Can Phones Bought in USA Be Used in Australia

Does anyone know whether phones bought in America, such as the Snapdragon versions of Galaxy Notes, can be used in Australia?


  • As long as it's SIM version then should work fine. Check available bands on device and your preferred provider here. Don't expect warranty to be honoured here though.

  • You can usually consult GSMarena fand it'll tell you what cell frequencies the modem supports. e.g USA Galaxy S10 model

  • You will have to check the bands. GSMArena is usually my go-to. You will need to look up which bands your carrier uses first.

  • As long as it's not a CDMA (without sim) version it will work.
    If it's a GSM Qualcomm US version then both GSM and LTE bands will be supported
    Here is a comparison between Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8

  • -1

    Yeah I had hoped this galaxy release we would get the SD but still stuck with the shitty Exynos

  • Thanks for the comments. Im curious though, what are the American models like the Snapsdragons capable of that we dont have on the Aussie Exynos models?

  • Yes

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