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[PS3] Batman Arkham City: Collectors Edition $19.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Gamesmen


Was $149. Appears to be a lot more expensive on eBay.

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    $31.40 Including Postage to QLD


    Do these appreciate in value at all (any examples of some past ones that have become rare/sought after items?)

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      Not really.
      Especially if theres stock left over 7 years later.
      The only ones that have actual resell value are super limited either by numbers produced or by region limited.

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      COD Black Ops II Juggernog edition came with a themed mini fridge plus game, season pass etc for $250. Fridge itself sells for $300 plus now, as an example. Definitely an anomaly though given future special editions


        I have one of the mini fridge sitting here brand new lol

        My brother gave it to me and I have not used it yet

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      Generally Nintendo limited editions do.
      Not something like this though where they are still available after being released in 2011.


    Also on their ebay if you wanna save a whopping 93 cents with code POOL3.

    I got it. Still have the game, but never did get this special edition. Nice, cheap addition to my collection. Cheers, OP.

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      I'm showing $26.31 delivered using the code PLUSTECH. Assuming it's for eBay Plus members only.

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        Same and as Ebay plus member its free shipping.. so cheaper than there online store,
        The statue is very nice,
        its 13 CM (H) Fyi
        11 cm (W)

        I bought it a few years ago only for the Statue.. LOL


    For those who own this already, is the statue only worth $30?


      It's a nice statue, but not very big. Can't remember exactly, but I don't think it's more than 15cm tall. Personally, I really like it. The Arkham Origins statue blows this one out of the water though.
      For me, $30, it's worth it. But that's subjective.

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      I don't own it but its by Kotobukiya, who make high quality statues.

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    Just a quick FYI includes

    Batman Arkham City Game
    Premium Batman Statue Produced by Kotobukiya
    Exclusive Batman Arkham City Collectible Art Book
    Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map DLC
    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Skin DLC
    Batman: Arkham City album from WaterTower Music including original songs by hit artists, available via digital redemption
    Bonus DC Universe animated original movie, Batman: Gotham Knight

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    Not happy with GM on this, placed an order and just had them tell me it will be reduced to one as of now.

    Postage for one of them kills the entire deal, and there was no item limit.

    I've asked my entire order now be cancelled and refunded.


      Can I ask how many you ordered?


        got in with a bunch of mates to grab one each to save on postage.

        Got an email after the fact stating they were going to restrict it to one.

        Sent them an email back stating we were displeased with this, they had not noted this and that if they could not fulfill the order please cancel it.

        They now claim they've added a note about one per customer and are atleast refunding the one.

        Given where I am how much the postage is per unit, it just wasn't worth it for any of us not to combine postage.