DELL G3 15 3590 - General Discussion/Tips/Upgrades

Hi, this is the OzB forum for all matters relating to DELL G3 3590. Those who recently purchased the 2nd Gen model of the G3 3590 on OzB for $899, which has a redesigned chassis, may also find this forum useful. Please don't hesitate to share your experience, tips, or advice. To kick this off here are my recommendations:

Initial setup
  1. Check hardware. Run Dell Pre-boot Assessment by hitting F12 during boot and selecting diagnostic.
  2. Boot into Windows and activate windows and update it.
  3. Run Dell Update app from Windows Start Icon.
  4. Download Macrium Reflect free edition and create a complete C:\ disk image - This will be your backup base image.
  5. Remove all Dell bloatware EXCEPT for the following:
    ○ Dell Update - Note Dell Support Assist is not needed if you have the Dell Update app as this does the same thing but in a browser.
    ○ Dell Power Manager - Make sure you have latest version as it fixes loud fan issue; It wasn't detected for updating via Dell Update.
    ○ Dell Alienware Command Centre* - For game shift support. Pressing F7(G) key in-game starts high performance mode (max fan) for convenience.
  6. Remove other Bloatware LIKE:
    ○ McAfee
    ○ Office Trial Version (I use LibreOffice as a free alternative).
  7. Run display calibration by typing in Calibrate Display Color. My gamma settings were off, and after fixing it my screen appeared a little brighter!
  8. Make another disk image - This will be your cleaned-up base image.
  9. Make a macrium USB recovery drive. Use this thumb drive to restore backup image when your OS is non-recoverable.
  10. Print your C:\ bitlocker key and pass if it's encrypted (default). You will need this if you plan to use the Dell Recovery option, which will restore device to manufacturing default. But if you're already using Macrium (recommended) it will save you a lot of time getting your system back to where it was (base-cleaned image for example).
  11. Setup Macrium to do daily backups (optional but recommended) - done!

*Looks like many of the overclock(OC) features are disabled for non-alienware devices. Therefore, it could be considered bloatware if not for the game-shift feature. I believe the fan spins louder than the Ultra Performance mode selection in Dell Power Manager, so maybe worth keep if wanting to push this laptop to the max performance? need confirmation.


Dell US has a more complete set of drivers than the AU site. This will show the Alienware software drivers that is absent in AU site.


The SSD drive is set to RAID mode by default. I recommend setting it to AHCI mode, but haven't done it yet just in case. Waiting on feedback from others.

Maximise performance

This will help stop throttling due to overheating:
1. Undervolt laptop using ThrottleStop
2. Cooling pad
3. Repaste CPU/GPU with liquid metal or such


Looks like this model with the i5 9300H only supports upto DDR4-2666mhz Ram.

How to use ThrottleStop

In brief, you undervolt as per above then use [TS BENCH] button to check for stability. Bench at 2 threads/1024M (crashes tend to happen on lower threads). Continue to gradually undervolt at -10mv offset at a time and bench until you crash. Use [Limits] button to check for thermal throttling. You can also lower the wattage supplied for turbo boost. See below for my results:

Tick Speed Shift and set value to 0.
Untick Speed Step (deprecated and replaced with Speed Shift).

CPU CORE: -152.3mv
CPU CACHE: -152.3mv
(both need to be the same to work properly)

INTEL GPU: -50.8mv
iGPU unslice: -50.8mv
(both need to be the same to work properly)


Please share your undervolting results :)

Last updated: 12/2/20


  • Legend, thanks mate. Loving this laptop so far. I'm absolutely blown away by how good low end laptop GPUs have gotten!

    • Absolute bargain laptop. It plays AAA title games on medium setting at 1080p no problem. CPU does run hot though, depending on the game, see my thermal and undervolt results below.

  • I would like people to start posting thermals and unvolting values as well. Here’s mine:

    Undervolt offset: -0.160mV
    Dell power mode: Optimised
    Thermal at idle with undervolt: 48C
    Thermal when gaming with undervolt: 99C max

    The CPU still runs hot, so will need repasting at some stage. Probably when I upgrade ram to 16gb when warranty is up and when I can find a good deal on ram.

    Enjoy the laptop!

  • Great Post BongoOB,

    Just received the G3 i7 version yesterday. Coming from a 8 year old HP Beats laptop this was always going to be a ripper.

    • Added a 1TB 2nd Drive to this thing no problem.
    • De-Bloated as suggested above and thanks for the Office alternative…its actually really good!

