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2,000 Flybuys ($10) with $100 Mastercard Gift Cards (also Kayo Sports, WebJet, Country Road, Restaurant Choice) @ Coles In-Store


Bonus points can only be collected once per flybuys account. A $5 fee applies to the Mastercard GC purchase. Unsure from screenshot on purchase amount required to get the points for other GCs. From previous offerings, it was $50. Starts Feb 12. Enjoy :)

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  • can i use Flybuys dollars to pay and still get the 2,000 pts?

    • Not 100% sure but I think system does not allow payment of giftcards with flybuy dollars. Happy to be corrected if this is not the case…

    • You cant use flybuys pts. If you really wanna clear ur fb pts this way u need to exchange them for a gift card and use it to pay assuming the checkout guy doesnt stop you from doing so.

    • I've bought these gift cards before during similar deals, and the staff would ask if I want to use 2,000 flybuys points to deduct $10. I've always said yes and still got the bonus points.

      • That is a different thing, and using 2000 fb pts for $10 off is only available if you have some Coles Financial Services services such as their credit cards linked to ur fb account.
        He is talking abt exchanging $10 fb dollars with every 2000 fb pts and use the fb$ to pay for the purchase, which is impossible with gift cards.

    • No the system does not allow it even if the operator tries to do it.

  • I have in the past used flybuy dollars to pay for opal and have got the bonus points. This was at a manned checkout due to opal top up, so I think it should work for this as well

  • Nice time to redeem your Coles Myer gift card from the AMEX offer.

  • Can we pay for it using Coles Gift Card?

    • Technically yes (means the system allows you) But in a lot of stores the staff don't allow. I have been purchasing giftcards using Coles giftcards.

      • But in a lot of stores the staff don't allow.

        Yeah, very risky, a lot of staff don't let you do it :(

        • Self serve, my friend.

          • @jasonb: Still needs an attendant to approve

            • @cwongtech: What’s the issue. There is no risk. You select the payment method after the attendants approval…by that time they moved on to the next customer. If you have a physical gift card, it’s a normal “card” payment, so they have no idea it’s not a credit card etc.

              • @Coops1: Yes I agree and they do not approve - they need to write a purchase/expiry date but this is not required on the Mastercards as its already printed on, when they see that they just walk away. Unless you make it obvious they do not know nor are interested in how you are going to pay.

      • Even at self serve?

  • Can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCards?

    What if I need to pay $101 and that online retailer does not allow split payments?

    • 'Can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCards?'

      Pretty much.

      'What if I need to pay $101 and that online retailer does not allow split payments?'
      Then these cannot be used.

  • New Flybuys user here. How do you swipe the flybuys card in store, sorry for the n00b question? I've had the flybuys card for ages but just decided to use it and when the self-check out says swipe flybuys at any time and i swipe it nothing happens; when/how is it used with another card? Thanks!

  • Can anyone confirm what the minimum value card $ is that you have to buy to get the points not clear in the advertised offer? $100? $50? $25?. Thanks.

  • Waiting for netflix giftcards

  • can i buy multiple of gift cards in a single transaction to get say 20,000 flybuys points?

  • What's the minimum value webjet cards they sell?

    • They're not worried about scams against you, they're worried about scams against them. Faked cc details to purchase the cards.
      Also be careful with these promotions, the bonus points are usually only issued once. Would love to be proven wrong on that though.