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½ Price Batiste Dry Shampoo 200ml $5.10 @ Woolworths


Great price for quality dry shampoo to give you an extra day or two between washes and a bit of oomph

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    Thanks OP, this is the only stuff the Mrs will use.


    What is it, a powder? Not sure how else you'd get dry shampoo out of the bottle. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


    Just FYI, I just came back from Woolies and the larger 400ml cans are also on special.

    Just $8 so an further saving of $2.



      Thanks for the heads up! The large cans are great value. Gonna stock up :D

      Btw there’s a brand at target that is always $5 or so for a massive can, it’s not as good as batiste but it’s almost there.


    ok, so 6mins showering and $5.10 for this, which one is best to saving money guys?

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      Lol, more like 6 mins showering then 20 minutes of drying and straightening if you are a woman with long hair. And that’s on the faster side. Sometimes it’s worth my time to not have to wash my hair as often, as it can actually be detrimental to hair to wash it too often.

      One can of this stuff lasts for 20+ uses.


      haha did you forget women are on this site too , we cant just towel dry hair and leave the house

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