Messaging

  • done it..

  • Signing up using code @Yabadabadoo

  • Edit: all good. Signed up with referral.

  • Cheers! Just signed up with a referral.

  • I’ve been with ReAmped for a month now. By far the cheapest electricity retailer in my area and the switch over from AGL was smooth. So far so good.

  • I am really enjoying my connection to ReAmped - has been a quick switch over and cant beat those rates. Happy to recommend them to anyone

  • Definitely good pricing here in Vic on the Ausnet network. Moved to them a month ago. I like the idea of having really short billing periods, 2 weeks in my case. Very easy to allocate money when on a limited fixed income.

    • Did you sign up via referral? I don't understand how the ozbargain system works.

      • Hi mate,

        if you are looking to sign up with reamped, click on the random button under referral section above (under deal description) and it will then PM a user to request their code.

        • Cheers! Looks like I got a bunch of private messages!

  • I signed up using a referral from here. Definitely the cheapest for me in Brisbane with a solar setup and not exporting any of it.

    Curious to see how the billing goes with them charging in advance for this particular plan!

    Is anyone else on the ReAmped Advance solar plan? Once they get a real meter read do the advance amounts start to resemble reality?

  • +1

    Cheapest for me too in Brisbane, they also allow you to upload your meter reading via your account for more accurate billing unless your meter actually gets read by the meter man.

  • +2

    I signed yesterday using a referral from here. I did a comparison yesterday it was cheaper than what I was using.

  • +1

    A follow up for those curious about the "advance" plan. After they did their first meter read their predictions are now closer to reality. My usage is high but predictable, and it looks like they're getting it about right.

  • I would like to use the referral system for this but do they need the details or just the code???

    • There's a link that you can obtain from your Reamped account that you can share with others to refer them

      • I mean when signing up. Using a code from the referral system above works or the details of the referrer is needed? Just saw some comments that they need the personal details.

        • Yes code should be fine.
          If you sign up via chat or phone they may ask further details from what I understand. They didn't for me.

          • @scar4ace: They asked name and account ID number when I signed up over the phone

          • @scar4ace: Thanks forrester and scar4ace. FYI all, I will use the referral system so don't PM me your links.

  • Do they have joining & disconnection fees?

    • I paid no joining fees (I actually got $50 by being referred by an existing customer) and exit fees will depend on the electricity distributor that covers your area.

  • silly question, but clicking on the random referral link opens a text box to send a PM - do I wait for this person to send me a referral link?
    i think when i have used other referral links on OzBargain it has simply been a code that i was given.
    am i missing something here?

    • Correct you will be sent a link via pm

    • The reason is that sometimes ReAmped ask for the details (Name + Email) of the person who referred you… and by doing it via PM that person is able to give you that info.

  • Do you get a quarterly bill like you do with other providers? We read somewhere that they don't work that way.

    • +1

      You get monthly bill.. If you have/ get a smart meter than it will be accurate bill as per actual reading and if you don't have a smart meter then it will be an estimated bill based on your previous usage and your bill will be washed quarterly based on the actual reading to adjust the amount.

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