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Goldair Sleep Smart Pedestal Fan GCPF315 $69 + $9 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $80 Spend, Online Only) @ Target


The product title on the Target site says GSPF315 but the box itself says GCPF315, which means it's a typo and therefore the same as this expired deal from November. Online only.

Also sign up to the Target newsletter to get a code for $10 off.

40cm pedestal fan
Ultra-quiet motor ideal for use at night
12 speed settings
WIFI control
7.5hr timer
DC fan motor uses less power than standard fans
Height adjustment
Power: 30W

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    got one of these in Nov last year…

    makes a tiny (noticeable) rattling sound (can't seem to find the source of the sound) which can be annoying.

    other than that, great fan - comes with its own remote, or can download the app and use over wifi.

    it is very quiet compared to the vornado (both at max settings).

    would recommend it!

    Actually got it for $10 off the price because we registered online and received an e-voucher. not sure if it's still available, but worth a shot for those who are interested.


      Anyone else able to comment on this?
      Unfortunately I'm a pretty light sleeper, so when fans have that little click, or brushing sound, or rattle to them it drives me nuts.
      Doesn't say good things about the bearings or whatever.


    10 out of 10 MrGoldair … now that will show your age…


    Bought one.

    The WiFi control convinced me.

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    Not sure if this has been $69 for a while? But yes I stumble across this when I saw the Kogan fan for $79 I think, a few weeks back.

    Bought one myself as well, in fact just received it yesterday and has already set up, and used it for the whole of last night when I slept. Definitely more quiet compared to the $15 fan I bought years ago.

    WiFi is pretty cool. Convenient to set it up with the phone. Also added my girlfriend as admin, and she can control the fan on her phone too. Catch is, only one person can have the app open at all times. It blocks the second person - it will say the fan is offline. Just need to close the app completely eg. swipe up and ‘throw away’ the app on iPhone for example, and a different person can control the fan.

    Comes with a remote control too. Best thing on the remote control is the ability to turn the led lights off on the fan. It is bloody bright in a dark room. Only the remote has this feature, not the app.

    There is absolutely no assembly instructions though, but it is pretty straight forward and a bit of logic and you’ll have no problem.


      good and fair review…

      agree with the following:
      -can't use two users at once for the app
      -the instructions/setup was non-existent (struggled to attach the pole to the base because of these unnecessary holes that were completely unused and redundant)

      just one small difference though:
      - from memory, i could turn the lights on/off using the wifi app (although both phones are android, so could be different with the iOS app version?) I'll double check this when I get home later today


      Mine came with assembly instructions (in the manual) and they are really vague/unclear, although you can figure it out.

      Good to know that the remote can turn the LEDs off! Haven't used the remote yet.

      Wifi is a bonus I guess, I'm actually surprised people find wifi such a big feature, especially when it comes with a remote which doesn't require an app or setup.


    Info for those wanting to use with Google Assistant, needs to be done via Home Assistant.



    thanks OP. ordered one


    what's the choice review say (it is locked)?

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    Ordered one, combined with the $10 discount code. Ordered 2 x sword grass from their clearance section as well (https://www.target.com.au/p/sword-grass-in-bowl/62071543) which Target weren't able to fulfill due to insufficient stock. Ended up with the fan for $59 and free delivery!


    Ugh. Just had the worst experience with this. Got the $15 newsletter sign-up voucher and ordered online to Click and Collect, paying using a Coles Myer gift card.

    Picked it up and opened it only to find that the fan grille had a pretty bad manufacturing defect (the wires not welded correctly leaving it hanging, and other wires were bent in the box.

    Lugged it back to Target, which didn't have it in stock instore, so the only option they gave me was to refund the amount I paid as Store credit. I lose out on the $15 voucher, and the refund was given in a form that is more limited than the one that I paid with (can no longer spend in Coles, Kmart, etc.)


    Finally have the chance to pick it up today.
    Best fan I have for now. Cheap too! Its Selling for $129 elsewhere now.
    Good deal.
    Should have got another one!

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