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Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch 700ml $50 + 2000 Bonus flybuys Points (C&C Only) @ First Choice Liquor


One of my staples.

It's a decent deal when you Click and Collect only - stack with 2000 flybuys points ($10 Coles dollars) + 3% cashback. Brings it down to $38.64 - pretty much duty free price. EDIT: $35.91 with Cashrewards' upsized 9% cashback. (Expired)

Thanks to robinCTS for the flybuys deal.

The world’s first triple malt, this whisky is produced with single malts from the company’s neighbouring Speyside distilleries in Dufftown, Scotland. The term ‘monkey shoulder’ dates back to whisky making heritage – a condition that maltmen used to pick up while turning the barley by hand during long shifts. Zesty orange with mellow vanilla, honey and spiced oak. Mellow vanilla with hints of spice and a super smooth finish.

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor



    $38.64 close to drinkable

  • +8 votes

    Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch

    Tastes a bit primative…

  • +3 votes

    Not as cheap as $10 from bws deal late last year

  • +1 vote

    Not a fan of this one personally. A few dollars more may be well spent. Each to your own, but I wouldn't buy this one again.


      What other whisky would you recommend?


        For the same price I'd take Naked Grouse over this every single time.
        I bought this as a recommended alternative when Dan's was out of stock of NG. I honestly found it to be very average.


    Makes for a good water bottle around the house, once you have finished drinking the alcohol.


    I really like this whiskey. I did not really give it a proper go (because I like single malts) but I met this guy who worked for one of the big whiskey distilleries and he gave it a massive wrap and said to try it again. Picked up quite a few bottles since then.

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      Note: this is called whisky. The Irish and American stuff is called whiskey. Not picking you up on a typo, just making a point that is central to my identity as a Scot. SCOTLAND! FREEDOMMM! WHISKY!!

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    Now with 10% Shopback


    This 10% cashback on top makes this an excellent deal.


    are the flybuys points per bottle bought? Eg do 2 bottles get 4000 points?


      Nope. It's 2000 bonus points for a $50+ Click & Collect order, limited to one transaction per household.


    Decent in a highball for sure

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    1lt of Captain Morgan's also for $50, I'm going for that instead. Still got a bit of Monkey Shoulder left but spiced rum makes for a nicer mixed drink I reckon.


    "We're sorry, but these items are not available via Click & Collect. Please remove them from your cart to proceed."

    After adding only Monkey Shoulder to cart. WTF?

    Ashfield, Sydney store.


      Most likely1 because it's out of stock in Ashfield.

      Click on [CHANGE STORE] and you will get a list of the closest three stores that have the item in stock:

      • Naremburn
      • Maroubra
      • Sylvania

      1. Alternatively, it might not be stocked in Ashfield. 


        You would think so but I've had this problem before with stuff they definitely had in stock.

        ie I have the ol' 2000 points for click n collect deal, I fill the cart with stuff I'll eventually need anyway and then get messed around because at the end it just gives me that rejection message.

        Specifically buying bulk Hidden Gem white wine, or 1.125L Johnny Red (don't judge me). I end up picking something else, go in and see they have the rejected stuff in abundance. Even the cashiers don't know why. Very frustrating.

        Enough to drive a man to drink…


    Just a headsup - BWS just sent me a deal that's pretty much exactly the same thing for Rewards members (targeted I guess).

    ie 2k pts for $50 spend to Sunday.


      Just a few differences between that & this Deal…
      Targeted offer vs anyone with Flybuys.
      Monkey Shoulder is $2 more @$62 before $10pts.
      Only 1.7 or 2% cashback instead of 10%!


        Right. Was thinking more of it being the same 2000 points for $50 spend thing, but yeah, generally never shop for booze at BWS as pretty much every "deal" is pricier than FC or DM.

        They did have Monkey S for $50 a couple of weeks ago though. An actual special that turned out to be less expensive than the competitor's regular price. Rare for BWS.

        Cashback looks like too much of a confusing hassle for even a seasoned deal hunter like me.


          Understood your intention. Posted comment only so others wouldn't pay too much.

          As for cashback…
          Cashback was 3% in this Deal when I ordered with code. $50 was charged.

          36hrs later visited bottle shop - there was no order! Told to phone FCL to correct their mistake - "it happens a lot"!

          So placed another order at 10% - ready to collect. Luckily had another family Flybys account to get $10 in pts, as other code was wasted.

          Will pick up & then cancel the old order. Have had too many problems with Coles Liquor!


            @the INFIDEL: I've found I have to followup on Flybuys points offers at least half of the time as they just don't register properly.

            I spend so much time energy figuring out how to qualify for their point bonuses (the regular 1 point per dollar is practically worthless) that to then have to chase them through often rude/poor customer service to honour the deals has left me burned out on FlyBuys BS in general.

            Same thing seems to be happening with Woolworths Rewards too so I guess that's how it goes. The whole "Oh wait 4 weeks for the points to be added," response doesn't cut it for me. Seems the point of that is for people to go away and forget what they're owed so they never pursue it.

            Frustrating AF. Such a chore to keep track of.