IHG Hotels & Resorts Rewards Club Fast Track Gold (2 Nights) & Platinum (5 Nights)


Stay 5 nights (instead of 40) within 90 days from sign up to be upgraded to Platinum Elite status until Dec 2021.

Stay 2 nights (instead of 10) within 90 days from sign up to be upgraded to Gold Elite status until Dec 2021.

IHG Group so includes Intercontinental Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, etc.

Works with existing accounts, just log in then click on 'Sign Up'.

Can combine with this spend $400 get $100 Amex deal.

Note, that this is supposed to be for employees of select Fortune 500 companies. YMMV. Comment

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    If you can hit platinum, the room upgrades is a great bonus


      Is it better or equivalent to hilton diamond member upgrades?

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        Looks pretty similar besides lounge access, I believe you still have to pay for it.


        From the table on IHG it looks like IHG platinum is equal to Hilton Gold, although I didn’t see free breakfast included


          According to previous status match offerings gold = gold, platinum = diamond.

          Not sure how it compares in the way of actual benefits

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            @dyl: To be clear IHG status is one of the lowest relative to other programs.

            Hilton Diamond is one of the best.

            IHG Platinum does not include Breakfast nor does it give you access to Executive lounges. They are worlds apart.

            Some properties in Asia will of course do room upgrades but not in North America [or if so it is a small upgrade] for IHG.

            If you are serious about IHG Rewards and you stay at the Higher end Intercontinental’s then buy an ambassador membership and you get platinum level status with that. Far cheaper than doing mattress runs.

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    Is this for new account only?

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    Just confirming that as a current Gold status, was able to registed for fast track to Platinum.

    Interesting it is only 5 nights rather than 5 stays which would have been a bit harder, now to find a cheap IHG property somewhere in Asia to qualify for Platinum.

    This IHG status might work well since I am likely to lose Hilton Diamond 02/2021


      Gold Coast properties are cheap, $120 a night


        Thanks for that, it won't work for me, but it defintiely could work out for someone else who is in/visiting the GC. I am unlikely to be in that direction in the next three month but have trips to Asia next month, then April, so will find a property at $50/night and qualify for this.

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    This is not for punters it is targeted at a short list of global Fortune 500 companies like PWC or EXXON etc.

    That is why they refer to making a business travel booking and in the ts and cs refer to being a targeted company.

    These companies are given corporate codes and the promotion is often based on that so the likelihood of this working is slim.

    For business travel, book through your corporate travel channel, or for personal travel, book direct at IHG.com. Offer expires May 1, 2020.


    use a valid email address, and must book his or her stay using the corresponding IHG corporate rate code through an Eligible Company corporate booking tool or book direct at ihg.com with an Average Daily Rate of more than $35 or the equivalent in local currency.


      Thanks for the warning. It's valid for personal travel and nowhere in the terms state that a work email address is required?


        To be eligible for the Offer, a member must be a full-time employee of an Eligible Company

        This deal has been going for 10+ years.

        loyalty lobby a leading edge travel rewards blog publishes it 2-3 times a year. They use to print the company list as well but don’t do it any more.


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        Yes you can use this for personal travel as well however you are supposed to use a corporate code and if asked show evidence of affiliation to the company. This is a well discussed conversation on Flyertalk blog. Some hotels don’t say a thing others put you through the ringer given how much of a discount you attain using the corporate code.


          The rate you pay at the hotel aside, isn't fast track status no business of the hotel you stay at but rather a back office issue?

          My company basically said here's an offer you can choose to use it for personal travel and no corporate code required and earn status.

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            @donamique: The promotion is run by IHG Rewards Club and not any specific hotel. They run the promo as some employees have discretion to choose among properties and thus chains while travelling on business. This then drives people to IHG.

            I am happy if people can get this promotion to work.. please try…I was just warning others to lower expectations and be prepared especially if in the USA to be asked for corporate credentials.

            To be clear the warning I am giving is IHG regularly audits these promos looking for corporate affiliation (using corporate discount codes and checking company email addresses and also instruct hotels to do the same). So be prepared for disappointment..I have a note above about an economical way to ‘buy’ IHG Platinum status that may interest some given how low the value of the status now is.


              @thatsthat: Fair enough, the rewards program does seem to be run quite efficiently and tightly with no leakage.

              Although this offer has been put up in hotel lobbies before according to this so it doesn't seem that exclusive…


                @donamique: I would be careful about signing up for this. IHG have a reputation for terminating accounts that sign up to promotions that you’re not eligible for. Just google “IHG closes accounts” or “IHG terminates accounts” and you get a ton of search results along those lines. For example:



                Many of the hotel loyalty programs have specific links and if you try to sign up for something you’re not eligible for, they let you know you can’t. IHG doesn’t, but as someone above mentioned, they let you sign up and then they go back, audit and then terminate. When they do that, usually they confiscate whatever points you’ve earned as well. So if you don’t have much in the way of points, probably not a lot to risk. If you do have points, I’d give this careful thought before you try to sign up.


                  @hayne: yes I agree I've had a spire status revoked before but that's from using a promo code that's not directly sent to my email address but listed on ozbargain.

                  this offer is not email address specific.

                  it came on a flyer with the web address.

                  it's also been posted physically in hotel lobbies for everyone passing by to sign up for.

                  the only worrying thing would be the text saying 'business traveler' when you click into the website.

                  from a risk reward point of view I'd say there's a good chance this would work.

                  also from a marketing point of view 2 nights for a status that's not worth much and 5 nights for a status that's not too overly valuable, ihg would have made its profit worth. you would also be a repeat customer spending more at future stays. there's no point for ihg to spend money and human capital auditing and revoking. doesn't make sense from a costs and profit perspective.

                  also the examples above had negative financial implications for ihg such as having to give away free nights so it's understandable they would terminate the accounts.

                  thanks for highlighting the risk though, it's always a rabbit hole chasing loyalty programs with status runs and mattress runs and you're right there are risks involved so I'd also advise against runs but manage our own expectations with these type of offers. if in doubt just use it only when you happen to have to travel and it makes sense in the first place to stay at an ihg hotel. such as with the spend $400 get $100 back amex offer.


            @donamique: …and yes I would say you qualify as likely your procurement or travel manager was solicited by IHG.. you won’t have challenges but others may. May I ask do you work for a “brand name” that would be known by business people?

            IHG have run this for small business as well many years ago.


    How to get status match with Hilton Honors Diamond?


      I don’t think you will. According to status matcher, Hilton Diamond does not get matched and the platinum tier for IHG is actual on par with Hilton Gold.

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    Darn. Stayed 3 nights last week on on 8 -11 Feb. Wished I registered earlier.

    Dun know if they can still count that if I call customer service today.

    Thanks OP. Really useful

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    Always compare IHG mobile site (or app) with the PC/desktop and if in doubt get a new IP address & use incognito.

    Price may vary slightly depending on the method of booking.

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      Noticed this with expedia bookings too. It's very annoying cos when I call hilton to do the price match guarantee they always say it shows a different price for them. I ask them to try incognito mode in their browser and they say they are not allowed to do that lol


      Interesting. Too bad I dun have a PC. only have a iPhone and iPad. Never noticed the difference.

      Do you guys use cash back when you book? Like ShopBack?

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    Hey, FYI I have stayed two nights and it worked, I’m now on gold. Booked 3 more now for next step.

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