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Easynews Unlimited Usenet - 83% off (Lifetime Discount) US $59.88/Year


Easynews has a special discounted plan available for Valentine's Day. $4.99/mo for a year of unlimited downloads. The plan is normally $29.94/mo and the use is limited to 150GB per month.


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    Because nothing says I love you quite like a News subscription.


    This looks like a solid price, I haven't seen an Easynews deal in a while. There was someone on the Ninja deal thread asking about being able to preview content before signing up. Doesn't look like there is a free trial with this but this may be the type of service they are looking for. Thanks OP.


    Been paying $US48 a year for the past few years for Easynews, great retention, rarely have to use my back-up block accounts for missing pieces. Speed is good, always maxes out my FTTN connection. Well worth it.


    Agree. Went on the US$48 plan back in December 2018 but have been with Easynews continually for 17.94 years according to my account page. :-)

    To be honest it’s primary use has dropped for me thanks to thing like torrent sites but I still maintain my Easynews account as a backup (plus it is a great repository of new books).

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    Looks like Easynews is running a sale again, price is a bit lower then this at $48USD for 12-months, unlimited Web and NNTP GB's.

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