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10% off Physical Woolworths Wish Gift Card @ The Good Guys Concierge Rewards


Physical | Woolworths Wish Gift Card | $250
Discount 10%
That is an instant 10% off on Fresh Product, Groceries,

Use online or in-store at Woolworths


• Valid for 3 years
• Multiple use until fully redeemed

Note - Please allow 21 business days for your order to be dispatched.

If your order exceeds the Fair Use Policy it may take up to 10 weeks for delivery.

NB: You will receive a Wish Gift Card at the value purchased. The gift card is redeemable at Woolworths Supermarket, BIG W, Caltex Woolworths co-branded Petrol, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths Liquor, and Cellar masters.

This promotion is supported by Pegasus Group Australia Pty. Ltd

Please allow 28 business days for your order to be sent out.

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  • HOw does one sign up to this ? i had a quick look… couldnt find much.. didnt look to hard though

    • You need to purchase something in good guys and add concierge services, then you can access the site.

      • Epic discount for extra 5% off ^ ^ hopefully I can use my $400 gift cards from the 2x telstra promos i got ;)
        Thanks for the epic deal

  • no more of my money to these jesters. They just grab your money and keep them for a month or 2. First months you are waiting for 21 days, then they say they have issues with a supplier and ask to wait more. And when you give up on them and ask for your money back they offer you ecard instead.
    So totally not worth the extra 5% on top of the usual ecard discount

  • Wanna wait 2+ months for your cards then go ahead. I learnt the hard way.

  • Dont buy it, they send me the cards after 9bweeks of waiting. They use your money to invest to make money for the 10% discount.

  • The Bad Guys.

  • Who cares how long they take.. If you buy enough every time they are 10% off then you'll never run out

  • I ordered last time and got them in about 2 months. Good luck. I was wondering if there is anyway I can convert them in the egift card from woolies? I dont always carry these cards with me and these work like real credit card where you have to swipe them. Anybody knows a way out? Thanks

    • Download the Woolworths money app, and add your card details there. You can then use it as an e-gift card when Im store… and you can see your balance online

  • I just went in, up front it says give them 21 business days for delivery, then when you proceed it says delivery from 27-03-2020 - 02-04-2020 (30-35 business days). It's just over the give-up threshold for me - too long a wait - and then I'd need to go for the registered mail option at $5.50 - maybe good for others… 10% is a nice discount though, I've done a lot of business with them for their 5% off Coles eGift cards.

    By the way the Concierge thing is crazy, in a good way, when I bought my coffee grinder from them it was $30 extra for 3 years Concierge coverage which gives you $20 credit three times a year for the three years - though that was a couple of years ago, and the grinder was sub-$100 - I assume different Concierge fee for different items. The only problem is what to buy with your credit, not a trivial problem, there's always their bag of coffee beans in the blue bag at $25 which means I pay $5 extra in cash…. :)

    • I found it hard to use the $20 Rewards but ended up with some Sony earphones. Now I use them to buy the (expensive) filter refills for my Breville coffee machine.

      • Just got my next $20 credit alert, I think it'll be the coffee, but will do a circuit of the shop just in case…

    • Our $20/s keeps us well stocked in batteries, A4 paper (&not sure if they still stock photo paper), etc
      Last resort is omo laundry powder/liquid, not the best price but better then letting the $20 expire.
      I order click and collect and every time i see a row of omo liquid ($30 for 4L) waiting for pickups

  • can concierge credit be stacked?

    • The main limitation is that you have a five day window to use it - really, I'm not associated with them… I'm just hyper because I've drunk two cups of coffee from the beans I got from them today

    • TL;NR - No.

      As franek has pointed out, the Concierge $20 Store Credits have a 5 day expiration date.

      However, even if you manage to get hold of more than one at a time (either from multiple plans or from relative/friends) you can't use more than one for any one purchase, as according to the current Terms & Conditions (and the FAQs):

      Concierge Store Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other Store Credit offers

    • Ymmv.
      Yes I’ve been using 2 concierge credits in each transaction, 3rd one gets rejected. Additionally have been using the 10% off codes.

      I have 2 concierge items under my name/phone/email but the $20 come staggered.
      I have another few concierge items each 1 per family members/pseudonyms
      All but the second under my own name come at the same time.

      Also don’t forget to go through cashrewards, I’ve had tracking and successfully payouts even when the whole amount is paid with concierge credit.

  • Anyone know how much value is 'fair use'?? 10% off fuel could be a real winner.

    • If I recall correctly, it's $2000 worth of prediscounted gift cards, i.e. eight cards for this deal.

    • Use to be 2k or lower but really 5% extra off if willing to get them in 3 mths with a PayPal dispute .
      Accidentally order standard mail once and cards were sent deactivated and call them.

  • Ordered few coles e-gift card lately, all been delay. The number to call for update never get through, I called 100 times and still no one pick up, email [email protected] got bounced back. Any one has a better way to contact them and ask for the update on the gift card?

  • Stay away from this mob… No contact from them at all, other than supplier delays, etc. Also Be aware that PayPal won't save you… I filed a PayPal dispute, no response from them through the process, and went to the end after escalation - PayPal rejected the claim due to their T&C's, which inadvertantly exclude "Stored value items such as gift cards and pre-paid cards" - that is straight from the buyer protection document.

  • Hi
    Has anyone got their cards from this deal ?

    I ordered on 13th Feb, its now nearly 3 months…. I read that the cards are delayed a bit, but is it this delayed ?