Looking for New iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB under 2k

Hi All,

Travelling soon and looking for a new version of iphone 11 pro max 256gb for under $2000 that comes with a gst invoice.

Highly appreciated if someone can point me in the right direction.



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    I just can't get over ppl are spending $2k on a phone. Ouchi.


      Thats why we call them fan boi


      It's even worse now because previous plans with Optus/Telstra/Vodafone had subsidised phones. Ie, Compared to similar plans now, I was paying essentially $15/mo or $360 all-up for the S9 handset over the course of the 24 month contract.

      Now that carriers no longer subsidise the handsets I'm going to upgrade a lot less - hoping to get 4 years out of each phone.

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      You probably aren't in OP's demographic - Young, high income percentile for his age and will probably stay in the same percentile as he ages.

      He's younger, so he thinks that an expensive phone is needed for clout. Add to that the need to gain peer approval via socials, thus needing a good camera. Less responsibility and more disposable income allows him to afford it.

      OP probably doesn't understand that 2k invested today, will increase his clout in his 30/40's ten fold.

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        Or, you know, people with disposable income and specific preferences want to buy what they prefer. Nothing to do with your small minded perception of age assumption, responsibility or peer pressure/showing off.

        It's not a difficult concept to grasp that people have different preferences from you.

        Edit: Tobydeals seems the cheapest at $1,999 but no idea how reliable they are. https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/product/apple-iphone-11-pr...

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          Or you know, this is an internet forum and people have different opinions than you.

          It's not a difficult concept to grasp that people have different opinions from you.


            @arkie0: So you get to be negative about the OP but nobody can be negative about you? Check, will take into account your sensitivities next time.

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              @try2bhelpful: No where was I negative about OP's purchase, I was attempting to explain to Dedbny why people buy expensive items, 2k on a phone is the highest end of a phone besides the foldables.
              Of course people have different preferences, but that preference is always dictated by their situation (in my opinion).

              Previous posts by OP suggest he's 21-25 (first job out of uni, first car and first car insurance, first time overseas). First rave suggests less responsibility, I mean who doesn't know you wear phat pants to a rave. I could be wrong and he's a mature aged student, and going to a first rave at 40 or 50, and always taken ubers/PT.

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                @arkie0: So you think what you said was paean to his sensible choices? Your comments were negative about the OP, or the equivalence. It is his money and he might have made a decision that he will get value from the features on the phone. He may not be looking for “clout”. A good camera isn’t, necessarily, about gaining “peer approval”. Yes, he might get value out of investing his money, but you could say that of anything. According to you he shouldn’t waste his money on anything but barely subsistence living. What a lot of assumptions, and frankly tosh, you have made here. Maybe, just maybe, he wants a phone that when he looks at it for the umpteenth time a day he doesn’t sigh and regret that he pennypinched and bought something he really doesn’t like. The issue is not cost but amortising how much value you get with something over the time you use it. I tend to spend more on stuff I use often than stuff I barely use; I can justify the price. I bought an Apple Watch, almost on a whim, but I’m getting a great deal of use out of it. When I’m out and about I rarely take out my phone. Most of what I used to do with my phone I can do with my watch and I don’t have to keep dragging it out of my pocket. An indulgence, yes, but I earned my money and I spend it.


      I’ve seen people who spend $2K on IAP. Different strokes, different folks.


      I selling formula in china


    Are you going to pay your TRS refund back when you re-enter the country?

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