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Samsung 27" WQHD 144hz Clamp-Type Space Saver Monitor $349 Delivered @ Centre Com (Price Beat $331.55 @ Officeworks)


Samsung 27" WQHD 144Hz Clamp-type Monitor with $331.55 price beat at Officeworks currently $597.

The clamp-style space-saving monitor seems like a good price with free shipping.

Officeworks link


Was posted a few months ago at the same price but that has been marked as expired.

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    Obligatory 'this is a Freesync model now' post. It's also a flat VA panel, but a reasonably speedy one. Best used as 1440p @ 120Hz with 10-bit colour.

    Stand does not rotate. Monitor is not VESA compatible. Accepts 4k 60Hz input (hardware downscaling).

    Review here.

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    mini dp and hdmi only

    the no vesa thing is a real killer as you're forced into their desk clamp forever

    samsung dont want to sell these do they?

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    Entered Officeworks, to make my weekly price beat. For this exact monitor, actually.

    "Augh, here comes that damn Custardshot again… Drove all the way out here to save a few bucks", a young worker mutters.

    I hear him, but choose not to make a scene.

    "Haha, I see you have this monitor in stock man. I can actually grab it online for $349 delivered through this deal. You guys need to beat it by 5% haha."

    The puzzled young worker rolls his eyes, but eventually looks at my phone after a deep sigh utters out under his breath.

    "Yeah look by my calculations it's gunna be $331.55, just check it on your phone calculator man.

    It pays to be tech savvy haha."

    He takes me to the counter, I make the payment and head to the door.

    As the sliding doors open, I turn my head back, make eye contact, tip my fedora, and say "Thanks sport".

    "See ya next time a sweet ass deal pops up. You should get the ozb app man."

    I chuckle all the way to my car.


    Got mine today, will not update firmware