[SA] Bestway 3638l Inflatable Pool - $29 @ Kmart, Kurralta Park


Includes pump and accessories, full pallet, Kurralta Park SA, not sure if available at other stores at this price

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    $29 For your very own mozzie nest.


    Terrible photo - what size?

    mozzie nest.

    Not of you chlorinate it. Otherwise, mozzies are the least of your worries.


    It's good quality for a blow up pool with pump and pretty big too.

    In saying that it's not really something I can suggest for just an afternoon due to the large amount of water and space required. If you use a cover and keep the water clean with chemicals maybe then.

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      1,000L of water is $2.392 here in SA. Enjoy responsibly!


        it's not so much about money, these thing take 2-3 hours to fill up and by the time it's ready, kids already moved on to other thing.


    Pool fencing laws apply to this pool.

    How many people are going to put in a proper pool fence for a $29 pool?


      Oh it gets worse!
      I phoned my local council to ask (anonymously,from a payphone, wearing a wig).
      They said I would need to apply for a building permit for any pool deeper than 30cm. The process takes a few weeks to get approval.
      I could see his eyes rolling over the phone.


    But if u factor in peri the registration and fence Shizen