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Some free online courses that might be helpful. Discount will automatically apply during checkout.

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    Do you get certified online without actually practising on a dummy? Still if I need CPR I would rather have it done by someone who did an online course without a dummy, than no one at all.

    • +3 votes

      They showed me this video on a practical course with discussion.
      Basically in UK they had some campaign where mouth-to-mouth isn't required anymore due to a wide range of contagious things and medical history we won't know on scene.
      The instructor said you should push chest hard enough to break a rib. Well at least that video shows how much force they use if watch closely.

      • +1 vote

        Pretty much will break a rib on most people. Previously was taught that you want to push 1/3 the depth of patient's chest, and you need to do it fast so for all those old people on the geriatric wards that refuse to sign "NFRs", it's a pretty gruesome end for them. Majority of hospitalised patients will not survive CPR; for those that do, even more of them won't ever be back to their previous functional status.

  • +7 votes

    This this is actually one of the better free offers. At least it could save a life. Have been thinking about doing a course for CPR. If any thing the training of the use of the defibrillators are now very important. Saved the Yellow Wiggles life.


    awesome, just what i needed. Is there any expiry known for this offer?

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    Not sure if this actually gives you the standardised HLTAID003 Certificate that is recognised in Australia.


      That would be good to know.


      If it doesn't specifically HLTAID003 anywhere on the page I would bet it doesn't.

      This would be great learning and life skills the general public but not if you're required to have HLTAID003 for work or similar!

    • +11 votes

      They have told me on live chat "Our certifications are accepted abroad, including Australia, depending on your organization's individual requirements. However, 98% of health care organizations accept our certification, including major organizations and hospitals. To reduce confusion, please verify your organization's current policy for certification acceptance with human resources or your nurse educator." And when I asked if I will recieve a HLTAID003 Certificate after completing the course, they said yes.


        Nice! Thanks for doing the leg work :D

      • +13 votes

        They are not on a list of the approved RTO's (Registered Training Organisations) to deliver these HLTAID units. They are also not even an Australian based RTO (and to be fair to them - there is no where on the site where they are even making that claim not do they claim to be able to do HLTAID003).
        For those interested here is the Unit of Competency in question
        and here is a list of the approved training providers in Australia

        Anyone not on that list does not deliver accredited training for this Unit.

        As a revision this is a good resource but it is NOT the HLTAID units.

        • +2 votes

          If it's not on the RTO List, then i'm not going to bother. I was interested but then I noticed that it's not Australian so it makes it useless for someone such as myself. But it's probably good for people that just want knowledge, cheers for doing the check though!

      • +8 votes

        Hmmm. Ask if you'll receive a F4K3C3ERTIFIC4TE003 as well and see if they still say yes. Then we know they're lying or it's a bot.


        nice thanks.

        lol i just booked in for my renewal with vital yesterday.

        oh well maybe next time :)


      This is what I was trying to find out as well

  • +4 votes

    Certified for life? Yeah that sounds sus.


      yeah, things/processes change, this is one thing that gives me pause

    • +3 votes

      i think it means you can re-certify for free with them as many times as you like


      Definitely not for life, if you need one for work a full first aid course is required every 3 years, and every year you need to do CPR training.


    so do they only provide one either BLS or ACLS for free?

    can't i just use a different vpn and get both?

  • +9 votes

    This is an American based site and it does not seem to certify against the HLTAID units (HLTAID001 - CPR and HLTAID003 - Provide first aid).
    One of the requirements for competency of the HLTAID units is demonstrating CPR on the ground on an adult manikin for 2 minutes (with compressions and breaths - if you have been assessed any other way it is not a valid assessment).
    The past units (HLTFA) had a big problem with providers in Australia who were assessing CPR with mouse button clicks (namely you clicked on a picture of a person to demonstrate you could perform CPR), this is a big part of the reason the units were revised to the HLTAID units - to acutally require someone could do CPR and not just click a mouse button.
    A bit further to the CPR side of things, basically you can perform compression only resus in a real life situation (no breaths), but the assessment must be assessed with breaths (or ventilations - which could be using a BVM, mouth to nose or mouth to mouth resus).


    If it teaches you non-Australian accredited things like the Heimlich manoeuvre (instead of back blows) or anything with tourniquets (or emergency tracheotomies with a pen!) then I would be worried about some of it making you step outside your Good Samaritan legal status if you had to put it to use.


    Is the first aid course the HLTAID003 course? That's what I need to do.


    Can we please remove "Certification" from the title. This course basically means nothing in Australia in terms of certification.

    Can't believe the number of thumbs up.

    Really losing condfidence in the ozbargain community.

  • +5 votes

    Don't waste your time. I read everything only to find out in the end that you MUST purchase the course to complete the assessment in order to even receive your certificate upon passing. With the FREE course, you only get to read the learning material, full stop. Don't even bother!


      When you go through the order process it treats it like a purchase, showing discount and then total of $0. Have you tried to do the assessment and see if you get the certificate?

      • +1 vote

        Yes, I did that and completed the $0 purchase then proceeded with the course. Only after I got to the end of the course, clicked on the assessment link, it stated that I must purchase the course to be able to complete the assessment.

  • -2 votes

    Stay away from this! I signed up for the ACLS and BLS courses and woke up to find they charged my card $200. So much for a free course.


    • +3 votes

      I’m not sure how this happened but no where in the whole process was i asked to enter my credit card details.

      I’ve just checked my credit card and was not charged. I signed up for all the courses.

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