    Did you backup a image of the whole C:drive with Macrium Reflect?
    Also does anyone change the keypad illumination to be always on in the BIOS?

    • Yes image the whole c: drive. First backup after doing the windows and dell update. Then do another backup after removing all the dell bloatware as suggested.

      I set it to 10mins backlit keyboard. No need to have it on permanently if you’re not around.

      You should also set ssd to AHCI mode. Report back if SSD seems faster. Thanks

      P.S. did your g3 i7 come with 512gb ssd drive?

      • Cheers thanks.

        So it doesnt matter changing the ssd to AHCI even with everthing now installed on it? I dont really understand Raid vs AHCI.

        Yep came with the 512 ssd as primary. Happy days!

        • Raid is for using multiple drives as one for increase performance and/or redundancy. I believe a single primary drive and a secondary drive as storage should be set as AHCI. Something for you to consider once you have done the image backup.

  • I have just received my second g3 i5 today, first is for my dad.

    Has anyone had issues with the trackpad? This second one seems loose/spongey/rattles compared to the first one.

    I still have both laptops so easy to compare.

    • My trackpad seems ok.

      • I contacted dell and sent them a video comparing the 2 g3's I have. They emailed back saying they will replace the whole laptop and they will organise a courier to pickup then build a new one..

  • FYI, the post has now been updated for clarity and completeness.

  • What are people using for CPU and GPU temp monitoring?

  • So I just found this thread:

    Goes into detail about how to undervolt, boost GPU clock, maintain temperatures and best of all, how to change the display to a 144Hz display!

    I may try this, would make this machine a rockin' machine for $1200 with upgrades (16gb ram upgrade, 1tb hdd, 144hz display)

    • Nice link for panel upgrade. Honestly, the stock panel is bad for gaming on some games; The screen appears too dark. So those games I use to enjoy are no longer playable on this laptop.

      One YouTube video claims you need to keep the vcore and vcache the same offset voltage or it just doesn’t work. I settled on -0.150mv offset as my sweet spot.

      I also believe repasting with liquid metal will yield far better thermal cooling than what was used in link. But it seems undervolting makes the biggest difference.

      • The trick I found is going into game settings and turning on brightness to max. Problem solved!

  • I got my laptop last week and am so very happy. However running 4k video editing with Adobe Premiere is a bit sluggish sometimes. I'm looking to upgrade RAM for the laptop but don't know which type of RAM is suitable. Bongo said above DDR4-2666mhz is compatible. My questions are:
    - Should I just go on ebay and search for DDR4-2666mhz RAM and go with any?
    - Can I upgrade my RAM to 32GB instead of 16GB? and more importantly, should I?
    - Is my laptop currently 1x8GB or 2x4GB RAM? The reason I am asking this is because, if I decide to go 16GB, I know whether I need 1 or 2 8GB RAM cards.
    Thank you so much!

  • Anyone found any deals on RAM lately? I haven’t had any luck

    • I think we missed the specials a few months back. Umart had them for about $90 delivered 2x8gb sticks. Will post if find decent laptop ram deals.

  • Mine had very slow wifi until I turned SmartByte off.

    Quite a few similar issues on the Dell forums, and example here:

  • If you’re experiencing coil whine then try disabling c-state in bios. However doing so will reduce battery efficiency.

  • Undervolting at - 147.5. Ended up thermal repasting too.

    Any feel the plastic is prone to slipping? I'm using mine on a 10ish degree stand. Ended up using some grip tape, bit tacky but all so much better for my sweaty palms.

    May look at upgrading the monitor to 144hz at some point.

  • Sorry for the noob question: when I play CSGO while on charging I dont face any performance problem but when I remove charger the performance will suddenly drop and my fps will come down to 30-40 from around 100-120 while charging and also it seems that fan stops spinning faster on battery. Any solution?

    • You need to change your energy profile to use max performance when on battery. This will probably eat your battery up fast within a couple of hours. Otherwise try a portable battery or keep on charger for gaming. Please report back what you have chosen to do. Thanks

      • I have already tried several workarounds like: Control panel - power option- set it to high performance on battery,
        Dell power manager- thermal management- set it to ultra performance. But none of them worked so I'm relying on gaming while charging atm. Can you suggest me any portable battery which is not too expensive and get the job done or is there any other way to achieve high performance while on battery.

    • I have the exact same problem playing Valorant and have tried a couple things like you but none worked :(

  • Was anyone able to switch to AHCI without having to reinstall windows?

    • Yes go into bios and select AHCI.

