Looking for Golden Gaytime Crumbs in Melbourne's outer east?

Does anyone know where I can find cans of Golden Gaytime crumbs in outer eastern Melbourne?

Based on my efforts to find them so far, I seem to have missed the last "limited release", but I thought that perhaps someone might have seen some in a shop somewhere.


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    HEAPS at Coles Pinewood (not really helpful). Next to the counters at the front

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      Actually, I can swing by there on the way home from work tonight without going too far out of my way - I can just get off the Monash at Blackburn Road. Thanks!


        Zero in stock at Coles Pinewood at 5:45pm. Either Broden beat me, or your stock information was out of date :-(


    Ringwood Sqaure (near Bunnings and Mcdonalds) corner of New St Ringwood has like hundreds left


      Are they still a dollar there? I was there today but didn't see them, where are they hiding now?

      Ritchies IGA at North Ringwood has heaps of them too but they're around $6!

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    They weren’t as good as I imagined :(


    I had to go down to the peninsula yesterday, and I found a tin (their last tin) of Golden Gaytime crumbs at the Ritchies IGA in Sorrento. They still have about 20-30 tins of the Violet Crumble Gaytime crumbs.

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