Can I Bring Cheese Snacks Like Flamin Hot Cheetos to Australia without Declaring Them

So I am going to come back from America in a few weeks and I was wondering whether I can bring flamin hot cheetos without declaring them. It says I can bring potato crisps without declaring on the abf website but im not sure about cheese snacks.


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    Always declare food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flamin Hot Cheetos

    why are you bringing that back to Australia? Go buy it at Costco

    • The ones they sell here are the puffs, which suck

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      Always declare food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Actually, it's not that black and white anymore. The questions on the arrival card are a lot more specific about the types of food that you need to declare. Here are the new questions

      6) Meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, fruit, vegetables?
      7) Grains, seeds, bulbs, straw, nuts, plants, parts of plants, traditional medicines or herbs, wooden articles?
      8) Animals, parts of animals, animal products including equipment, pet food,eggs, biologicals, specimens, birds, fish, insects, shells, bee products?

      I brought back some spicy snacks on my last trip, I planned on lining up despite truly believing that the snacks didn't fall into any of the categories, but then the queue was massive, so I decided to spare us both the waste of time.

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      It’s fine - Cheetos don’t have any food in them.

      • This is internationally recognised. Therefore no need to go through customs

    • Only the ones listed on the incoming passenger card.
      Otherwise just tick NO

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    Bring back any processed food that you want, just make certain that you declare it to Customs/ Aust Border Force if you're not certain it's OK.
    I have a friend who travels with packets of Gluten Free snacks, always declares it and has never had a problem.

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    I found declaring it
    tell them what it is (chips) and they usually let u through
    declare.nothing and u usually have to line up to get the bags x rayed

    that's my experience, I usually only bring chocolates, lollies and chips lol

  • Buy them at colesworth!
    Have also seen in woolworth but not showing on line.
    If bringing edible from overseas declare. Show at first screening when asked while you are in queue and you will probably go straight through.

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      They are not the same, the US flamin hot cheetos are more like a more rigid twisties the version sold here is like a puffy grease ball by comparison.

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        Are you having fun with this? the American ones contain cheese so you will have to declare. They can be purchased online from an Australian shop but I am sure you already know that.
        You seem to have already made up your mind so perhaps close topic?

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    as others have said, if you aren't sure then declare it. I've found the customs people at Sydney and Brisbane airports to be very helpful. They don't string you up by your thumbs if you aren't sure and you ask or even just declare it, but if they catch you trying to sneak stuff in then you're balls are in danger.

  • Like there's any actual dairy in Cheetos…….

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    Declare all foods. It's easier.

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    Just declare.

    They're not going to fine you for wasting their time with declaring. But they will fine/confiscate/issue a warning and flag you if you dont declare and turns out it's not allowed.

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    My view —> read through the declaration card and see if cheetohs actually fit in one of the categories required for declaration (eg, is it a product that contains nuts, seeds, fruit, dairy etc etc etc)

    If youre still not sure, then declare it.

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      The cards have gotten much more specific in recent years that it is likely the cheetos don’t fit into any of the categories.

  • Why wouldn’t you declare them? The border guys are pretty good. I used to buy some Jerk spices from a restaurant in Atlanta and when they no longer sold them online I asked a lady I knew over there to buy some for me. It turned out they’d stop selling the spices commercially so she bought some of their stock and sent it to me in a an unlabelled ziplock bag. When she told me what she’d done I thought that was the last I would see of them but the border guys let it through and I know they inspected it because they put a brochure in the box explaining there were somethings they didn’t let through.

  • Best to just stuff them down your pants prior to boarding your flight.

    Only an idiot would want to declare them and get through customers with no issues

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      It would be an interesting episode of border police. “Do you have something to declare or are you just happy to see me?”.

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    Declare them, but if they are commercially produced and packaged you won't have any issues with Customs.

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    Always Declare

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    Just declare it or you might find yourself on Border Security. Unless you want to be on that show.

  • Cheetos contain dairy. Probably best to store them in your body cavity just incase.

  • Remember if you're bringing those in to help with your munchies that weed is only lawful in the ACT.

  • We just brought a bunch back from Mexico. Pretty sure we declared and they didn't care.

    • Exactly!

  • You could always go with the Oscar Wilde quote (probably apocryphal).
    “I have nothing to declare except my genius.”

  • Hide it inside your face mask.

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    You cannot bring any food into Australia without declaring it.

    In saying that, they will not force you to throw a pack of Cheetos away, they will let you keep it, as long as it hasn't been opened.

    • This is not true at all. I have travelled to over 60 countries and I often bring food back into Australia. Just declare it if you aren’t sure. Most of the time, unless it’s something exotic or not sealed properly then it’s fine.

  • Just declare it. Declaring it doesn’t mean they will take it off you if it’s allowed. It’s better than a fine isn’t it? I don’t really understand why people don’t want to declare things they aren’t sure about. You won’t get in trouble if you declare it. You may get in trouble if you don’t.

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    As they are flamin hot I’m wondering if this is just a flame post to get everyone saying g the same thing. It seems pretty obvious what everyone is saying.

  • As others have said, declare if you're not sure but don't stress, they won't take it off you. I bought heaps of stuff back from the states the first time I went, including things like cheeze whiz and other random things that I hadn't seen in shops here.

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    I always declare any food. let the officer decides, it's safer.

  • If you're coming into Sydney often the Declare line is shorter than the queue for the normal exit… Just tell the guy at the front you have "packaged Cheetos Chips from the USA" and they will just waive you through.

  • Declare everything! Then you have nothing to fear.

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