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Jira and Confluence Online Training by Atlassian Training Partner $200 off (Reduced to $872.50)

Know Business is an Atlassian Training Partner and Solution Partner. We have just started offering online training, so we are offering discount code to promote.
Courses available in March and April 2020:
  • Jira Essentials (Server/Data Center)
  • Jira Essentials (Atlassian Cloud)
  • Confluence Essentials (Server/Data Center)
  • Confluence and Jira Together (Server/Data Center)
  • Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset (Server/Data Center)

These courses are Atlassian official Atlassian courses, attendees will have access to an environment provided by Atlassian for 24 hours from class start. This is a live event, we don't pre-record, etc. So live trainer online in a virtual class.

First post, so this will be interesting (or not …)

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    Please follow posing guideline requirements and put the price in the title.


      What a strange rule. I’ll update


        A bargain is loosely defined by gaining something at a lower expense than a comparable product.

        If a product is incomparable, one cannot make claims or accertain if something is a bargain.


          Agreed, however I posted to cheaper alternate products that might suit people’s purpose. Wasn’t a direct comparison.

          In principal I agree.


    Online course (via zoom) for 6-7 hrs (ie approx $150 per hr to be an online attendee).

    How many ppl join these sessions, 10? $10k for running an online seminar. Sounds like a good wicket to me. I’m in the wrong business.


      Very simplified. There are upfront costs to be a Partner, know the material and maintain both. Plus the years of experience beforehand.

      Unlikely to actually get 10 people, each course has costs: ticket agent, courseware, admin, marketing, setup of training online labs and post training admin.

      I did post links to alternate cheaper training (not provided by us), but was advised that was against the rules.

      $1k/day is the going rate for professional training.

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