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DBA DBA041E Brake Rotor $1, Gulf Western 2 Stroke Engine Oil 5L $1 & Supertak Chain Bar Oil 5L $2 + Postage @ Supercheap eBay


Stumbled upon some funkiness happening on Supercheap's eBay store while looking for lawn mower oil. It's a pity I need 4 stroke oil.

The brakes show up on their website but not the oils.

Good luck and no negs because pricing error please. You know it's probably not going to be honoured, so the entitled crowd can show yourselves out.

DBA Disc Brake Rotor DBA041E - suit VT-VZ series Commodores on the rears

Gulf Western 2 Stroke Engine Oil 5L

Gulf Western Supertak Chain Bar Oil 5L
4L is $25.99 on the website: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/gulf-western-supertak-ch...

EDIT Even though the Chain Bar Oil is still in stock on eBay, please don't bother purchasing. They will refund your order.

Thank you for your recent eBay order with Supercheap Auto,

Unfortunately the item you ordered is a deleted line and was removed from our listing, however a technical issue between our inventory file and the eBay database caused the listing to reappear even though the stock was not available. As a result, we have has to cancel and refund your order.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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