[Switch] Rogue Singularity - $2.25 (Was $22.50, 90% off) @ Nintendo eShop


So here's a lesser-known Australian made game that has received very little attention since its launch (possibly due to a lengthy delay).

Combining rogue-like elements with 3D platforming akin to the PS1/N64 era. I've kept an eye on it since launch, but this ridiculously heavy discount is the first time it's gone on sale. Not complaining!

Metacritic has so far tallied 3 reviews for the switch version which award the game an 8, 8 and 7 respectively

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    I’ll give that a look.

    I do struggle with the Switch. Apart from Mario Kart, I find just about all of the games dreadful.

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      I bought one late last year and camnot put down Breath of the Wild. I'm not even a big Zelda franchise fan, this is my first time playing any of the games. Would recommend!

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        most of the first-party games are very much worth playing i would say.


        Actually, Zelda was pretty good but that was finished a long time ago. I've probably got 15 'top title' games and a few pro controllers but I'm bored with platform and 'fighting' games.

        Mario Kart is the first game I reach for if friends come around or if the family is all in the mood. The fun we have had from that game alone has probably covered the cost of the Switch but it's a shame others weren't so enthralling. I've bought Mario Tennis, Sonic & Mario Olympics, Super Smash Bros for their multiplayer capability but none hit the spot, unfortunately.

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          If you're looking for multiplayer I would recommend:
          Runbow (currently $4.50 on the eshop right now)
          Ultimate Chicken Horse
          Doom (1993)
          Art of Balance
          Fast RMX
          Death Squared
          Super Bomberman R
          Killer Queen Black

          These are all "under the radar", yet high quality local multiplayer games on Switch that everyone neglects because they're either multiplat or have a small budget.

          Look up gameplay and reviews for each first, obviously, but the games you've chosen for multiplayer are either notoriously basic (Mario + Sonic), repetitive (Mario Tennis) or have too high a skill ceiling (Smash Bros) to be enjoyed casually in the same was as Mario Kart

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          And in terms of single-player experiences I'd highly recommend on Switch:

          Astral Chain
          Dragon Quest XIS
          Witcher 3 (given you haven't played it on anything else before)
          Dead Cells
          LA Noire (same as Witcher 3)
          Risk of Rain 2
          Bayonetta 2
          Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (same as W3)
          Hyrule Warriors
          Skyrim (same again)

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      There are a heap of fantastic indie games that have been ported to the switch. Slay the Spire, Overcooked, Dead Cells, Stardew Valley, Rogue Legacy, Celeste, etc. I can't imagine calling it dreadful…

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        Exactly. The only bad things you could say about the Switch is the joycons are not ergonomic, joycon drift, battery life and wifi is pretty weak. Game wise it's awesome.


          Also my joycons wiggle too much for my liking (Switch is always kept in a hardcase when not used). Not willing to give up docked mode for a Lite though it tempts me constantly.


          I love the Switch to death, but the wifi is absolutely awful and I don't understand why. It's genuinely worse than the Wii U was somehow


            @Ninternet: Same. I don't know why they didn't fix it with the 2019 revision. I was hoping for the rumoured Switch Pro overhaul. Wish Nintendo tried harder with networking tech.

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      Um astral chain?

    • +5 votes

      all the games

      How many have you tried?


    Wow, they need to get the word out better!


    My son is looking to get a switch soon. Should I create a Nintendo account now and get some of these games while on special?

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