    • Thanks to Abrez

      Start windows normally. Then go to advanced recovery and reboot to safe mode. Once laptop is prepping to boot into safe mode, go into bios first and change to AHCI. Boot into safe mode. Reboot laptop to normal windows.

      1. Suspend bitlocker first (if on).
      2. Reboot into bios and select AHCI.
      3. Boot will fail. Instead of opting to repair, choose boot into safe mode.
      4. Reboot again.
  • Has anyone played rdr2 on the i5 1650 one? what fps do u get?

  • If anyone is getting out of memory errors due to nahimicsvc32.exe* leaking memory please disable this service. If you run taskbar you will see this .exe continuosuly leak memory until you run out and get an error.

    *nahimicsvc32.exe has something to do with the RealTek audio.


    Do not update bios to 1.9.2 as the update will patch plundervolt and you will lose your undervolt.

  • Any intel/prediction for on upcoming similar Dell G3 sale? Kinda regret not getting the $899 (dell sale + ebay code), wouldve been a really good buy for these social distancing time haha.

    On the spec side of things, if im not into graphic intensive game (e.g COD) and more into like League of Legend, Overwatch etc, would the heating issue still be common?
    My understanding is that budget GTX1650 is heaps better than 1050ti so should handle most game well at max setting.

    • I doubt it. Since Covid-19 computers and electronics in general have increased in price up to 30%.

  • Oh Dear! Anyone having issues with the hinge? Mine is literally coming apart after 2 months light use. Cracking noise when opening the lid….parts of the plastic looking bent or unclipped. Not happy….straight to Dell Support. Been reading online and lots of others reporting the same issue/design flaw.

    • Not me but I always leave mine opened up. I heard of hinge issues with first gen g3. I thought the redesign chassis had an improved hinge…

      • Finally got around to raising a call with dell. The agent was very hard to understand. Sent trough photos of the broken hinge. Now have to wait for a call from them again advising next move. I wasn't sure if I have to send back or a technician comes to my address. I guess when they call and i'll find out. The lady on the phone assumed its covered by warranty??? fingers crossed

        • I hope it works out for you without too much hassle. A call out technician to fix the problem would be great. But I suspect they might just swap it over for a new one.

          I’ve started to notice some strange fan noise (right side) when it runs on the lowest setting. During gaming it’s not a problem as the fans ramp up and sounds normal again. Not sure if it’s related to newest bios update. Anyone else getting this? Also the paint on my S key has started to rub off. Seems to be a faulty paint job on that one.

          • @BongoOB: my fan seems fine even after the bios update.

            Dell said to back the PC up while I wait. Do you or anyone here recommend anything to do a full system and personal back up of the computer? I usually just do a system image on a portable hdd from the legacy windows back up settings.

            • @jmw2207: Macrium reflect

              • @BongoOB: Cheers thanks. As quickly as the service request was raised I get this on the request dashboard…..could be a while before this gets fixed

                Parts In Progress
                Tue., Jun. 30, 2020, 10:49 am
                Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's been a service delay.
                There has been delay.
                Mon., Jun. 29, 2020, 2:38 pm
                Your parts were not available
                Mon., Jun. 29, 2020, 2:20 pm
                We received your parts order.

                • @jmw2207: Thing is if it’s a defective design it’s going to happen again. And the next time it might be out of warranty…

                  • @BongoOB: yes I've read alot online and its been happening to many after the fix. I think once fixed I will be leaving it open. Or if travelling I'll be very very slow to close it.

                    Its a shame it seems to be a design flaw. You'd think after many generations of laptops that designers would have the hinge mechanism down pat….and for any laptop, it should robust.

                    • @jmw2207: Update: Dell Tech (local contractor) has since visited and fixed with a whole new LCD assembly. Has done a great job.
                      AS you said I will only be closing the lid if I have to for travelling (insert paranoia!)

  • If i took out one of the 4gb ram sticks and put in a 16gb ddr4 2666mhz stick (same as the other 4gb stick) would it run with 20gb ram? Ive heard that it will only run dual channel if the capacity in each channel is the same, is that true?

    • That configuration is not supported. You can do 4 + 8 though. Only the first 8 gb will run at dual channel speed. The remaining 4 will not as far as I can remember.

  • Guys, hope you're all going well.
    Would someone be able to confirm if I buy 2 of the 16GB RAM sticks (32GB in total) in this deal, I would be able to install them on my G3?
    Many thanks!

  • For warranty issues please call 1300 655 533

    Have your service tag number ready and picture of issue also ready for email confirmation.