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[NSW] Imperfect Zucchini $2.99/kg @ Harris Farm


Excellent price for imperfect zucchini's at Harris Farm. Not sure if they will last until Valentine's day though.
Currently $6.90/kg at Colesworth.

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    It sure does look very natural! I hope it tastes good when grilled with cumin.

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      It might sound innocent but surely there is something off about this sentence, i just can't put my finger on it

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      Plastic is fantastic ^_^

      I had Domino's pizza yesterday and it was the most tastless thing I've eaten in a long time, what does it matter that it it was loaded with onions, capsicum, spring onions, tomatoes etc. When it was absolutely tastless, it was all bursting in my mouth while chewing on it, full of water vegetables, doesn't have that meaty, fiber fullness that it's supposed to have, disgusting and fake, hydroponically grown, just awful.

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        Careful you can't bad mouth Dominos here. You'll get shredded if you go somewhere local.




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    This will keep a lot of people happy on valentines day

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    Decent deal, but for any zucchini fans out there with a back yard you can buy a packet of seeds from Bunnings for $4, and if you were mad enough to plant them all you'd have enough to supply your local Woolies. We have two plants and we're still having to give most of them away.

    Second only to a lemon tree and weeds as the most idiot proof thing you could possibly grow.

    The best thing is all the edible flowers you get access to as well, they are very pricey in fruit and veg shops. Stuff them with ricotta and mint and deep fry them in tempura batter, delish.


      Second only to a lemon tree and weeds as the most idiot proof thing you could possibly grow.

      I'd say that's region a soil specific. I have three lemon trees + plus a lemonade tree, lucky to a handful of fruit every year. Now I don't go out of my way other than watering.

      In the same soil, pomegranates, olives, and figs go nuts. Again nothing special other than watering.

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    The one on the right.. sure may be "perfect" for other uses… Bargain!


    If anyone is near Coburg Vinnie's Fruit on Sydney Rd has them for $1.99 a kilo, which is the cheapest I have paid for a while


    This is a great deal and I would encourage anyone to get in on it but this price is the regular price for imperfect Zucchini at Harris. I've seen it as low as $1.49/Kg

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    Dual use vegetables.

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    The one on the right looks like it'd hit the spot.

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    Here for the comments, was not disappointed.


    remember to sanitise it before you put it in.

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    any lub deal to go with this deal? asking for friends (single ones)


    @Mugu least upper bound or light utility boat?


    That's not a deal…

    I bought some today for $1/kg at Mercato at Rowville (VIC).


    Wow, still so expensive. I just walked past a fruit & veg shop (in Fremantle WA) that had zucchinis for 49c a piece. Pretty sure if you pick 2 of the bigger ones that's a kg…